Find Names From Phone Call: Different Ways to get Names From an Unknown Phone Number

There are different ways to find names from phone anonymous calls. If you ever get a call from a strange, unfamiliar number or you have missed a call and want to identify its source, you can learn how to uncover the caller’s name using their phone number.

No matter why you want to know who called, there are several ways to find out. Despite the absence of a single official database for phone number lookup, you still have numerous options for obtaining the caller’s name.

Let’s see these mediums you can use to find the name from a phone number:

Table of Contents

  • Use Reverse Number Lookup On Google
  • Find Name’s From Phone Using Facebook
  • Using Other Search Engines
  • Use Phone Number Lookup Websites
  • Find Name’s From Phone Using Truecaller
  • Try WhatsApp

Use Reverse Number Lookup On Google

Google serves as a useful tool for discovering a name associated with a phone number. You can easily perform a reverse “phone number lookup” using Google. This approach is simpler than you might imagine. All you have to do is:

  • Type in the number (with the complete area/country code) into the Google search bar.
  • Click on the ‘Enter’ key.

This technique becomes particularly valuable when you are seeking a business number. Many companies, institutions, and organizations include their contact information on their websites, which Google then indexes.

Additionally, individuals often list their numbers on online portfolios and CVs, further enhancing your likelihood of finding a name.

Find Name’s From Phone Using Facebook

Even though this method may not work every time, when it works you can find a name in seconds. To find a name using this medium:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Paste the number in the search box.
  • If the person has a phone number that is linked to their account and if they have made it visible to the public (or at least made it visible to their friends and family), their profile will pop up in the search results.

Using Other Search Engines

You can also experiment with Yahoo and other widely used search engines such as Bing, Ask Baidu, and DuckDuckGo. It is a good idea to explore results on pages beyond the first one as well.

Use Phone Number Lookup Websites

Some websites exist with the specific aim of helping people identify a person’s name using their phone number without any cost. An example of such a site is, which is among the oldest and most trustworthy platforms of its kind.

In addition to performing reverse phone lookups, you can also conduct basic background checks on individuals by entering their names. Through Whitepages, you gain access to a website that currently holds the most extensive online collection of contact information.

ZABASEARCH– Here is another website that can assist you in connecting a name with a phone number.

If you have ever shared your contact details such as your phone number, address, birth date, and so on anywhere online, it is very possible that ZABASEARCH has come across and saved this information in their database.

Despite being a topic of debate for a while, their actions are within legal boundaries. –Here is another website that specializes in locating specific names of individuals. They update their database every week, so it is worth giving it a shot.

411 –You also have the option to look up a name using 411. Additionally, if a match is found, 411 can conduct certain background checks on the individual.

Find Name’s From Phone Using Truecaller

Truecaller has amassed a large user community via its smartphone app. This community-driven approach allows the app to gather and update contact information in real time.

If you have the Truecaller app on your phone and you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, the app will instantly check if any other Truecaller user has that number saved. If a match is discovered, the associated name will appear on your screen.

Try WhatsApp

If you have tried all other approaches without success and you are hesitant about directly messaging the caller, you could still consider using this method as a last resort.

  • Click open WhatsApp
  • Click on the ‘New chat’ button
  • Tap on ‘New contact’
  • Type in a pseudonym for the number and save it.
  • Once the chat window opens, send a quick message to the number.
  • Then open your contacts app and delete the recently saved number.
  • Navigate back to WhatsApp and choose the conversation you just started.
  • Then click on the top bar to open the contact information.
  • If the person’s privacy settings permits, you may be able to see the name (or the nickname) of the person written right below their phone number (After the – sign)
  • You can also delete the message from the conversation, if the person has not seen it yet.


Discovering names from phone numbers involves various methods that can help you obtain the names associated with those numbers. There are multiple ways to achieve this, even though the process might seem a bit complex at first.

These methods provide you with options to find out who is behind a phone number, and they vary in terms of their ease of use and effectiveness.

By looking through these different approaches, you can uncover the names linked to phone numbers, allowing you to identify callers or contacts more easily.

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