Facebook is Launching Zoom Competitor – Download Zoom on Messenger

Facebook Zoom, which is sometimes refer to as “Facebook Rooms,” is a feature that allows you to create and join virtual gatherings or meetings with your friends, family, or colleagues in a more personal and interactive way. It is like hosting a get-together or a meeting, but online.

“In a summit held in San Francisco, California, on March 25, 2020, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, talked about a new direction for the company. He shared that Facebook is now working on adding Video Meeting Features to both Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Live app.”

The app is designe to let more than 50 people join a video meeting together. This new feature, called Messenger Room, is schedule to be release on Thursday in certain countries. After that, it will become available in more places where people use Messenger to connect with each other.

Introducing this fresh addition to Facebook Live and Messenger seemed almost like entering a competitive arena, given the popularity of the rapidly growing video conferencing app Zoom and Google’s recent entry into the field with Google Meeting, their own video conferencing application.

Messenger Room Features – Facebook Zoom

Their lots of new features integrated into the Messenger room makes it more efficient as to what Messenger and Facebook live video offered its users in time past. Such features include,

  • Participants can join from computer or phone using the Room link
  • So long as you use the Messenger app, you can join, No new app will be release for download
  • Creating a Messenger room is free and there are no meeting limits
  • Messenger room is powered by new AI augmented reality (AR) effects (clearer and quality visual effects)
  • 360-degree backgrounds
  • 14 new camera filters
  • Room creators must be present in order for the call to begin, a limitation you can not find with Zoom
  • The Room creators can remove participants and can control participant activities in the room

Zoom Cloud – Facebook – Google Meet

As the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay indoors, a relatively lesser-known app called Zoom, which is unique in its ability to host meetings with as many as 1000 participants, surged in popularity and became the most downloaded application on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. This remarkable rise made Zoom the top essential app of 2023.

With the increasing demand for individuals, schools, companies, and groups to conduct meetings involving students, employees, and teams, Google responded by introducing a video meeting application named Google Meet, seamlessly integrated into their Gmail service.

Now, Facebook aims to carve out its share of the pie by unveiling a feature for Facebook Live and Messenger that will directly rival Zoom and Google Meet, recognizing the growing need for such communication tools.

How the New Facebook Video Features Works – Facebook Messenger Room

As stated by Facebook, once the video feature is integrated into Facebook Live and Messenger, users will have the capability to join group video calls directly from these platforms, with the room’s creator overseeing the process. Interestingly, Google’s approach differs by making this feature a separate entity from Facebook.

In this context, room creators can establish video call rooms that are open for others to join, and participants can be invite without necessitating their presence on Facebook or requiring them to possess a Facebook account.

Furthermore, activities within the room can be viewable to individuals who are not currently part of the Messenger room, contingent on where the room link is distribute on Facebook.

Notably, a specific feature is designe to grant the room creator authority over sharing the room link on Facebook, determining the recipients of invitations, and regulating who possesses the ability to enter the room.

This simply means that joining a room is strictly on the invitation with the room link, if you do not have the room link, you can not have access to the room.

How Many Participants can the Facebook Group Video Call-like Zoom Accommodate?

According Facebook explanation, whether you are casually hanging out with friends, conducting a business meeting, organizing a leadership conference or training session, having a book club gathering, moderating a panel of experts, giving a fitness class, or engaging in any other live interaction, the new Facebook group video call feature allows you to connect with audiences of varying sizes.

This indicates that the new functionality for group video calls on Facebook surpasses the previous limit of 50 participants, it could potentially scale up to accommodate as many as 1000 participants.

When Will The Facebook Video- Like Zoom be launched?

The video call room on Facebook, similar to Zoom, as mentioned by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is set to be introduced on a Thursday in specific countries. Subsequently, the availability will expand gradually to encompass all other regions where Facebook Live and Messenger are presently accessible.

What Happens to Zoom Cloud after the Launch of Facebook Messenger Room?

The announcement of Facebook’s Messenger Room had a notable impact on Zoom, unlike the effect of Google Meet. This distinction arises from the fact that a considerable number of individuals use Facebook Messenger and Facebook Live, and integrating a feature akin to Zoom’s capabilities directly into the platforms they are already accustom to holds substantial appeal.

Consequently, many users of Messenger and Facebook Live are eagerly anticipating the integration of Zoom-like features into these platforms. This necessitated the fall of Zoom stock shares to 5% after the announcement of Facebook Messenger Room or Facebook Video calls room on Thursday. Sad News.

Is Facebook Messenger Room Video Call Free? Will the Join Video Call be Made free to Participants?

According Facebook’s statement, the Messenger Rooms will be offer without any charge and will not impose any time restrictions, similar to Zoom’s free plan.

Additionally, the new Facebook feature permits individuals to conveniently hop in and join different rooms, providing the flexibility to come and go as they please. This functionality is reminiscent of the popular House party app, allowing for a seamless and casual engagement.

Other Recent Updates On Facebook Products

Facebook’s widely used messaging application is set to undergo an expansion, as stated by the company, allowing for a total of eight participants in each video group call. Furthermore, it has been report that a staggering 700 million users engage in video calls daily through platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.


From February 2023 to March, there was a significant surge in the usage of Zoom. By April 2023, a report published by Zoom highlighted a remarkable milestone – the platform had reached a total of 300 million daily meeting participants.

This number was a substantial increase, equivalent to a thirty-fold growth compared to their meeting participants in December 2020, which had been around 10 million participants.

In an effort to rival Zoom, companies such as Google and Microsoft incorporated some video features into their platforms. This strategic move resulted in a notable increase in the number of visitors or users they attracted. Microsoft, for instance, experienced a substantial surge in usage, with statistics released in April indicating that they had reached as many as 75 million daily active users.

During this period, the popularity and utilization of Facebook Live broadcasts also witnessed a significant uptick. CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed on Thursday, coinciding with the announcement of the Messenger Room, that live broadcasts from Facebook Pages had doubled from June 2020 to June 2023. This remarkable growth signifies substantial progress for the platform.

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