How to Write a Letter of Query to Staff: Misconduct, Absent, Lateness

Nobody likes a letter of query in the workplace, as it affects the overall performance as well as attitude of both employee and the employer. Employers are people who hire and pay others for the services they render. They also hire experts in different fields to support and encourage the goals and aspirations of any company or organization.

However, after hiring these staffs, monitoring them to ensure maximum productivity is necessary. Sometimes they (employees) go out of line. Others even abandon their duties thereby causing a break in the flow of work or production.

The employees do this knowingly but sometimes, it out of circumstances beyond their control. As such, the boss or employer has to ask questions in order to curb the excesses. The document that carries the questions is known as a Letter of Query.

A query could be served because of many things. It ranges from misconduct, to being absent from work, arriving late to resume official duties. Whatever the case is, be sure to use your company’s letter headed paper to write it.

For example, a query for lateness, absenteeism, insubordination, misconduct and many others should be given to an employee to make them seat up in the workplace. Several types of employee query must be learned because of issues a company’s management faces if their staff misbehaves. Now, let’s share with you some sample of query letter to employee. As a staff, you can also learn how to reply to query given to you by your boss.

Sample Letter of Query by Employer to Employee for Absenteeism

Below is a sample of what a Query looks like:

Write a Date here,

SAFE Mall, 388 Haven Avenue,

Oregon Plaza.

Dear (name of employee),

Subject: Query for being Absent from Work

It has come to our notice that you(name of employee) have not been at work for three days. Your supervisor tells us(management) you asked for a day off, but have been away for three. This has put the speed and success of a project given to your department on a slower pace.

We hope to hear from you as it affects the subject promptly as there are sanctions if this is not done. Thank you in great anticipation.

Name of employer

XYZ Company


Example Letter of Query by Employer to Employee for Misconduct

Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs (Name Here)

Subject: Query for Misconduct in the office

You were reportedly seen on the CCTV camera by the security personnel while you were fighting with your supervisor and/or colleague in the lobby/reception area of the office.

This act of your goes against article 8, paragraph 2, of the management’s workplace guidelines (rules and regulations) of ABC company. It is against all ethics of a habitable workplace and give a negative image of our company to our customers.

Give us reasons beyond every reasonable doubt why a disciplinary action shouldn’t be taken against you.

Name of management

(Signature Here)

Supervisor HR Department

An Example Letter of Query by Employer to Employee for Lateness

Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs (Name Here)

Subject: Query for Lateness to Work

According to information on the report sheets from biometric door scanner for employee daily sign-in, you have logged in 45mins after the resumption time of your shift. This has been recorded more than 3 times this week.

As stated in the agreement of your employment contract, we do not condone lateness to work as it affects general productivity for the day.

You are hereby requested to provide an excellent reason why a disciplinary action shouldn’t be taken against you by the panel.

Title of management

(Signature Here)

HRM Department


Employers are humans and have a conscience too. As an employer try not to sound threatening when serving a letter of query to your staff. In similar posts, we have made responses available. Lastly, you can check how to Call in Sick Excuses Policy Guide – Email and Test Message Sample. Wishing you the best.

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