Schools in Europe use Microsoft to Experience Cloud Computing

Recently, Microsoft disclosed a message on its official Weibo, saying that several European schools have already started or are using Office365 office suites. Additionally, they are experiencing the convenience of Microsoft cloud computing services during the use.

These schools include many universities in Slovenia, Greece, Romania and Poland. The school is experiencing the improved communication experience, cooperation functions and reduced cost of use brought by Office365. However, Microsoft said that after using Office365, the work has become orderly and the school is very satisfied with it.

Office365 includes a list of components

In the new version of the Office suite, the teaching and communication experience has been well improved. The communication between students and professors is much simpler.

They can now cross the time zone and country restrictions and can interact in the document with a simple click of the mouse. Students and faculty members communicate through a real-time communication synchronization function called “Always On”, which brings great improvements to their learning environment.

Office365 resolved through Microsoft Exchange electronic problems between the e-mail exchange, so that students improve productivity. In addition, students can improve the efficiency of sharing knowledge. Generally, this will help to improve the methods of cooperative learning by improving SharePoint.

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Moreover, Office365 also has a cost advantage. IT staff in the school can use less time to deploy Office365, allowing them to spend more time focusing on other projects.

And Microsoft also said that Office365 has extremely high compatibility and extremely similar user experience with previous Office versions. Keep in mind that IT administrators do not need to spend time paying attention to privacy or security issues.

Microsoft expressed that it is very honored to be able to cooperate with so many educational institutions. Also, help them use technology to educate students, and also help the school’s faculty and staff to enhance cooperation, communication and productivity.

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