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Electronic Whiteboard: thinking in the rapid progress on Research, Teaching and e-Learning. In recent decades, the interactive whiteboard (IWB) has become a relatively for learning. One of the key reasons for the IWaB’s successful and rapid uptake by teachers is seen in this article, since learning essentially means changing the way we think. Electronic whiteboards have entered the domestic market for more than ten years. Based on the national education modernization and the support of the “Class-to-Class” policy, it has opened a path of rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, the sales volume of electronic whiteboards in 2006 reached 20,000 yuan.

Of course, this is still in its infancy. By 2009, the sales of electronic whiteboards in the market reached nearly 80,000 yuan, compared with 20,000 yuan in 2006. In short, the sales volume has increased by 4 times in just three years, which is really surprising. At the same time, it can be seen that the electronic whiteboard market has huge market potential.

As we all know, electronic whiteboard originated in the field of education. It can be said that the education market is the birthplace of the electronic whiteboard market, especially in the summer education market. The actual reason is the strong support of national policies to improve intelligent teaching. At the same time, the state has also increased its financial investment in the education market.

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The second is the need for the development of multimedia teaching. The above two points are sufficient for the development of the electronic whiteboard market to reach the “blowout period.” In addition, the technical research and development of electronic whiteboard products is becoming more mature and stable, and a variety of technologies and solutions have been integrated and developed.

The electronic whiteboard industry chain has been formed, and the market environment will gradually develop in a more favorable direction. Electronic whiteboards, relying on the continuous deepening of domestic teaching information reform, ushered in a new round of purchase and sales. The increase in market demand has prompted electronic whiteboard products to spring up to the education market. With the explosive development of electronic whiteboards, major digital display manufacturers have entered the field of electronic whiteboards, hoping to get a share.

Application of Electronic Whiteboard in Education Industry

Analyzing the current development of the industry, China is expected to become the fastest and largest market in the future in the past two years, especially the education market. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Education, there are 129,100 kindergartens, 320,000 elementary schools, 59,400 junior high schools, and 31,200 high schools. If each classroom is equipped with an electronic whiteboard, China’s education industry alone will reach 850. Ten thousand yuan of market capacity.

This year is an opportunity and a challenge for all electronic whiteboard companies, at the same time. With the increasingly naive whiteboard technology, competition is bound to become more and more fierce, and many companies will be merged or eliminated. Accurate marketing strategy, unique highlights of product functions, superior product quality and after-sales service will become a powerful weapon for victory in a competitive environment.

The number of manufacturers of electronic whiteboards has grown from a few, from a dozen to a few hundred, to nearly a thousand now. In these nearly thousand, they have formed a large-scale enterprise with their own intellectual property rights. The attractive market prospects gave birth to the “bubble” behind the booming market, and the difficulties faced by the electronic whiteboard market cannot be ignored. However, we all know that this is an inevitable process of industrial development, and it will continue to mature as the industry matures.

The continuous improvement of market mechanisms and the natural law of superiority and inferiority will allow some excellent companies to play their greatest value in this industry. And those mainstream manufacturers with core technologies will also increase their efforts in market planning, relying on the power of brands to jointly regulate an orderly market.

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2009 was a year of rapid development of electronic whiteboards. The increase in output caused the price of whiteboards to drop by 50% compared with previous years, roughly between 7000-8000 yuan. In 2010, the implementation of national education modernization and the With the continuous deepening of the “Communication” project, the shipment of electronic whiteboards has reached an astonishing phenomenon, but the price of electronic whiteboards in 2010 dropped by 70% compared with 2009. Originally, market demand expanded and shipments increased greatly.

As electronic whiteboard manufacturers were tumbling with each other and engaged in price wars, distributors and manufacturers complained. Especially in 2012, the price of electronic whiteboard has completely taken off the coat of “great profits”. Major electronic whiteboard manufacturers believe that “the price of electronic whiteboard is almost transparent, and the prices of various series of products have been completely presented to consumers.”

So in the future development of stripping whiteboard manufacturers with huge profits, what will electronic whiteboard manufacturers do for a living? The answer is to increase the output of added value, that is, to improve the development of electronic whiteboard application software.

The complexity of the software development of electronic whiteboard products has increased the inherent cost of the whiteboard system to a certain extent, and it has also become the motivation for companies to expect “software can also make money”. In addition to developing the software market, the collaborative LCD touch technology to enter the business conference market has also become the development path of the electronic whiteboard industry.

The Plunge in profits prompts Whiteboards to move to the Business Meeting Market

According to the survey report, from 2011 to 2014, the electronic whiteboard market will shift from the traditional education market to the business meeting market, and the market ratio of the two will change from 8:2 in the education market in 2010 to the business meeting market in 2011 to 2011 7:3, and even 4:6 from 2012 to 2013. With the passage of time, the main battlefield of electronic whiteboards will change from the education market to the business meeting market.

Under the premise of this market trend, the Chamber of Commerce of the market performance of the industry focused, integrated intelligent whiteboard whiteboard one machine become the new darling of the market, these products are set computers , high-definition display, positioned boxes, multimedia processing systems, stereos, cameras and other systems as one of the interactive Smart electronic whiteboard.

It can completely replace the existing office equipment such as projectors , screens, electronic whiteboards, and speakers. In addition, it also has powerful auxiliary functions such as intelligent drawing board, multimedia processing, remote data conference, wireless interconnection and so on.

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Therefore, during the meeting, whether it is processing documents, playing audio and video, expressing opinions on instant blackboard, calling icons for real-time command deployment, or remotely opening a remote video conference, it can be easily achieved to meet various meeting needs. Currently in the whiteboard market, brands such as Honghe , Vitron, SMART, and Guanzhong have already launched marketing activities for all-in-one whiteboards.

Coupled with the current multi-touch, remote video conferencing and 3D technology upgrades, the electronic whiteboard is not only a traditional digital display tool, if you add a video communication module, it will become a video conferencing system, and 3D and touch technology will be added. Electronic whiteboards have become the highlight of large-scale gatherings. Coupled with the support of remote collaboration, the electronic whiteboard industry has begun to enter the field of remote command and dispatch systems.

In the future, the electronic whiteboard market will not only be limited to the education market, but will also begin in the field of business meetings, finance, and security monitoring. And other fields are closer, the future development prospects of electronic whiteboards are unlimited!

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