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General FedEx Express & Ground

What do I need to use FedEx® Billing Online?

You will need internet access and a web browser. FedEx recommends keeping Internet Explorer up to date to ensure that you have the latest security patches. Please note that problems could be experienced when using an older browser.

To register for FedEx Billing Online, go to the login page by selecting View & Pay Bill under the Support tab at If you already have a username and password (used for FedEx Ship Manager®, My FedEx®, etc.), enter it, click Continue and verify your account information. If you’re new to, register by clicking on the Sign Up Now link on the login page.

The first user to register an account for FedEx Billing Online is by default the billing online administrator. Please provide all requested company and contact information and, if necessary, two recent FedEx invoice numbers issued within the last 60 days. (If you do not have two recent invoice numbers, please contact FedEx Customer Support for account verification over the phone.)

How do I know my invoice information is secure?

The security of your account information, as well as your invoicing and payment information, is very important to FedEx. Every effort is made to ensure complete confidentiality.

FedEx Billing Online automatically encrypts your confidential information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key length of 128 bits, the highest encryption level commercially available.

FedEx is committed to managing all of the information associated with your account on FedEx Billing Online with high standards of information security.

How do I update my credit card on FedEx Billing Online?

  • If there are open invoices
    • Log into FedEx Billing Online
    • On the Account Summary Page locate the section titled Invoice Due to Declines
    • Click Update Credit Card and Pay
    • You will be prompted to enter the new card information and process payment for any open invoices. 
  • If there are no open invoices
    • Log into FedEx Billing Online
    • Select My Options tab
    • Click on Update Credit Card 
    • Enter and save the new card information.

Viewing invoices

Will all of my FedEx accounts be covered by FedEx Billing Online?

Only FedEx Express and FedEx Ground accounts are available in FedEx Billing Online. In order to access FedEx Freight accounts you will need to use FedEx Freight Billing Online. Once you register an account for FedEx Billing Online, you can indicate all of the eligible accounts you would like to tie to a parent account for invoicing purposes. Secondly, if your company currently has multiple FedEx account numbers that roll up to a single master account number, this account number relationship will remain unchanged. Thirdly, if later you wish to add or delete any accounts that are tied to the master account, the FedEx Billing Online administrator can do so by accessing the My Options tab within FedEx Billing Online. Lastly, if you do not wish to tie all of your accounts to a master account, each account will have to be registered separately for FedEx Billing Online.

If I have multiple accounts, how will my invoice information be presented?

You’ll receive a separate invoice for each account. Or if you currently receive one invoice with charges for all of your accounts, this format will not change.

How do I view all of my outstanding invoices?

When you log in to FedEx Billing Online, you’ll see the Account Summary screen, which includes a list of your open invoices with corresponding balances, your total balance due and total past-due amount, if applicable.

How do I sort my invoices on the Account Summary screen?

In the Invoice List section of the Account Summary screen, click the column header of the information you wish to sort. The first click will sort the list by the values in the column you selected, in ascending order. Click the same column header again to sort the list in descending order. Filter options by column headers: Invoice number, Account number, Invoice status, Invoice date, due date and Aging.

What do the icons on the Account Summary screen represent?

  • Payment is pending for this item.
  • A shipment-level payment is pending for this item.
  • A dispute is pending for this item.

This item is included in a paycart.

How do I access invoice and shipment detail?

To view invoice-level detail, click an invoice number on the Account Summary screen. When you reach the Invoice Detail screen, you can view shipment-level detail by clicking on the tracking number.

How do I know which open invoices or shipments are past due or in dispute?

“Past Due” or “In Dispute” will appear in the Status column next to an invoice or shipment that is past due or in dispute.Is information regarding closed invoices always available?

Invoice information is available for 180 days after the scheduled payment date.

Can I tell who has accessed my company’s invoices and shipments?

FedEx Billing Online is a secure, easy-to-use service only available at Only users that you (the administrator) have invited to use FedEx Billing Online will be able to access your information. Be sure not to give your password to anyone, and always close your browser after accessing FedEx Billing Online to ensure maximum security.

