The Domestic Cloud Computing Market Technology lacks Business Model Innovation

The Domestic Cloud Computing Market Technology lacks Business Model Innovation. HP Cloud computing consultant Gao Xin appeared at the 6th CCS Cloud Computing Summit Forum and shared HP’s experience and services in data center construction. Gao Xin believes that from a technical point of view, cloud computing technology has become increasingly mature, and we lack innovation in business models.

HP began deploying data centers from 2005 to 2006. At that time, HP’s CEO was very strict in cost control, integrating 85 data centers at that time into six. All in the United States, the data processing of more than 300,000 employees worldwide is completed through three pairs of data centers, which saves the company from financial statements.

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The development of HP’s data center business also benefits from the acquisition of EYP. We have many standards for data centers. Many EYP experts and local engineers are doing global data design. At present, there are national standards in China, ABC level, and international standards.

Many EYP teams and experts have come to China to do global data center design with local engineers. In recent years, HP has actively participated in the construction of large domestic data centers.

At present, HP is committed to providing a complete set of services from consulting, design, implementation to inspection, operation and maintenance in the data center field.

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Gao Xin also said that as today’s CIO, he is not only responsible for traditional IT operation and maintenance, but also responsible for building an enterprise’s internal private cloud, knowing how to consume safely, and public cloud services provided by cloud service providers.

So ask him for better and more perfect management to achieve value reduction and risk reduction. As we can see, the Domestic Cloud Computing Market Technology lacks Business Model Innovation.

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