Cloud Architect Training in Milestone Technical Institute Houston, Texas USA

Cloud Architect Training Course: These are free details of Cloud Architect Certification Training in United States. You can attain expertise in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Courses includes; AWS Solutions Architect, AWS SysOps Associate and Microsoft Azure details. Cloud Architect Training in Milestone Technical Institute Houston, Texas USA offers Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate.

Introduction to Cloud Architect Training

The components and subcomponents needed for cloud computing are discussed in this course. A front-end platform, back-end platforms, cloud-based distribution, and a network are the most common elements. Find out More about Cloud Architects.

This course prepares students for one of the certifications mentioned below. Professional experience in developing and implementing flexible, highly accessible, and fault-tolerant applications on a cloud network is validated by the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Solutions Architect Associate, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, or Google Cloud Associate certifications. Take a look at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloud Computing Courses 2021 for Beginners.

You will be responsible for translating a project’s technological specifications into the architecture and design that will drive the end result as a Professional Cloud Architect. Cloud Architects are now in charge of bridging the divide between complicated enterprise issues and cloud-based solutions.

About the School: Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) – Houston, Texas United States

They are a Houston-based Licensed and Career Computer Training facility that provides short-term courses for personal and professional advancement.

Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) curriculum and training resources, which have been in this area for more than a decade, include in-depth understanding of the basics of technology and its kind. ​

To assist individuals seeking training and jobs, Landmark Technical Institute has established and maintained strong working relationships with leading employers and numerous entities such as Workforce, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Care, and Social Security Administration (Ticket to Work Program).

Their goal is to provide a learning atmosphere that serves the needs of students with a diverse variety of learning capacities, as well as support resources that lead to instructional effectiveness and student achievement. ​Contact MTI School. There is a similar Cloud Native which Reshapes IT Technology System: View the Top 10 Tech Trends of Dharma Academy.

Locations & Cost of Cloud Architect Training

  • All Locations: Houston, USA
  • Duration :Request Info
  • Earliest Start Date: Sep 2021
  • Application Deadline: Request Info
  • Languages: English
  • Study Type: Campus
  • Tuition Fees: Request Info

Other Programs & Courses of Milestone Technical Institute

  1. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator)
  2. Cloud Architect Training
  3. Computer Systems Analyst (Cybersecurity)

Online USA Address by Google Map:

Centre Parkway,9800
77036 Houston, Texas, USA

Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) on Google Map
Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) on Google Map

Cloud Architect Masters Program | Masters in Cloud

The Cloud Architect Masters Program will show you how to design, prepare, and scale cloud deployments. Python, Cloud Computing, AWS Architectural Principles, Migrating Applications to the Cloud, and DevOps are among the topics covered. The programme was developed after doing intensive research on over 5000 job descriptions from around the world.

It is usually an extensive Program with 11 Courses. Class period is about 200+ Hours of Interactive Learning.

Cloud Architect Salary

Avg. salary earned by Cloud Architect is around $155,581 per annum.

It’s time to change your career story. You can work in amazing companies like; Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and KPMG. There are other big companies you can work for and earn huge salaries. You can also browse through the Cybersecurity and Cloud Tech Certifications that Pay Highest Salaries in 2021.

Cloud Architect companies that pay big salaries
Cloud Architect companies that pay big salaries

In the masters class, you Will Learn SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, Cloud Virtualization, Cloud Deployment Models, Lambda, EC2, RDS, S3, VPC & 16 More Skills.

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