Before your hire an App Development Company, Your Must Avoid These Mistakes

Hello everyone, for all those app lovers for business, we will show you how you can detect a Wrong App Development Firm in this article. As we all know that Apps are very important for businesses these days and as an organization, you want to develop your own app. But how will you know if hired a wrong App Development Firm to create the Android and iOS app? Before your hire an App Development Company, Your Must Avoid These Mistakes. Choosing Mobile App Development Company – Signs You Picked wrongly.

It’s very true that you want to develop and app but finding a perfect mobile app development company in your location is a challenging task. Many entrepreneurs have to go through the stress of finding a reliable and efficient mobile apps developer. Our team at Hybrid Cloud Tech has heard a lot of awful stories of developers and programmers using their client’s idea for their own gain. Some developers even take several months if not years to build an app, which finally results to poor quality development.

As a matter of fact, there are several hundreds of Android and IOS app development companies that you see both online and offline that may get you confused, discouraged and overwhelmed. Nonetheless, do not give up. We have decided to offer some insight that will help you identify undependable app development teams. This will certainly help you to hire the most suitable one for the building of your mobile app.

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We will discuss at least five (5) Signs You Picked a Wrong Mobile App Development Company. After reading this article, you will how to find the Best App Developer in USA, Australia, Europe, andother countries. Look at the 5 Crucial Steps to take before hiring an app developer.

1. The app developer starts the job without appropriate specifications

We have heard about some mobile app development freelancers or companies who jumps into development of their customer’s app without getting proper specifications from the client. Specifications are very vital since ideas advance and product requirements change constantly. You will agree with me that this is the very nature of world in general. Therefore, beginning with app specifications helps the app owner to clearly explain their envisaged vision to the app development firm as well as outlining in full details how the end product should look like when it is completed.

There should be a questions and answer session about what the target audience is, the use cases? You must ask them to know how the app is supposed to function. Make sure you ask the team about what the interface will be like? Before you hire a freelancer of a company to actually build your app, the responses to these and many other similar questions must be clarified and documented properly.

However, as a newbie, if you have zero idea where to begin, a good mobile app development company will definitely guide you properly. You will agree with me that a splendid tech partner is not only expected to implement your vision, but to also suggest perceptive and useful advises in the cause of the work, most particularly during preparation of your product specifications.

Make sure that you are convinced that the app developer will provide tremendous amount of assistance and have a watch on all small details when building your app and product specifications. Ensure that they can help you to systematically organize your thoughts, wishes and wants. Before you go ahead to hire them, make sure you feel more confident and ready to move forward with the product development from their responses to you.

The product specifications are the first step toward your goal whether with the help of an app development company you handle creating app specs by yourself. If not, you may not be to accurately estimate your app development cost/budget and building time frame. Sometimes, your app development team may end up developing what they understand instead of what you really wanted, thereby wasting your precious time and funds.

2. Unbelievable Cheap or Expensive Charges to convince you

There are some unreliable developers that uses low rates or high rates as their main selling point to win customers. You may say that the budget of your mobile app is an essential factor when selecting among the list of app development companies. You might even be forced to ask yourself this; what is the point of even considering those you cannot afford to pay for their services? Let me inform that cost of app development depends solely with the location of the developer and not certainly with the quality of their coding. In this part, geography plays a major role.

It is important that you know that software and app development firms from the United States and/or Western Europe charge higher than others. This is not really because they basically provide the best app developers around but because of where they live. However, do not be in a hurry to make a decisions because a high price does not always mean you will get high quality product. No matter what they charge, you must categorically choose your team wisely. Keep in mind that a higher cost may be factored by the standard of living expenses where that app development company stays. You must also be aware that these expenses may simply be higher than other countries that can also build quality software and applications.

On the other hand, in countries like Pakistan, India, the cost of app development are pretty cheaper. Nonetheless, you are advised not to be easily lured to these low cost programmers because it may cost you even more in the long run. In the meantime, the low rates is the very case that we would like to talk about. Cheap rates certainly results in poorer value. If you go down the low rates path, you risk ending up with changing to another app developing company in the course of your development. The new outsourcing firm will need to begin everything from scratch, which finally ends up in in paying much more than you had originally planned and wasting time.

Moreover, Eastern Europe has been considered to be in middle, since majority of IT companies in that part of the world offers rather average charges whereas providing high quality applications. Furthermore, it has become public knowledge that customers tend to receive the best value for their money. Yet, you must always remember to choose your app developer more cautiously.

That being said, it’s important to note that discovering the right developer team is more significant than saving a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars in creating your app or software. Yes, if they company you chose has the necessary expertise, they can add value better ways than just the mobile app development. That is to say that they can help you maximize revenues for your Android and iOS app business.

3. Lack the capability and Experience

In this section, you have to ask yourself if they have the expertise you need. So you have a task is to narrow down your choice by getting to know the app companies better. First and foremost, take a critical look at the companies’ websites or app. once there, you should pay a very close attention to their website design, since their designers might perform a task in your app development. As a matter of fact, the company has to possess experience in all the fields of mobile app development such as iOS, Android and Windows. Don’t be surprised that you will need all of them at some point.

Go through their portfolios. A good company’s profile has to be informative and clear. Scroll and read through their previous clients’ feedback. Review their previous apps available in the App Store and Google Play and read the users’ comments and rating. Check how many downloads do they have. Finally, how would you weigh their UI (user interface) and UX (user experience)?

You are warned not to choose an app development company whose work is limited to just coding. They must be ready to take full responsibility for your app such as; development, marketing, support, testing, Google ads integration and everything that you may need in the near future including updates.

4. Wrong Project Management Approach

There are companies who has been seen selling the wrong project management approach, so you have to be careful still. However, you should have only a few companies in mind to choose from, and it is time to take a final decision. Ensure that a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you throughout the project. He/she will work with you during the whole development process to the launching.

Additionally, it is essential to ask the app development company about their procedure of work. For example, if they are an agile company, they should be able to can change direction, and quickly react to whatever issues that comes up. Note that a resourceful risk-assessment system is a must-have for a good software mobile app development organisation.

In all, if the company you intend to hire tells you that your project is too small to be properly managed by their experts, then be careful, you might be one step away from ruining your app or future upgrades.

5. “Too good to be true”

This is the last part where you should absolutely ask questions. Ask the company about the rejected apps on Google Play, Apple Store and Windows Market. However, do not let the history of rejections scare you off, because mistakes do happen. However, you can’t please everyone. Meanwhile, the App Store policy is changes from time to time. On the other hand, the existence of rejections can rather mean that the company is not a newbie in app developments. Conversely, if notice that they claim not to have any rejections, then you should be a little more cautious. At the end, you may likely find out that something was being kept from you in the long run.

Finally, you must be observant during the discussion and documentation process and avoid the companies where the contact staff of a company cannot give you the full details of how they plan to work, their delivery timelines are “too good to be true”, and they do not ask questions about details of your expectations, but only paraphrase your ideas.

Check the above mentioned observations very well, and if you see any of these signs, be careful because you are perhaps being hyped. In a word, transparency is one of the major principles of a good software and mobile app development company.

In summary, focused on the 5 signs you picked a wrong mobile app developer. From this article, we all finally agreed that finding a perfect mobile app development company could be complicated and even strenuous.

With a bit of luck, the recommendations on this page will guide you to be more aware of what to look out for. Hence, this will make the search process faster and much more satisfying. Our team at Hybrid Cloud Tech are sure that you will definitely find an outsourcing company that is efficient in making your mobile app exceptional.

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