Register for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program – Signup & Sign In

Register for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program – Signup & Sign In. This is a step by step guide that explains how to enrol for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program.

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In the first place, the speedily growing demand for hybrid cloud-based solutions and services offers several openings for Microsoft partners of all sizes to create profitable cloud solution businesses. Team members who do not have an end-to-end client relationship management already setup in place or who are prepared to join the market for a share, but generally do not want to have to manage numerous resellers, can simply register in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program as indirect vendors.

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Next, for you to register for the Cloud Solution Provider program, you first need a Microsoft Partner Network Identification (MPN ID). If you don’t have one yet, then you can login here from this link:

As a matter of fact, to complete the Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) application, you’ll need your company’s Microsoft Partner Network Identification (MPN ID). Secondly, you will have to provide your complete business address and banking information. Finally, you have to correctly write the work email for the staff who will be available as the admin for the Partner Center.

Steps to Enroll for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program

  1. First and foremost, you must Sign in to Partner Center with your official email (which is your Azure AD tenant login details).
  2. Secondly, you have to create your partner profile and include your Microsoft Partner Network Identification to your user profile. Please note that it can take Microsoft 24 to 72 hours to completely review and verify the information you’ve provided online. You will receive an email from Microsoft when they’ve concluded their assessment.
  3. Finally, after Microsoft has verified your profile information, then you can accept the Microsoft indirect reseller terms and agreement which will be provided for you.

Vital Information

Keep in mind that currently, a partner in the Cloud Solution Program (CSP) cannot resell online services to a different partner in the Cloud Solution program. Do not forget that Microsoft constantly reviews the terms & policies and abilities of all programs.

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In any case, Microsoft says that they will communicate any updates about feature announcements to its users. Also, changes made to policy will be publicized through the traditional communications channels, including Partner Center announcements.

Enrol as an indirect reseller

On the other hand, if you’re registering in the Cloud Solution program as an indirect vendor, you will not be able to buy products directly from or be invoiced directly by Microsoft. Alternatively, you’ll purchase from indirect providers (usually called distributors) who transact directly with Microsoft Company.

In essence, affiliating with an indirect provider simply means that you don’t need to have the setup in place to go to market or to buy directly from Microsoft. In its place, you will work with a proficient tech provider to assist you achieve your goal. However, in the provider-reseller model, the provider purchases cloud solutions and services directly from Microsoft. Furthermore the provider depend on you to launch and maintain the products. We recommend this post: Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service: Uses & Best Practices for more details.

All things considered, it has been noticed that different indirect providers provides different customer support and services. With that in mind, it is recommended that intending subscribers should assess the providers in their location to determine which ones best suite their requirements. Generally speaking, some of these most providers will offer the following:

  • Be responsible for providing your team with technical training and assistance
  • They may provide assistance in marketing your products and services
  • Aid you to establish financial assistance and credit terms

If you’re not already working with a provider (also known as a distributor), you can do a Google search so as to find the list of official Microsoft providers. Alternatively, see the Cloud Vendors List: Top Rated Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers we provided in our previous post.

Interestingly, you can get more information about the full requirements to participate in the Cloud Solution program as an indirect reseller, see “Get Started” as an indirect reseller on the Microsoft Partner Network official website. Additionally, acquit yourself with Microsoft Cyber Security & Trending Threat Landscape as you journey to the reseller and bill partner. Goto

Register as a direct bill partner

After enrolling as a direct bill partner, your organization now have end-to-end customer relationship with your clients and with Microsoft itself. As of August 31, 2018, Microsoft has updated registration requirements for direct bill partners. In the light of this, the new requirements will definite assist users to fast-track your business growth with the right Cloud Solution Provider enrolment model. Similarly, it will also strengthen your client relationships with value-added customer services and support.

Minimum Requirement to Enrol for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program

  1. Microsoft Partner Network Identification: An active MPN ID for your business location.
  2. Ratification: The authorization to accept and sign legal term & condition agreements on behalf of your company.
  3. Support: You must capable to offer the first level of cloud product support to your clients.
  4. Managed Service: You should have at least one managed service, IP service, or client solution application. You can learn more about adding managed services from the Microsoft portal.
  5. Accounts receivable: You are to have a reliable organizational set-up in place to manage client billing and provisioning.
  6. A Microsoft support plan: You must have access to either Premier Support for Partners (PSfP) or Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP), depending on your needs. You should compare support plans before you proceed.

IMPORTANT: Microsoft states that users must pass a credit check before buying a support plan. You will certainly get a notification on your email when you’ve passed the credit check.

Authenticate direct bill Eligibility

Before you enroll, verify your eligibility. Well, if you haven’t already done so, you can go ahead to review the minimum requirements as can be seen above to make sure you can meet them. After that, complete the Cloud Solution Provider questionnaire available on the enrollment page.

As has been noted, Microsoft makes use of your response to the questions in the form to assist them decide your eligibility to sign up in the Cloud Solution program as a direct bill partner.

Usually, after Microsoft have confirmed that your organization meets the eligibility requirements to register as a direct bill partner, and you’ve successfully finished the membership application, they’ll analyze and validate the business information you provided in the registration process. For the most part of this review, they’ll also check your firm’s credit. When your company has passed the credit check, Microsoft will inform you by email.


Validating your organization’s credit may take them quite a few days (up to a week in some cases) to complete. Throughout the validation period, it’s very imperative that you DO NOT buy any Microsoft support plan so as not to waste money. That is to say; you should buy a Microsoft support plan only after they’ve informed you by mail that you’ve passed the credit check.

Conversion from direct bill to indirect reseller

On the long run, Cloud Solution program will continue to advance in growth and policies. Therefore you might choose to switch from a direct bill partner to an indirect reseller. You can changeover your direct bill tenant to the indirect reseller model in Partner Center.

To do that, read the Transition from Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) direct bill partner to CSP indirect reseller from the Microsoft website for information. This is to help you transition from a direct bill partner to an indirect reseller with ease.

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CSP regional markets and currencies

In summary, your organization’s location defines your market share. In brief, your market includes the areas and/or countries where you can sell Cloud Solution program offers. Finally, see Cloud Solution Provider program regional markets and currencies for market locations and currencies. Good luck as you share the details on How to for Enrol Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program.

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