Cloud Computing Technology helps Human Resources Build a Smart Service Platform

At present, human resource services based on cloud computing technology have become the development trend of the human resource industry. “Cloud computing” has changed everyone’s behavior. The mobile Internet is open, transparent, and anytime, anywhere. Pads and smart mobile terminals will continue to change organizational behaviors in revolutionary ways, including labor management and communication methods.

Li Hao, Chairman and President of Yicai Group, put forward the concept of “wisdom” manpower. The “Internet technology + human resources professional services” outsourcing service model uses cloud computing technology and mobile internet technology to create a human resources “smart” service platform to showcase the enterprise’s human resource management wisdom. Based on this, we interviewed Li Hao, Chairman and President of Yicai Group, to understand how he uses cloud computing to make human resource services smarter.

1. Will the salary management cloud service become the future trend of the industry?

What prospects does the combination of Internet technology and human resource services have for Yi Cai and the entire industry?

Li Hao: Significance and functions of cloud service applications: Cloud computing is a representative branch of emerging industries, and is a trend. We borrowed emerging network technology to optimize traditional salary management services, and collided with a brand-new management model.

Combining professional services of salary management with Internet technology is a performance that conforms to and conforms to this trend, and it is a pioneering work in the application of technology.

A large number of IT introduction of technology, human resources management through a centralized repository, automatic processing of information, employee self-service, external assistance and service sharing information means, human resources management to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve staff service. The effect of the pattern. It can be said that “cloud services” are leading the new development direction of the human resources industry.

For Yi Cai, in terms of cloud service applications, our goal is to use innovative technologies to improve the entire industry chain and ecological environment of human resource outsourcing services. Yi Cai closely follows the development needs of the current industry situation and insists on playing the “innovation card” and “quality card”.

Some years ago, Yi Cai Group launched the salary management cloud service product “Easy Pay”, a global one-stop salary and welfare solution, combining salary management with cloud computing, and relying on a powerful and accurate database foundation.

And a nationwide service network to create a human resources service platform for “salary cloud” to serve and calculate basic data. A fast, efficient, accurate and safe outsourcing service model of “Internet technology + professional human resources services” has been realized.

2. What is the current development status of cloud computing services in domestic salary management and the entire human resource service industry?

Compared with competitors, what are the unique advantages of Yicai in cloud services?

Li Hao: In recent years, the human resources outsourcing business has developed rapidly, and fierce market competition has prompted service providers to pay more attention to the optimization of management processes, the application of IT technology and the improvement of service levels; in the field of salary and benefits outsourcing, cloud services and menu-based services The concept of welfare is widely optimistic and has become an inevitable trend.

Compared with Yicai’s competitors, Yicai’s advantages in cloud services are reflected in the following aspects: A strong technical R&D team: and strong innovative service capabilities; a large business footprint and high-speed growth: a nationwide service network With the fastest growth rate of the entire industry; advanced Internet application technology, that is, a powerful cloud computing platform and advanced management information system.

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3. Cloud computing is the current development direction of Internet technology.

In addition to salary management, in which areas can cloud computing technology be applied?

Li Hao: Taking Yicai as an example, in addition to applying cloud computing technology in salary management, Yicai is actively exploring other cloud service areas to provide a more flexible, efficient and diversified human resource management overall for the implementation of corporate talent strategy and management transformation and upgrading solution.

For example, in 2012, Yicai Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the world’s largest enterprise management and collaborative business solution provider “SAP” . Through the integration of professional human resource services and IT technology and Internet applications, it provides customers with Provide full life cycle talent management outsourcing services covering recruitment , evaluation, training, performance, salary, and benefits.

4. What is the practical significance of this for the current company’s salary management reform or adjustment?

In addition to continuous innovation and research and development, Yicai Group has also released a salary report recently. What is the practical significance of this for the current company’s salary management reform or adjustment? What is your original intention?

Li Hao: Salary is an indicator that employees are care about and directly linked to their own interests. Salary management directly affects the loyalty of talents to the company, and even becomes the key to improving the competitiveness of the company. At present, labor costs in China continue to rise.

Only when companies have a more accurate and rapid understanding of the wage levels of industry personnel can they seize opportunities in corporate compensation management, and be able to respond in a timely manner in the ever-changing competition for talent needs, adjust and control corporate labor cost. For some large companies, it is more important for them to grasp the general salary trend in the country and provide a reference for national layout.

As China’s most professional human resources and related process outsourcing service provider, Yi Cai Group has continued to innovate, guided by customer needs, and continuously upgraded professional human resources service standards. The launch of this report is a concrete manifestation of the value-added services provided by Yicai Group to service companies.

It is hoped that through this report, on the one hand, companies can grasp the industry and regional salary dynamics in a timely manner, and effectively control labor costs. On the other hand, through a panoramic view and multi-angle analysis of subdivided industries and regions, they can recruit and recruit personnel for the company. Provide reliable data and information reference for fixed salary.

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