How can I print a copy of the original invoice?

You can print a copy of the original invoice by clicking the PDF icon on the Account Summary screen or the View/Print PDF link near the top of the Invoice Detail screen. Adobe Acrobat Reader will open a copy of your original invoice as a PDF. You can then print it by selecting Print from the File menu.

NOTE: To view the invoice as a PDF, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To install, go to and follow the instructions on how to download the version that’s right for your computer.

How can I sign up to receive a paper invoice?

Enjoy the familiarity of receiving a hard copy of your invoice. Paper invoice customers do not have access to their invoices online. To sign up, contact your account executive, call 1.800.463.3339 or email customer support:

Paying invoices.

In what form do I make payments through FedEx Billing Online?

There are multiple methods of payment currently available with FedEx Billing Online: 

  1. EFT– Using your banking information to pay your bills in FedEx Billing Online 
  2. Credit/Debit Card– Also available as a one-time payment with no payment profile required
  3. Amex Express Checkout
  4. PayPal

Can FedEx make an electronic funds transfer at any time?

Even though you’ve provided FedEx your banking information, we will request a transfer of funds only when you tell us to do so by scheduling and submitting payment for specific invoices through FedEx Billing Online.

How do I pay my invoices through FedEx Billing Online?

Invoices that are open for payment are available from the Account Summary screen using the Open or Past Due tabs. The invoices are displayed in a list; you can choose all invoices to pay by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table or selecting individual invoices or shipments. Choose as many invoices or shipments as you like and click Pay. You’ll see a summary of all the items selected for payment. Click Add Items to continue to select more invoices or shipments for payment until you’re ready to check out.

What does it mean to schedule a payment?

When you click Pay, you’ll reach the Payment Cart area, where you can review the selected items before submitting payment. You may schedule an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment or credit card payment for up to 15 days beyond the date you enter payment information.

Do I get a receipt number for my payment?

Yes. Each time you schedule a payment, you’ll receive a reference number for your records.

How do I know that a payment has been submitted?

When a payment request is submitted, you’ll receive a reference number that identifies a specific payment. The status of your payment will be updated automatically and indicated on the Summary page. Invoices pending payment will be indicated by the payment-pending symbol on the left side of the table.

*Only applicable for payments scheduled within FedEx Billing Online. Payments done via outside payment channels will not be visible in FedEx Billing Online until the payment has been received and applied to the invoices.

How do I inform FedEx that I disagree with the billing information on an invoice?

If you have questions about an invoice or specific shipment and feel the need to dispute it prior to payment, you can click Dispute for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground or Research for Duty/Tax and enter the reasons for your dispute.

To dispute an entire invoice, click on the invoice number from the Account Summary screen. On the Invoice Detail screen, click Dispute Invoice. Individual shipments and related charges can be disputed from the Shipment Detail screens.

When you select Dispute, you’ll be asked to select a reason for the dispute and to provide the dollar amount being disputed.

How do I know when and how disputed charges have been resolved?

After you submit a dispute request, it will be appropriately researched, and a response will be provided in FedEx Billing Online within three business days. Details pertaining to resolved disputes will be visible on the invoice history page. Confirmation will be sent by e-mail. Click the View Invoice History link on the Invoice Details screen to see the status of resolved disputes.

You can check pending disputed items and their status at any time by clicking on the In Dispute tab on the Account Summary screen of FedEx Billing Online.

Can a one-time payment be processed on FedEx Billing Online?

Yes. If it is preferred or required not to save a payment profile on FedEx Billing Online, a one-time credit card payment can be made without the need to save the information. 

Once all invoices are selected, select pay, then select credit card and finally select Create One Time Payment.

What is the preferred payment method in FedEx Billing Online?

The preferred payment method is to pay via EFT or credit/debit card by entering banking information in FedEx Billing Online. These payments will be displayed in FBO once they are scheduled and indicate once the payment is processing.

