Best Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests Coupons

Udemy Best Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests Coupons. CKAD Exam questions and answers with Kubernetes certifications 2021. How do I prepare for the Certified Kubernetes application developer?

Learn how to Pass CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) with distinctions and get a tech job fast.

How difficult is CKA exam? You can have a free retake if you bought the exam from the Linux Foundation or CNCF Foundation. Do not panic if you fail for the first time! CKA is a challenging test, very rich in material and all hands-on, certainly one of the hardest certifications I have ever completed.

Kubernetes Certification with hands-on labs right in your browser – DevOps – CKAD

Learn concepts and practice for the Kubernetes Certification with hands-on labs right in your browser – DevOps – CKAD. This CKAD course is available at Udemy. It has gotten about 10,179 ratings. The course currently has 64,201 students as at the time of publishing this article.

The class was created by Mumshad Mannambeth, KodeKloud Training and Vijin Palazhi.

This course was last updated 1/2021. Curated for the Udemy for Business collection

Languages: English.

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What you’ll learn in CKAD Class

  • Kubernetes Certification
  • Design and Deploy applications on Kubernetes Cluster
  • Develop Cloud First Applications
  • Secure Kubernetes cluster with Secrets and Network Policies
  • Create and Schedule Jobs in Kubernetes
  • Create and Configure Persistent Volumes
  • Configure Readiness and Liveness Probes in a cluster
  • Troubleshoot Applications Deployed using Logs
  • Upgrade and Rollback Applications deployed on Kubernetes

Course content for CKAD

12 sections • 134 lectures • 9h 53m total lengthExpand all sections

  • Introduction. 8 lectures • 15min
  • Core Concepts. 28 lectures • 1hr 49min
  • Configuration. 33 lectures • 1hr 55min
  • Multi-Container PODs. 3 lectures • 15min
  • Observability. 9 lectures • 24min
  • POD Design. 11 lectures • 55min
  • Services & Networking. 14 lectures • 1hr 41min
  • State Persistence. 13 lectures • 1hr
  • Additional Practice – Game of Pods (Optional). 2 lectures • 8min
  • Certification Tips. 3 lectures • 6min
  • Lightning Labs. 5 lectures • 53min
  • Mock Exams. 5 lectures • 33min

Requirements for CKAD

  • Basic System Administration
  • Basic Application Development – Python
  • Linux VMs to follow along (This is optional as labs are provided with course)
  • Kubernetes Basics

Course Description

A Kubernetes Certification will carry your career to a whole new level. Read, train, and get trained on Kubernetes with hands-on laboratories right in your browser.

“I passed the test and qualified CKAD now. I didn’t passed at the first try. Second time, I noticed this course on official page k8s and did practise all the labs. Frankly, labs are very difficult and perfect for the CKAD!” – Dave, Student.

Learning Kubernetes is important for any DevOps specialist. DevOps engineers are still in demand. Presently the typical Silicon Valley wage for a DevOps developer is 20 percent more than what a software engineer makes. DevOps developers make a total of $140,000 to $200,000 every year. And One of the most in-demand expertise is Kubernetes Deployment.

Kubernetes is an open-source architecture for automating deployment, scaling, and maintenance of containerized systems. It was initially developed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Simplify Complex Technology

Kubernetes is at the cutting-edge of application deployment and device implementation. To lift your DevOps vocation, figure out how to adequately send applications on Kubernetes.

This course will help you to you acquire the information needed to plan and send cloud local applications on a Kubernetes cluster. A series of well structured lectures with animation and illustration help you understand complicated concepts quickly..

“I easily passed the CKAD exam with a 70% mark up. Up next is CKA​. Your lecturing style is beneficial​!” – Colin, Student.


Please note that CKAD online lectures alone won’t help you clear the credential. Bear in mind that the Kubernetes Certification is a practical hands-on test. Therefore, you require hands-on training. Additionally, you need to get fast and you need practise. That is what Udemy integrated hands-on lab training offers you. Their coding quizzes can be reached right in your browser without having to configure any lab environment yourself. They validate your work and send you reviews immediately. You can preview few lab activities for Free!!!

“I finished my certification with 75% on second endeavor. The success is on account of @Mumshad Mannambeth and other people who trained me.​” – Murali, Student.

Once you have finished the lectures and coding tests you will have the ability to complete a set of assignments that bring your new skills to the test. You will be offered a problem to tackle using the Kubernetes skills you have acquired.

This will give you real-world exposure and the opportunity to collaborate with other students in the city. You will create a Kubernetes implementation and get reviews for your work.

“Finally i passed ckad exam, my hearty thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth, for his courses and guidance…it was helpful for me in the exam​” – Anish Seelan, Student

Join the Kubernetes Community!

