Intermedia VoIP Unite Pro & Phone Review Update

Intermedia Review contains details about their Best VoIP Providers and Phone Services for this year. In the first place, Intermedia Unite is an award winning VoIP solution designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Unite offers a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of VoIP capabilities. They are easy to set up and easily managed from a single dashboard. Intermedia Unite includes free business phones with no contracts, thereby minimizing commitment requirements and up-front costs.

Intermedia pros

  • Their services are reliable with uptime agreement
  • They have a wide array of features
  • It is very easy to deploy and manage

Intermedia cons

  • This service is slightly costlier than other options
  • It has some missing call center features

In the first place, employees can link up to the system by laptop, desk phone, or smartphone no matter where they are. This is be done by allowing teams to stay connected even if they work wireless. Also, Intermedia offers customizable hold music, long distance calls, voicemail to email and advanced auto-attending. The good thing is that new land phones don’t have to be physically connected to a phone line. This will help because as soon as the company grows, new employees can be added to the line without needing a free port in the phone system.

Intermedia Highlights

  1. The service helps to keep your current phone numbers
  2. Services contains a top-notch security
  3. They have 99.99% uptime service level agreement
  4. Team has a 24/7 customer support

Intermedia Integration

Generally speaking, laptop or desktop and land phone integration is carried out through Intermedia’s desktop and mobile apps. This provides a real-time information about the availability of employees for calls, remote call pickup as well as call transfer and monitoring. Therefore, using this integration, employees can use their computers to control their phones, and listen to voicemail. With this, they can accept or reject calls directly through their desktop/laptops.

In a like manner, Unite integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s address books, making their contacts reachable directly through the app. Similarly, staffs can make calls directly through Outlook all with the simple click of a button.

In addition, the system incorporates the company’s customer relations management (CRM) data. Using this option, users can pull up a customer’s information the moment they call, giving them real-time information to help improve sales and customer service.

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Intermedia Features

  1. Unite can be accessed on PCs and laptops as well as mobile phones and tablets, by way of an app
  2. Includes phone service, video conferencing, team chat, screen sharing, file backup and sharing and more Auto-attendant.
  3. Callers who call you will be presented with a set of options accessed by their keypad.
  4. Attendant can route calls, provide information to callers, dial by name or extension options and more, all to be determined by the user during setup
  5. Intermedia works with users to migrate contacts and data
  6. All aspects of the service can be managed from a web-based portal
  7. “Virtual” fax service that allows user to receive and manage faxes via the web or email
  8. Mobile and desktop applications ring along with desktop so you never miss a call
  9. Voicemail messages are automatically transcribed and delivered via email or view in the mobile application

Value for Money

  • Unite: $30.99 per month
  • Unite Pro: $40.99 per month

Intermedia Unite package includes:

  • Unlimited calls in US, Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Team chat/messaging
  • Video Conf. and screen sharing (4 web /200 audio attendees)
  • Virtual vmail & transcription
  • File sharing & backup (2GB/user)

The Unite Pro package inlcudes Unite Plan features plus:

  • Increased participants for video conference & screen sharing (30 web/200 audio attendees)
  • Increased file sharing & backup (100 GB/user)

Intermedia Mobility

Intermedia Unite automatically routes all desktop calls to mobile and desktop applications. They do this, so they never miss a call and can take their entire call history with them no matter where they are.

Comparatively, Intermedia Cloud PBX can be accessed remotely through any web-connected PC or laptop by way of the softphone service. Again, with mobile access through the CallScape app, offices can stay connected even if workers are located in another location. This is to say that the mobility means you miss less calls, and you can arrange conferencing with large numbers of people without them having to be onsite. Also, you do not need to give any indication to participants about who else on the line is located around the office.

Equally important, the voicemail to email feature permits staffs to remain on the go. It simplifies communication and forward voice messages to email without the staff having to stop and send a written message to a client.

Intermedia Scalability

The Intermedia Unite is hosted in the cloud, so it’s easily scalable and doesn’t require buying and hooking up new phone lines as an old landline-based system requires.

As stated above, when the business grows, it can increase its number of users with Intermedia Unite. Simply done by ordering a new handset from the company, plugging it in, and adding a new user through the admin dashboard. Keep in mind that an additional user charge is added to the account (the same flat rate per user) for each new phone added. Cloud Security: Best Practices to Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is found on related posts.