This method leads to a fully automated application of payments with no need for a separate remittance to be sent. It also allows for full payment status (scheduled, submitted, pending) updates in FBO, and it is the most efficient payment option available.

I have made a payment, why do my invoices still show open in FedEx Billing Online?

FedEx Billing Online will display any invoice open for the respective account until it has been closed in the FedEx accounts receivable systems. Therefore, if the payment in question was scheduled and processed in FedEx Billing Online, information on that payment can be found by searching the Payment Reference number. 

If the payment was done outside of FedEx Billing Online, the invoices will not show paid until the payment has been received and applied. If you have made a payment outside of FedEx Billing Online and the funds have been drawn from the account, but the invoices still show open, please reach out to our cash applications team. 

For research on payments made not using EFT or credit card in FedEx Billing Online, please email In the subject line include the type of payment made, (i.e., if made through a third-party online banking service, subject line should be Online Banking). Please include as much detail on the payment as possible, including date of the payment, date it cleared the bank, documentation from the bank (i.e. front/back copy of a cleared check), the total amount of the payment, and the invoices the payment should be applied to. You will receive a confirmation email with a case number. 

Search and downloads.

How do I find and download shipments, invoices and receipts?

Click on the Search/Downloads tab at the top of any page within FedEx Billing Online and select the New Search or Download option. On this page are three important features that give you the power to search and download information you need.

  • Use the Quick Search feature if you know the specific item you need to find (i.e., invoice number, tracking ID and reference number). Enter the information and click Quick Search. Your results will be displayed and available to download. You can select from criteria to ensure the download file is what you expect.
  • Use the Search feature to find invoices that contain a particular service, are in a certain status or span a specified date range. You don’t need a specific invoice number or tracking ID. Select from the various drop-down boxes and click Search or Download Data. For searches, your results will be displayed and available to download. You can select from criteria to ensure the download file is what you expect.
  • Use the Saved Searches feature in the Search section to store and repeat use of customized download searches. Saved Searches enables you to save time by entering the download criteria only once.

You can save a few steps in the process for invoice downloads by signing up for automatic downloads. Use the Automatic Download option on the Search and Download Settings screen; you’ll be prompted to select a download template and file type.

Download files will automatically be created as soon as the invoice is available in FedEx Billing Online. You’ll receive an email notification when your invoice and download are ready in the Download Center.

How do I streamline my business’s cost-allocation process?

Creating and running rules allows you to create a shipment data record containing fields populated with a cost center code. This makes cost allocation much more efficient.

Rules may be saved, rerun or set to run automatically against any new invoices. See the FedEx Billing Online user guide for in-depth instructions on creating, running and managing rules.

Can I edit reference information?

You can change existing reference information or add reference information in the Reference field. From the Tracking ID/Shipment Detail page, click Edit. Editable fields will appear where you can enter and submit changes to your reference information.

How do I export invoice and shipment details for my internal billing purposes?

Clicking on the Download Center feature will provide access to any download files you have requested. The status of the download is displayed. Download files are available for 14 days.

After the report is compiled, you can export the date to a local computer. Select the file you want to download and click Save. Choose the location on your system where you would like to save the file. You can either leave the default file name that FedEx provides or replace it with a file name of your choice.

Can I see some sample download files?

To review all data field attributes, download the FedEx Express and FedEx Ground dictionary (PDF) .

Two sample download files are available for your review

  • Invoice Report Results Sample (CSV) (created from the default template)
  • Payment Report Results Sample (CSV) (created using a customized template when searching for payment reference data)

How do I download a file?

From Quick Search, Search (if available) or Saved Searches (if available), click Download Data. If using Search, once you find matches, you can choose to download the results using a default template or create a customized download file using a custom template.

Downloads will contain only the information displayed on the Report Results screen. If you desire detailed information, create a customized download file that you can name and later retrieve from the Download Center.

To download a file from the Download Center, right-click on the file name and select Save Target As or Save Link As. Then, select the Save option presented to you by your browser.

Preferences and administration

How do I manage my account settings?

While logged in to FedEx Billing Online, select Manage Account Settings under My Options. You can add new primary accounts or sub-accounts to an existing primary.

