Fake Mail Delivery Notifications that imitate DHL, UPS, FedEx, Ebay, Amazon Online Shopping Scam

In this article, we will talk about fake Mail Delivery Notifications that imitate DHL, UPS, FedEx, Ebay, Amazon Online Shopping Scam. This also includes the United State Postal Service. With Amazon announcing third-party revenue of $4.8 billion in the days following Thanksgiving, up 60 percent from last year, online retail is in the middle of the highest season ever.

Today, to capitalise on the spike, hackers are sending out bogus shipment notice links. Beware: E-Commerce Skimming is the New POS Malware.

It seems like the fake shipping messages come from Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, FedEx, UPS, DHL and other big shippers, except for personal information, they unleash malware or mine. This communications impersonating shippers were found by cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies to be up 440 percent from October to November as well as 72 percent since November last year.

IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Delivery companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS and the likes does not send unsolicited emails to customers requesting information regarding packages, invoices, account numbers, passwords or personal information. You will receive an email notification about your new invoices only if you have either a FedEx, DHL, UPS or NIPOST account and are enrolled in their Billing Online.

You have been Hacked

When Long Beach realtor Tom Hoehn Woods received one of these letters, he was awaiting a shipment from UPS. Scam Text Messages in 2021 – What You Need to Know.

It seemed to be from UPS and it said that we could not deliver your package. However, you can look up the tracking details on that package when you click on the following connection and then you can redirect it back to your location. I tapped on the connection at that point and my phone started flashing,” Hoehn Woods said.

“It said in the post, ‘You were hacked. We have all of your files encrypted. Submit, I guess this address was like 150 Bitcoins.

Beware of Fake Shipping Links

Ransomware as it did with Hoehn can be released through a fake shipping link connection, or it can redirect to a fake branded website that asks for credit card or personal information to redirect a shipment, or tricks you into entering your username and password. Check out the Ransomware 2021 Attack Trends Affecting Organizations Worldwide. You’ll see Fake Mail Delivery Notifications samples.

He lost everything on the computer. Information lost includes his family photos and business contacts. This happened when Hoehn chose not to pay the ransom of some 150 bitcoins, the equivalent of more than $66,000 at the time. A few months later, the IRS told him it had stolen his identity. Similarly, with phishing emails sent to thousands of his contacts, his account was compromised.

Fake delivery messages in the U.S.

“We have our minds on other things, such as pandemics and remote education for our children,” said Emily Michaels a contributor to Hybrid Cloud Technology, as well as Brian Linder, a Check Point threat prevention manager. “And it’s a perfect time for these bad actors to exploit consumers who don’t pay close attention to themselves.”

Check Point finds that Amazon is impersonated by 65% of bogus / fake delivery messages in the U.S. Canada, Australia, Europe. For example; FedEx Text Scam Alert 2021 Updates: Fake Delivery Notifications SMS & Email.

They are successful and most of us do business with Amazon. On Amazon, we buy. And it would be completely natural and expected for us to get an email from Amazon about a shipment we ordered,” Linder said.


“Amazon told BBC, CNN, CNBC, Aljazera, Reuters etc that it works to go after scammers through the Federal Trade Commission. Also, we will Better Business Bureau. This is what they gave in a statement; “Any customer who receives a suspicious email, call or text from an entity who represents an Amazon employee should report them to Amazon customer service. Amazon is reviewing these allegations and, if necessary, will take action.

UPS, FedEx and DHL, which all have their own dedicated monitoring addresses, are often frequently impersonated in phishing communications. Often on guard are the firms that produce our devices.

For starters, Microsoft has a Computer Crimes Team that deals with law enforcement. They say that since 2010, more than 500 million computers have been ‘rescued’ from cyber criminals. Apple, meanwhile, rewards consumers who monitor vulnerability problems with public attention and even bounties of up to a million dollars.

Slight mispellings or inaccurate logos, unencrypted landing points, and tweets with a timer encourage users to act fast include some major warning signs to look out for.

Best Protection Strategy against Scammers

The best security protections standards, experts suggest, is first and foremost to avoid scam messages from hitting your computer. Security safeguards have been integrated into operating systems, which is one reason why software upgrades are important. Additional blocking features are provided by applications such as Nomorobo.

Furthermore, users can support by regularly updating passwords, turning on two-factor verification, and using a number of different email addresses and passwords for multiple online activities.

Phishing assault proceedings are typically performed by the Federal Trade Commission. You can look at What You Need to Know About Scam SMS & Email this Year.

Likewise, it’s very important that we empower the organisations that go after these scammers and properly finance them. Number one, they have a tremendous duty to police unethical and misleading activities in the market. And yet their workforce and support is just a fraction of what it was in the 1970s,’ said John Breyault, National Consumers League vice president of public affairs, technology, and fraud.

Protect Your Computer and Data

Even Fintech Sector is Under Cyber Attack – See How Companies Are Protecting their Data. Scammers are continually finding ways to manipulate the next trend as compliance fails to keep up.

People really must prepare to start receiving social media posts, emails, phone calls, text messages promising to get you to the front of the vaccination line if you’re going to spend any money up front. That is a huge concern for us.

Please Report directly to the Federal Trade Commission or via the Fraud Tracking service of the Better Business Bureau if you fell victim of either of these scams. Or worse, if you have come across one. Through submitting it directly to SPAM, you will positively notify mobile providers about spam messages. Otherwise, people will be scammed.

Additionally, to learn more about the influence distribution fraud has on victims and how to stop it, watch the video. Finally, 2021 FedEx Shipping Rate Changes and UPS Updates Subcharge is what you must know now.

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In summary, these are the fake mail delivery notifications imitating Amazon, UPS, FedEx surge during biggest online shopping season ever. Do you want to Learn Cybersecurity and protect your computer and family? These are the 6 Best Courses to Register. Finally, Stay safe from COVID. Wear a mask. Lastly, Maintain social distancing.

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