Inspur’s Cloud Data Center Computing Environment Security Solution

Continuation from Page 1: Page 2: Inspur’s Cloud Data Center Computing Environment Security Solution. In addition to load balancing, the most important thing is traffic migration. We know that most of the applications now are based on API protocols. Some API protection methods are built-in here. Those that are threatening to the background will not be able to enter our background.

Just talked about access, how to use access well, show the additional service capabilities of the background, and use it on the host side. This page is about how to ensure security at the operating system level. In this layer, we actually just When it comes to commercial operating systems, it is difficult to provide a better security protection.

For example, windows is an ordinary access control list, which controls who can and cannot use it, and cannot meet our requirements above level three. The important thing is the separation of the three powers. The visitors who enter the system are classified and decentralized. Different people can visit different places and protect special files and access.

Through such a system, we can form protection against some attacks that may not be discovered. We know that the commonly used method of protecting against attacks is to kill viruses, or virus detection often requires knowing the characteristics, and judging whether you are abnormal based on the characteristics. But now there is a complete protection system in the backend of the host.

In fact, your front-end features have not been identified. Unfortunately, viruses and Trojan horses are allowed to come in. However, there is a control system that is still limited to what can be done and cannot do more things. Invasion Originally, my application can only access three files.

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After coming in, I still can only see three files. It is impossible to obtain more permissions to damage more of my systems, it is impossible to steal more of my files, and cannot let our system. Paralysis can be effectively prevented in this case. I just said that many attacks are tomorrow, and the attacker will always go faster than the defender.

Inspur’s Cloud Data Center Computing Environment Security Solution: Inspur’s SSR products are products that meet the level of three guarantees. When installed on the system, they can meet the requirements of the original system, with separation of powers and higher security protection.

Security audit, just mentioned that all our actions are done by people. No matter it is access or host protection, what we said before is the behavior of some machines. How to ensure that this person is doing his calculations and management operations. The security, here is to authorize everyone’s behavior.

When you want to enter the system and access a certain operation, you need authorization. You need account authorization and access authorization to access. If you do some illegal operations, the system will Will find out immediately, to stop this behavior, and call the police.

Application security, or security management, how to manage all the equipment in a complex cloud computing data center, here can quickly locate my problem, such as the website cannot be accessed, or the OA system is slow, etc., all Positioning is actually based on our monitoring of all security events and all operational events in the entire system, and collecting data for a comprehensive analysis.

This is our SM product. Through the front-end access, security access, security audit, and security management that we just talked about, the cloud computing data center can achieve efficient and reliable entry, achieve overall control of people, and achieve The overall management of the entire computer room.

Customer value two, we correspond to the equivalent insurance, and all products are compatible with the third level of guarantee.

Customer value three is the corresponding ISO27001 standard, and the operation and maintenance of the entire data center conforms to this standard.

Case 1:

Cloud computing data center, mainly Shandong cloud computing data center, which mainly provides some services for the government. Before uploading to the system, everyone thinks is relatively simple. The original data center stacked machines together. Putting the service and data inside is the end, because the system on the system is not as simple as the previous system of the enterprise, and the people are also complicated.

Soon people will be released with Trojan horses and loopholes. In terms of the overall reinforcement of our entire SSR product, As a result, many things were uploaded, which actually had little impact on his attack, and he did not steal more key data from him.

Case 2:

It is a case of a bank. Regarding our overall negligence, an interactive product is used here. Through the balance of its overall back-end resources and the protection of web applications, the possibility of subsequent attacks is further reduced. .

Inspur’s information security has actually been done since 1996. We have also done network security equipment and security equipment before that . We started to promote the protection of the whole machine in 2020 and transferred our main energy to host security. How to enhance the current Commercial operating systems including windows and luxci to improve the level of Chinese computing in accordance with the environment. We have been working for ten years and have been committed to host security equipment. A lot of achievements have been made here. Didn’t get the full text? Check Page 1: Inspur’s Cloud Data Center Computing Environment Security Solution.


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