Upload transfer File Moves back from 5% to 0% – Solved

My transfer hops back from 5% to 0%. This is most definitely a sign of antivirus software inducing headaches. Please upgrade the app to see if it makes a difference. Why does my Upload transfer File Moves back from 5% to 0% – Solved here.

If not, check to see if your antivirus app has a Webshield option and disable it before downloading.

Disable the SSL feature in Bitdefender’s Web Protection settings to get your uploads working again.

WeTransfer Upload and Download Files

It may even be a firewall preventing the transfer from continuing after a brief attempt to upload.

It’s important in this situation to connect our service to a trustworthy list. Please see this article for more information about how to apply WeTransfer to your ‘allowed-list.’ How to Transfer Files Using WeTransfer?

WeTransfer Support  Troubleshooting Zendesk


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