When you enrol in the course, you will get access to our group of teachers and learners on Slack where we explore critical subjects, tips and tricks to pass the test. This is a perfect place for you to clear your worries and get answers for your questions immediately.

This course is the perfect way to get Trained in Kubernetes for an Absolute Novice.

Don’t spend some more time worrying what path is best for you. You’ve already identified it. Get underway right away!

“Absolutely delighted the course/practice contents on this course!” – ThulasiRaman B V, Student.

Legal Notice:

Kubernetes and the Kubernetes logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Linux Foundation. in the United States and/or other countries. The Linux Foundation and other parties may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Kubernetes or The Linux Foundation.

Who this course is for:

  • System Administrators
  • Application Developers
  • Those looking to get Certified on Kubernetes

Featured review

Mani Sundaramurthy – Sometime ago, I took CKAD first but struggled to clear at the first point. However, in my second attempt, I passed. On the other hand, for CKA, I took first time and cleared successfully. The only difference, I found that, for the practise exercises, there were solutions(for many) in the CKA course, which is not there in CKAD. To grasp the concept better, if alternatives were available, it would be fantastic…! Thanks for the excellent material and breadth of coverage…! Thanks @mumshad



Mumshad Mannambeth – Best Selling Instructor| Author of Top 3% of Udemy’s courses

Mumshad is an IT Solutions Architect and specialises in Cloud, Automation and DevOps. First of all, he is the author of Top 3 percent of Udemy’s courses. Secondly, he is excited about discovering new technologies and teaching. Thirdly, he thinks the easiest way to learn is to learn by doing and in a positive way. Mumshad has written several courses on DevOps, Cloud and Automation technology and teaches over 280,000 Students worldwide. His courses concentrate on presenting students with an immersive and hands-on experience in using new technologies that makes learning very interesting.

KodeKloud Training: Hands-On Online Training Academy

The KodeKloud is an online training institution aimed at providing quality, hands-on training in DevOps and Automation Technologies such Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Ansible, Chef, Puppet and many more. In addition, KodeKloud also written several courses on DevOps, Cloud and Automation technology and teach over 150,000 Students worldwide. Our courses focus on providing students with an immersive and hands-on experience in learning new technologies that makes learning very interesting.


Felix Eyetan: Great course and very instrumental in preparing for my CKAD exams. The labs are really nice and the test questions very relevant in helping solidify what you need to know. Highly recommended.

Abhishek Chowdhury: The course is excellently drafted and cover all the relevant areas for the CKAD certification. This course helped me to pass the certification exam on the first attempt itself.

Tomislav Mudri: The topic is very well explained and backed up with great hands-on exercises. Overall it is a great course and a great help in learning how to work with k8s as a developer.

Saket: The gentle learning curve and easy and gradual entry into the world of hands on practice session helps in building a lot of confidence.

Mark Lee: This course is very good. However there are some mistakes, typos. Also if you ask a question through Q and A, the replies are monosylabic and typically require two or three attempts to get them to answer the original question.

Rajesh Dara: Today I have cleared CKAD, this course is amazing and really helpfull for the beginners like me, before taking this course I have zero knowledge on kubernetes, I spent almosts 3 weeks in going through the course twice and practised the lightning labs and mock exams and went for taking the exam and got certified in kubernates application developer. Thanks to the team for well explained topics and course.

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Raspreet Singh: (Brisbane, Australia). Very well taught course by Mumshad and his team. I passed the test in the first attempt after watching the course twice and doing all labs, lightening labs and exams 2-3 times.

In addition, as Mumshad recommended, read Kubernetes in action book only for CKAD scope, read and did a few additional practice tasks and exercises on the kubernetes website.

Most importantly, IMPERATIVE COMMANDS should be on your tips. Since then, we have setup our own K8s cluster at work and it is working great. Now I will start reading for CKA exam. Thank you Mumshad and team.

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Other Reviews

Sam Chandel: This is the first Course I am rating on Udemy, This course exceeded my expectations in all areas.

  • Content.
  • Explanation.
  • Online Labs.
  • Mock Test.
  • Reference docs.

Thanks a lot for putting effort in making this an amazing course. And yes i passed CKAD.

Timothy: Excellent. I am deducting half a star in my rating because the “Kubernetes Challenge Series 1: WordPress” lab is not working. The validation button spins endlessly. Many students complained about this issue but instead of fixing the lab the maintainers took it offline completely.

Goldigg: I really liked the objects animations of the slides. This makes the content of each lesson clearer. The free exercise lab encourages you to take classes without getting bored and offers real challenges to train for the certification exam.

Riccardo: I really liked the objects animations of the slides. This makes the content of each lesson clearer. The free exercise lab encourages you to take classes without getting bored and offers real challenges to train for the certification exam.

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