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Some years ago, we had the mobile website developed at first, then secondly, we had the mobile app, currently we have the progressive web app which is a technology that brings completely the best of both deployments. That said, the advantages obtainable by the progressive web apps means that they are growing in popularity among top online companies and its businesses. That’s the reason why I will explain what the benefits of web apps in this article.

What are (PWA) Progressive Web Apps?

Fundamentally, a progressive web app (PWA) is a developed and deployed website that looks and functions just like a normal mobile app. It provides features that can allow you to add it to your mobile phone’s applications screen instead of searching online for the website in a phone browser. However, it will still function properly whether you are connected online or working offline. Also, it can send and receive notifications; it can even access the mobile device’s hardware for updates.

Some Benefits and Features of using a Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The main benefits of progressive web apps are listed below;

  1. Single source (All in one)
  2. It works offline (When Internet is unavailable)
  3. Search Engine Indexable app
  4. High Speed performance
  5. No installations and no app updates
  6. Avoid app store issues

1. A single resource (All in One)

You can testify that the acceptance of mobile apps in the open market has led to a situation where organisations are spending a lot of money on building multiple communications channels. Meaning that they require a company website, an iOS app and an Android app to deeply penetrate the market. What else can a company do when so many customers want to be able to jump from using the android or iOS app on the phone to a website on a computer? It’s simple, a company needs to locate a method of syncing everything together in order to offer users with a seamless experience.

The benefit a company get as they use a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is simple; there is no need to invest a fortune while developing separate apps as the website and the app are one and the same thing. In addition, this also means you have no need to synchronize data between two different channels anymore.

2. It works offline (When Internet is unavailable)

A company will always want its website to be accessible by customers but notwithstanding all your efforts to provide this availability, it is useless if a user cannot access it if he/she is offline or has a poor network signal. You will agree with me that this can pose a major problem especially when are traveling by flight, using the underground train/cable car or when they are in remote areas. If your client are in the aforementioned situations, they will not be able to patronize your goods or services.

On the other hand, Progressive Web App works like a stand-alone mobile application, permitting your prospective clients to continue accessing the app when they are offline. Meanwhile, it’s invariably important data and information can’t be updated or synced in real time with other devices until there is an internet connection. This means that users can still access information cached on the phone’s hardware helping them to stay engaged with your product. In essence, be informed that it is also possible for them to carry out activities offline that can be saved and then implemented once the device is reconnected – such as sending a message, updating inventory stock, etc.

To be precise, this feature can also be used mainly by eCommerce websites which has the possibility to store products on the phone for browsing products offline. The buyers can add items to their purchase cart and the PWA can be programmed to forward a reminder notification to them once they are connected online. There are even new features that allow some PWAs to even allow sales to occur when the buyer is offline, however the payments have to wait for an internet connection before being processed as verification is required to complete the transaction.

3. Search Engine Indexable app

From the look of things, one of the biggest downsides of mobile app is that their content isn’t searchable online even though the mobile apps are generally much more user-friendly for phones than websites. If you search online, you will not find it on Google, Bing, Yandex or even Baidu search engines. Moreover, the Progressive Web App gives you both the ability to be indexed by search engines and the user-friendly interface of a mobile app. Since the PWA looks and functions like an app, it is also a website and this means it can be found by users looking for it on the internet.

4. High Speed performance

For the PWA to be able work offline, it uses caching to store data on a user’s mobile device. In short, that is to say that they load very fast on a mobile phone or tablet and the only data which needs to be transferred is any updated active content. Certainly, it is possible for the average PWA loads to be 2 to 3 times faster than standard mobile sites, leading to lower abandonment rates, improved customer engagement, optimization & higher conversion rates and better ranking on search engines. Furthermore, the reduced volume of data needed to be sent means that your server load is meaningfully smaller and this assist your website to perform best during periods of heavy traffic and workloads.

5. No installations and no app updates

Time-consuming load period to complete a payment from an app can be very frustrating. This long checkout processes could cause people to abandon checkouts and even close the app/website. Also, long app installations also prevent people from downloading them from the app market because of the data size they might consume of the user’s internet data plan. In fact, many mobile apps, requires that you must visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store or Windows Marketplace; find the app and then wait for it to download. That’s not all because you may also be compulsory for a user to create “sign in” before it can be used. This alone can discourage people from using an app.

Obviously, it’s not the case when it comes to a PWA. Once a user ‘installs’ a Progressive Wed App here gets these benefits; first, it is downloaded instantly without them being redirected to an online store – and secondly, as it’s a website too, so it won’t be constantly updating to the latest version from time to time.

6. Avoid app store issues

Developing an app is one thing, getting it to meet all the app store policies is another stress. Here comes in the next benefit of PWA. The option of not sending your users to Google Play, Windows Market or the Apple store is that you won’t need to meet all the app regulations that Google and Apple impose on app developers before they give authorization.

Even though several of these policies and regulations are important for protecting the privacy and security of mobile app users. But, since you have developed a specialised website rather than an actual app, you do not need to go through this procedure. Generally speaking, you do not also need to go through Google or Apple at all, you can get your updates to market quicker than using a single application.

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As can be seen, progressive web apps (PWA) provides the better option of both types of technology – a website that looks and functions as a mobile app. In summary, it offers the ease of use, required load time and offline functionality of the app while taking away the extra cost and difficulty of managing multiple communication channels with clients. Finally, if you are looking for high availability, high performance hosting for your website or PWA, read from the Hybrid Cloud Tech front page to see our wide range of hosting solutions and guide we have provided. Do you knw other Progressive Web Apps Benefits, Advantages and Features (Mobile Device Apps)? If yes, then use the comments section to educate us more.

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