How do I change my user and/or account information?

Select My Options at the top of the page. In the Administration section, you can update your FedEx Billing Online profile, add/delete accounts, add/delete users, edit banking information and more. The FedEx Billing Online administrator is responsible for updating the overall account settings, such as adding/deleting accounts, adding/deleting users, editing banking account information and more.

How do I change my FedEx Billing Online password?

Select Profile from the My Options menu to edit your username and password.

How do I add users to my account?

Only the FedEx Billing Online administrator can add new users to an account. From My Options, select Manage Users and Invite New User. You can assign users to pay and view invoices, or to only view invoices. Once you’ve entered the required information, FedEx Billing Online will email an invitation to the new user.

How do I edit the list of additional users on my account?

To view a list of users with access to your FedEx Billing Online account, go to the My Options tab and select Manage Users. You can edit information for each user or delete a user altogether. Only the FedEx Billing Online administrator can perform these functions.

Can I tie FedEx sub-accounts to my FedEx account or edit sub-accounts tied to my account?

Yes. From the My Options tab, select Manage Account Settings. From there, you can create a link with other accounts, edit linked accounts, delete linked accounts and add new ones. Only the FedEx Billing Online administrator can perform these functions.

How do I cancel my FedEx Billing Online service?

From the My Options tab, select Manage Account Settings. In the administration functions list, select Billing Medium to Paper. Only the FedEx Billing Online administrator can perform this function.

How do I change my banking information and enroll in automatic payments?

Go to Manage Payment Preferences and select Add an EFT Profile, Add a Credit Card Profile or Edit. You can submit a new bank routing number and bank account number or credit card number. Only the FedEx Billing Online administrator can perform this function.

You can also enroll in automatic payments on this page. The system allows you to select the maximum invoice amount to be automatically paid and the number of days (up to 15) from the invoice issue date for payments to be processed.

How do I manage my payment preferences?

From the My Options tab, select Manage Payment Preferences to add, edit or remove payment profiles. You can create five credit card payment profiles and 10 electronic funds transfer (EFT) profiles. You can also enroll in AutoPay, which enables automatic payment scheduling and a set dollar limit for those payment transactions.

Does FedEx have access to all of my FedEx Billing Online service information?

The FedEx Billing Online Support Group has access to all of your account information, except your password.

What if I forgot my FedEx Billing Online password?

On the FedEx Billing Online login screen, click the Forgot Your Password link. You’ll be prompted to fill in information to verify your identity and will receive a password reminder via email.

Can the FedEx Billing Online administrator be changed?

Yes. The accounts administrator can go in at any time and change administrator rights to any secondary standard user. 

Click on the My Options tab and select Manager Users. If the individual becoming the administrator is not already a secondary user, first the existing administrator must invite them as a new user. Once listed as a new user, the admin can click “Change Administrator.” Select the desired user from the drop-down, and then select “Change Administrator.” 

If the administrator has already left the company, please contact FedEx customer service at 1.800.463.3339 and speak to a representative to assist.

Customer support

Where on can I find information regarding FedEx Express billing procedures?

Click on the Billing section of the FedEx Service Guide.

How do I request a refund or adjustment to my invoice if I experienced a late delivery or a billing error?

Complete the Request Billing Adjustment form on the Manage My Account page.

How can I get a copy of my FedEx Express airbill?

Contact our Revenue Services department at 1.800.622.1147 to have a copy sent to you.

How can I get a receipt for a FedEx Express® shipment if I paid by credit card?

FedEx does not provide invoices for shipments billed to a credit card. The airbill copy and credit card statement serve as a receipt.

How do I dispute or rebill a duty or tax charge?

Logged-in users can submit a dispute through FedEx Billing Online by clicking Research on the Shipment Details screen.

For incorrect duty and tax charges, you can also download the application forms below and send them to the address provided on the forms:

  • FedEx Duty and Tax Dispute Notification.pdf
  • FedEx Duty and Tax Rebill Request.pdf

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