Ease of Setup and Management

The Setup of Intermedia Unite doesn’t need any technical knowledge or arguing with the phone company. All you have to do is to simply order the phones from Intermedia Company and plug them to up the internet when they arrive. For those who already have compatible land phones, then you just order a new user and connect it.

Just like other services of Intermedia, Unite is managed through their HostPilot control panel. The control panel is intuitive, easy-to-use, and integrates all Intermedia user accounts, services, and devices. This function is added so that they can be easily controlled through a single interface. Staffs can even enable two-factor authentication on their HostPilot dashboard to increase security.

By the same token, Intermedia’s customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist in any problems that may arise with the operating system. You must read about Hybrid Hosting Control Flexibility and Efficiency – Public & Private Cloud Hosting for full details.

Intermedia Equipment

Of course, Intermedia offers its service through a variety of phones made by Polycom and Yealink. The phones are split into 3 categories–basic, advanced, and enterprise. Color model phones are often available at no cost while higher-end models are available with a $75 rebate. Anyway, if you have your own phones which are compatible they can be hooked up to the system, too.

As always, basic phones are “ideal for the average employee’s calling needs,” according to Intermedia, with 2 or 3 lines available. Advanced phones have more options and can handle 4 or 5 lines, while the enterprise phones are considered best for receptionists, with up to 10 lines.

Intermedia Customer Service

From experience, we noticed that Intermedia takes pride in its 24/7 phone and online chat support. They have even received the J.D. Power certification for excellence in support for the last 3years. In fact, a chat query made was answered and resolved within 2 minutes, with a satisfactory answer. For the most part, the expert phone support representatives have CompTIA Net certification.

However, we noticed that some online users reviews express displeasure at the level of customer service. To this issue, Intermedia says “unlike other providers, they won’t push you to self-help solutions. They’ll stay with you until we resolve your problem.”

All users’ account information is shared with the entire 24/7 support team. This means that all of them have the information needed to be able to assist people. Therefore, users who call in with an issue don’t need to start from scratch when they call back.

Call Support

  • Support is available 24/7.
  • International VoIP Calls

Intermedia Unite offers international VoIP calls to what appears to be every country on Earth according to the very lengthy list included on the company website. These countries includes North Korea, Somalia, and South Sudan, to mention but a few. Each option includes a costing table that lists the prices of calling a number of different lines, including cell phones, and landlines. The price vary widely depending on locale, with a call to a Mexican land line for e.g costing $.0053/minute. While a call to a cell phone in Papua New Guinea for example will set you back $1.5209/minute. There is unlimited domestic calling in the US, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico on the cloud service. On the other hand, we have Compared 16 Best Cloud Hosting Services – Reliable & Top Secure, check it out from the right side of this page.

Unified Communications/Multi-Channel

Intermedia puts a big focus on unified communications, integrating email, phone, internet, messaging, and Microsoft Office products under one roof. The voice-to-email feature is a good example of this approach, which unifies 2 separate forms of communication, allowing for greater efficiency and convenience. Through the HostPilot central dashboard, users can easily manage the settings and specifics of all the different devices using Intermedia’s service, further enhancing efficiency across all channels. Intermedia also allows for the integration of fax machines through the VoIP system, and by unifying communications across users mobile and desktop devices, it allows users to access the system remotely.

Bottom Line

Intermedia Unite offers a feature-rich and highly reliable VoIP solution that is ideal for the small and medium-sized business. Intermedia’s J.D. Powers certified support services enables companies to get up and running quickly and seamlessly, while Unite’s intuitive and integrated platform makes it easy to take advantage of all that this VoIP solution can offer. See Some Hybrid Cloud Security Risks Challenges and How to Fix it available on this page.

About Intermedia

A simple google search will reveal that Intermedia started in 2000 as the first provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange. It became the first hosting service for Exchange Email in 2007. The company continued to expand its business management offerings, and today the company bills itself as a “one-stop-shop for cloud business applications,”. They have about 30 cloud IT apps integrated across their systems by way of the “Office in the Cloud” suite. Intermedia boasts over 100,000 business customers and more than 6,500 partners, with company offices in the US, the UK, Australia, and Russia.

Also, Cloud PBX and SIP trunking are key aspects of this overall business management toolbox and provide scalable, easy to set up and operate solutions for running internet-based phone services for businesses. Visit View complete Cloud Vendors List: Top Rated Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers.

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