Reply to Query Letter to Explain Why Disciplinary Action Should Not be Taken Against You.

This is a reply to query letter to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you at workplace, school etc. This is going to be an apology letter which will act as your answer to query in self defence. Why do people get query letter from their boss? This is because, employees most times overstep their boundaries and violate their workplace code of conduct.

Normally, this is not intentional, but due to provocation or uncomfortable working environments and conditions. It could be situations beyond your control and in most cases; stubbornness.

This will usualy result to people searching for how to write a reply to query for misconduct, lateness or absent from duty, insubordination, poor performance, shortage or loss of cash, office mistakes, fighting a workplace colleague and so on. The list is inexhaustible but you know what you are looking for.

However, it is the duty of any employee to be at his/her best behavior at all times in the work environment. Failure to do so is punishable according to work ethics and agreements. Punishments range from work without pay, letter of query requesting for explanation or apologies and other sanctions.

In some cases, an employee can appeal for a review on sanctions they are to face: Thus, an explanation why such disciplinary actions should not be done.

Furthermore, this letter is usually as response to a query letter. In this article I’ll be showing you a sample of what a “letter to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you”.

Reasons why you get a Query from your Boss

For example, coming late to work or being absent from duty entirely. Getting physical with someone up to the level of fighting at work is a grievous offence. Every organization frowns at this type of misconduct. Insubordination and oversight is another offence that can earn you a query letter asking you to explain why actions should not be taken against you. Shortage of sales cash, damage or loss of business asset, and poor performance (not meeting production or financial target) could land you a query in your department.

Another one could be if you missed or failed to attend a compulsory workshop, seminar, staff training and the likes of it, you could get an official query letter. You can scroll down below for a sample reply for this type of offence. If you have done any other things against the company’s policy you have to carefully explain the circumstances surrounding the absence or outburst in a way that will arouse empathy from your boss.

Words have to be carefully put together to portray regret and a promise that it will not happen again. It has to be such that your boss will see reasons to pardon you and reverse the sanctions or disciplinary action.

Below is a sample of the Reply to Query letter:

The General Manager,

GYUT Group of companies,

223 TAF Crescent,

Dear Sir,

RE: A Letter to Explain Why Disciplinary Action Should Not be Taken

I (Mrs. Kimberley Anderson) wish to write to you sir about an incident that occurred in the office and to explain myself to the management while showing the reason why Disciplinary action should not be taken against me. In as much as I full responsibility for my actions on that day, it’s not entirely my fault.

(You can now state your reasons here)

This mistake was not from me and I do not wish to suffer whatever disciplinary actions you wish to serve. However, I wish to call your attention to the fact that it was poor communication and/or misinformation from my HOD as concerning the correct date of the conference.

According him, the meeting was for 20th of June, but the letter of invitation bore 30th of June (write the year here). This is why I was in confusion when called up to respond to why I did not attend the conference.

I acknowledge the fact that I was wrong to think he cannot misinform knowing the importance of the meeting to the growth of our noble company.

Please, consider my previous actions and track records I hope to get a pardon. I am sorry I was upset and said not so nice things. My deep apologies and insults taken back.

I also promise it will not repeat itself again as I will be more meticulous next time. Thanks in great anticipation of your understanding.

Yours Sincerely

(Sign your signature here)

Kimberley Anderson


A culture of empathy and understanding is very essential in order to have a good and enjoyable work environment. The choice to forego disciplinary action and focus more on constructive feedback and training opportunities, will send a message of support to employees.

It will also promote individual growth and also enhance productivity. Generally, it will cultivate a culture of learning, and ultimately contribute to future successes of the organization.

Lastly, you can always improvise when writing a reply and answer to query for misconduct, absent from duty, insubordination, poor performance, shortage or loss of cash, office mistakes and so on.

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