Mobile App Description Sample to Boost App Popularity

After creating your application from a developer, it is very important that you search for a mobile app description sample to boost the app’s popularity. The main aim of writing this article is to show you how to create app store description that sells its content to your clients. As a matter of fact, an experienced app store search optimization may help an application to be boosted in its popularity, thereby making it eye-catching for people to download the app. You can Earn High Revenue with your App.

From the look of things, one of the vital methods to improve your app appearance in app store through optimization is to accurately write a befitting description of your mobile application. All things considered, it has been concluded that there are very simple rules of writing app store description without having the user tapping on the “more” link to read the extended description.

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Guidelines to writing Contents of an Application description in an App Store

1. Brief but Straight to the point

First of all, the approved default characters used to describe an app is four thousand words. However, 255 characters define your app, because this is the number of alphabets the users will be able to see above the app store’s fold. From statistics, it has been discovered that about 85% of people do not click on the “more” link to read details of an app if the beginning is boring.

Nevertheless, for those people who wants interested in your app will want to unfold the cut part of the description to read more, it is your responsibility to spark up their interest by giving them the urge for clicking ‘More’ button. That being said, the first two hundred and fifty five characters of app store description should do the magic, so that people who scroll by would want to have a good look at it and read the continuation.

2. The rule of 3 features

As a good developer, you may have created an application that may be complex that encompasses different varieties of useful features you are delighted with. On the other hand, it is important that you do not let out all the wonderful details at once even if you are tempted to. Nonetheless, you must focus on the basic features when writing the app store description.

Simply highlight the basic information that describe your app and you are advised not to make it too complicated. If not, your app store users will have too much information and may decide to scroll to another related app that solves their problem precisely. That being said, you should try to deliberate on 3 main features that will be of most usefulness to your users.

3. Give the Direct solution

Don’t get yourself confused with the features of your app because this particular point is totally different from the above rule. You will agree with me that every product is expected to solve some human problem that is faced by users. In the light of this, there are some cases where problems are very apparent, and occasionally an emphasis has to be made, so that your customers can have a little thought. Take for instance, Taxify’s taxi customers in Africa did not know they had the convenient transportation problem, until the company came up to present a solution.

That being said, you really have to ensure that you describe full problems and solution of your iPhone and Android app in its descriptions. Explain what specific problem your app solves and provide reasons why the app is so essential.

4. You should provide the Public Proof

Before you launch your app on an app store, please make sure that you collect all relevant accomplishments and satisfactory references from offline users and sponsors. If you include third parties’ endorsement and sponsorship in the app store description, it will help your app to gain users’ confidence thereby increasing downloads. Also, if your app has gotten millions of downloads, or your app won any awards from the local or international community, say it in your description. Again, you app is featured in a big name blog, or even Wikipedia, it’s a great achievement, so do not forget to mention it all in your app store description!

5. Localization

Statistics has shown that you may gain more customers to use your app if you localize your application by saying that in your Apple store description. What is meant here is simple; most individuals prefer to use apps that has their native language, even though they understand English Language. On this note, it is beneficial to translate your app store description to different popular world languages apart from English. All the same, please keep in mind that the translation must be of good quality. It should not be a Google translated language option.

In the long run, it is recommended that you consider your app store description as an advertisement of your product to the public. By such, you need to emotionally involve and impress your users. How will you know if you have contacted a wrong app developer? Find out Here.

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In conclusion, it is always good to improvise while writing your app description. We have done our own part by trying our best to keep you informed with updates. It is believed that easy app store description guidelines will help you in writing a quick description!

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