Can I get Honorary Degree in any Higher Institution of My Choice?

Getting an Honorary Degree is a special recognition that some people receive. It is not like the regular degrees you get by going to school. Instead, it is like a big thank you or a special honor that schools give to people who have done really amazing things in life.

An honorary doctorate is a special degree given to someone who did not finish the usual degree stuff. To get one, you must meet certain rules, and there are different types of these special degrees. Other regular doctorate degrees also need a graduate degree.

You might be wondering, How can someone get an Honorary Degree Well, let us find out more about it.

What is an Honorary Degree

The highest level of academic honor in the American education system is an honorary degree. Any school can give it out. The school decides who gets it, and usually, the people who receive these honorary doctorates have done great things and share the school’s values.


Honorary degrees have a long history. According to the University of Wyoming, Lionel Woodville got the first one from Oxford University in England in the 1470s. Since then, more and more people have been getting honorary doctorates.

Use of Honorary Doctorate Degree

In most cases, if you have an honorary doctorate, you can use it like a regular academic degree unless a specific job or situation needs a real academic background.

But, most people who get honorary doctorates do not really call themselves doctor. Famous people like Benjamin Franklin, Maya Angelou, and Billy Graham, for example, did not use that title.

Honorary Doctorate Degree Criteria

Different colleges and schools have their own rules for who can get honorary degrees. Usually, they give these degrees to individuals who have done great things throughout their whole life, not to a group or for just one big achievement.

Private schools might have different rules than public ones when it comes to giving this degree to their professors or staff.

Sometimes, the type of work a school is known for is what matters when they choose who gets this degree. But for most places, it is all about how much good a person has done over time.

Honorary Doctorate Degree List

Schools can give different types of honorary doctorate degrees based on a person’s accomplishments. Here are a few examples:

  • Doctor of Humane Letters: This one is for people who have done great things in academics.
  • Doctor of Laws: It is for people who have achieved a lot in the legal field.
  • Doctor of Science: This is for those who have made important discoveries in science.
  • Doctor of Fine Arts: Mostly, it goes to performers, musicians, architects, and artists.
  • Doctor of Divinity: Religious leaders who have done remarkable things can receive this one.

FAQs on what is an Honorary Degree

What is the point of an honorary degree

An honorary degree is a way for a university to show respect and honor someone they think is special. But, it is mostly a symbolic thing and does not give any real academic rights.

If you hear the term honoris causa, it is just a fancy Latin way of saying the same thing, without giving any extra rights.

Is an honoris causa the same as a Ph.D.

An honorary doctorate is like a regular doctorate, but you do not have to write an essay to get it. Usually, they give it to really important and foreign scholars. It is a way to say, Hey, you have done amazing work in your life, even if it is not exactly the same as a real doctorate.

Does an honorary doctorate make you a DR

People who get honorary doctorates usually do not call themselves Dr. But in some universities, it is up to the person whether they want to use the title Doctor, even if it is an honorary degree.

Can you do anything with an honoris causa

Getting an honorary doctorate can make you more famous in the public eye and help you find a job in your field. But usually, people who get these honorary degrees are already well-known, so it is just an extra way to show how qualified they are.

Can you put an honorary degree on your resume

When you are not talking about academics, you should say honorary degree or honorary doctorate.

If you are putting it on your resume or CV, it is best to list it under honors and awards rather than under education.

Why did Taylor Swift get an honorary degree

The university gave Swift the degree because she’s one of the most famous and respected artists of her time. Other people who have received honorary doctorates from NYU include Aretha Franklin, former president Bill Clinton, and civil rights leader John Lewis.

Does Taylor Swift have an honorary degree

When I heard that Taylor Swift got an honorary doctorate in fine arts from New York University, I was not too excited. People who have gone through the long process of getting an advanced degree know it involves years of concentrated study in a specific area to earn a doctoral-level qualification that relates to their field.

Why do celebrities get honorary degrees

Sometimes, they give these degrees to thank people who have donated money, and other times, they do it to bring in famous people and make graduation extra special, he explained.

I have always seen it as a final lesson that a college can offer by showcasing individuals who best embody the values the institution believes in.

What did Taylor Swift get her degree in

Taylor Swift has become a doctor Well, not a medical doctor, but she did receive an honorary doctorate degree in Fine Arts from New York University on the morning of May 18.

How do you write your name with an honorary doctorate

Someone who gets an honorary degree can put the title after their name, but they should always show that it is honorary by adding honorary, honoris causa, or “H.C.” in brackets after the degree title.


Can I get Honorary Degree in any Higher Institution of My Choice? The answer is Yes! However, an honorary degree is like a special award given by a school to someone important. It is not the same as regular school degrees. People who get it can use the title, but they need to show it is an honorary degree by adding honorary after it. It is a way to honor people who have done great things in their life, even if they did not go through all the normal school stuff. So, when you see someone with Doctor in their name, they might be a doctor, but they might also have an honorary degree.

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