Bolt App Rates: How to Order a Ride And The Price

Bolt is a mobile app with rates is where you can place and order for a ride to any place you want go to. It is available on the Google play store for android or App store on apple product.

Bolt, which people call Taxify before now, is a company that offers ride-hailing services. The app helps you access rides from drivers using your mobile phone.

It has its origin in Europe but later started working in other places too, including Africa. Nigerians, really like Bolt because of its fair rates, safety and precision in finding places with the help of Google map.

However, upon its arrival in Nigeria, it gave people a new way to travel in cities. It is different from regular taxi scheme and has reduced the stress of transportation in most cities.

Many Nigerians like Bolt because of its easy, trustworthy, and cheap ride rates. Thereby, making Bolt become very popular.

Furthermore, big cities in Nigeria like Lagos and Abuja, have a higher demand for Bolt services. This is because, many people want easy ways to move due to heavy traffic on the road.

Bolt app is easy to use, has clear prices and you can choose the type of vehicle you want to travel in. For example you can choose to travel with regular cars, big cars, Keke Napep and even motorcycles in some places.

This helps Bolt serve different transportation needs for different classes of people.

Bolt App Rates in Nigeria

With the Bolt App, you can travel easily without spending much money. Different distances have different prices, although you can negotiate the rate with your driver.

Whether you are just moving around a busy city or checking out new and cool places, Bolt has fair rates and prices that work for you.

However, from June 2023, due to to the removal of subsidy on petroleum products in Nigeria. Bolt have new prices and rates as a result of increase in operating costs for drivers.

Let me show you in the table below, an estimate of every ride for different cities in the country. The table will show you updated base fare, minimum fare, kilometer fee, and minute fee:

CityBase FarePer KMPer MinuteMinimum Fare
LagosNGN 527NGN 130NGN 23.3NGN 800
AbujaNGN 350NGN 88NGN 10NGN 700
Port HarcourtNGN 370NGN 123NGN 17NGN 700
Benin CityNGN 430NGN 125NGN 18.3NGN 800
OwerriNGN 360NGN 119NGN 15NGN 700
CalabarNGN 350NGN 94NGN 15NGN 700
IbadanNGN 320NGN 93NGN 15NGN 700
UyoNGN 330NGN 91NGN 15NGN 700
JosNGN 330NGN 90NGN 15NGN 700
Bolt Rates

From cars to tricycles, Bolt aims to be the easiest and smartest way to move around cities in Nigeria. 

Bolt App allows you travel to any part of the county of your choice, whether the Lagos island, conference in Abuja or a visit to family, Bolt has your back.

How to Order a Bolt Ride

To enjoy the amazing benefit of Bolt, here are simple and easy way to do it. To use the Bolt app, you have to download and install it on your mobile phone. Thereafter, follow this easy and simple steps below:

  • Open the app;
  • Add your ride destination;
  • Select your preferred ride-type;
  • Confirm your request.

Furthermore, with the use of Google Voice Call on the Bolt app, you can call or even text your driver in real time and get immediate response.

How Bolt Rates Are Set

Now that you have an idea on how to order a ride, the next thing to consider is Bolt rates in your locality.

Notably, Bolt trips and rates usually make use of certain parameters, to include:

  1. Distance rate: this takes the trip distance into account and is calculated per kilometer.
  2. Base fare: this is the fare without any other variables included;
  3. Minimum fare: this is the lowest fare possible in a city and helps us ensure that the shortest trips remain attractive for drivers.
  4. Time rate: this includes the time taken and is recorded per minute.

These fares and rates differ for each city to ensure you have the most affordable way to move around and give drivers profit.

Bolt App Estimates and Final Rates

Once you have made the choice of where you are going and your last destination, you can decide too to have a stop over, but you will pay a little extra for it.

However, remember, this guess is based on how much traffic there is and how long your trip is.

Bolt App Rates estimate is not always the same as the final fare because conditions may change during the trip.

There may be more or less traffic on the road, drivers may use alternative routes, or trips that may take longer, these could all lead to a different final fare. 

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing, is what I call surge pricing, as it is a tool Bolt uses to change prices and rates accordingly. This they do because of different things happening nearby.

It helps make sure there are enough drivers for the people who want rides.

I know you must have seen a surge notice before on the App when there are too many riders requesting rides in comparison to the number of drivers available in the area.

This price surge is usually temporary and it encourages drivers to get on the road so that the increase in ride demand for rides is met.

If your trip is not urgent, simply delay your request for a few minutes until more drivers are available.

Bolt App Food Delivery Rates

Bolt app recently, brought to life Bolt Food. This is an easy and affordable way to get deliciousness delivered right to your doorstep.

With Bolt Food, you can choose from a wide variety of local restaurants and cuisines, all at your fingertips.

Whether it is a craving for comfort food, exotic flavors, or just a quick bite, the App is easy-to-use that lets you order with just a few taps.

Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite meals delivered promptly and savor every bite from the comfort of your home. Say hello to a new level of dining convenience with Bolt Food.

Other Charges on Bolt App

  • Government taxes and levies: State governments and federal authorities charge these fees on each Bolt trip in certain areas. For example, in Lagos, The Road Development Fund charges N20 on every trip
  • Booking fees: booking fees helps the company manage the increase in cost of operations within some areas due to operational, regulatory, and taxation requirements:
    • In Lagos, the booking fee is 5% of the total ride fare
    • In Abuja, the booking fee is 2.5%
    • In all other cities, the booking fee is 2.0%
  • Paid time waiting: this fee compensates the drivers for any time spent waiting for you, after they arrive at the pickup point. The fee starts counting 5 minutes after a driver arrives. To avoid incurring this fee, request a ride only when you are ready to meet your driver.


It is safe to say that, the Bolt app and its rates, is a very dependable and economical solution for every travel requirement throughout Nigeria.

They have relatable features, customized rates and a transparent pricing system. Bolt guarantees that your journeys remain smooth and pocket friendly.

Therefore, whenever you are travelling through the busy streets of Lagos or discover a new attraction in Abuja, just order a Bolt ride.

Bolt’s user-friendly platform and adaptable fare choices stand as a preferred option for stress-free transportation.

Enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior service that Bolt delivers, which enables you to move from place to place freely and on a fair budget.

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