Beyond the Data: Cloud Computing Applications have not exploded on a large scale

Beyond the data: Cloud computing applications have not exploded on a large scale. According to the content of CloudAdoptionIndex, we found that both public cloud and private cloud reached 25% in IT , and the adoption of hybrid cloud was 16%.

And no matter what the vendors say, the survey data shows that the adoption rate has not risen steadily.

From December 2012 to March 2013, the adoption rate was relatively flat. Please note that; if many respondents transfer all IT workloads to the cloud, this index should be equal to 100.

If we feel that there is market and vendor hype, we have to think that every enterprise is giving up the entire data center infrastructure in the name of cloud computing.

However, most people understand that manufacturers must be reserved, and everyone has a book in their minds.

Therefore, the question still exists: What is cloud computing in the enterprise? Whether it is public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

Pay attention to the following figure, you can know the trend, see how new standard services and industries are advanced to the cloud, and how your company makes comparisons.

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