Building a Super Computing Cloud Platform and its Applications

This writeup gives insight to Build a super computing cloud platform and attach importance to cloud applications. With the passage of time, the amount of industry application data is increasing, and pure data storage and simple data analysis can no longer meet the needs of more scientific research and innovation enterprises.

How to conduct in-depth data analysis and mining has become the primary issue for enterprises. Among them, the landing application of super cloud computing should be a good choice.

We know that the traditional high-performance computing, which is super-computing, aircraft manufacturing abroad, bio- medicine, machinery processing and other industries already have a mature industrial applications, but in the country are mostly serve the research and education areas, industrial applications a bit less.

With the increase in the amount of industry application data, the market demand for supercomputing is also increasing. At the same time, the flexible resource allocation mode of cloud computing provides a favorable means for enterprises to reduce costs, improve computing power, and improve business efficiency.

Application is more important than performance

These problems can be understood separately. For us, cloud computing is actually an interactive mode or service model, while supercomputing is a stronger ability to perform parallel computing, that is, Said that we will provide parallel computing service capabilities in a cloud computing model.

But how is this strength reflected? Does it mean that the stronger the computing power, the better? At present, there are many large-scale supercomputing centers in around the world with high computing performance, but many computing nodes are shut down for a long time because of the lack of applications above. Making the utilization rate of the whole machine greatly reduced.

So, do all industry applications need to be attracted to the super cloud computing platform? In the process of providing more industry applications. More attention is paid to focusing on the mature applications of a certain industry from beginning to end, such as the chemical industry.

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It is also the application of the biomedical industry, so as to achieve the leading effect of cultivating industrialized applications; on the other hand, it will be more oriented to some enterprises with their own design and research and development needs, and these enterprises have great demand for computer simulation-aided design and research.

The focus of work in 2021: First, continue to expand the market, which is to extend the service of super cloud computing to more fields, analyze customer needs, and penetrate into the industry; second, accelerate the expansion of the computing capacity of the super computing cloud platform.

At present, the infrastructure of the Huairou Super Cloud Center has been completed and is expected to be put into use in the second half of the year. Its total computing capacity will reach 2 petaflops; the third is to integrate high-performance computing resources to build a unified domestic super cloud platform. 

At the same time, including the Academy of Sciences, there are also 8 sub-centers and more than 20 centers in USA, Canada, Australia, India and China. These scattered computing resources are unified and integrated. The ultimate goal is to become a domestic super cloud and play a greater role in industrial services.

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