Don’t Interpret “Big Data & AI” as a “Big Myth”

“Big data and AI” is very hot right now. In a sense, now or in the future, “the one who obtains the data gets wealth” or even “the one who gets the data gets the world” is not an exaggeration.

Because “big data” is not about big data and a lot of data, but more and more “bigger” calculation and analysis capabilities to find regularities from complex data and apply them rationally.

However, “big data” is not a mystery to the massive amounts of data that could not be processed before or things that were not considered data. Because of the advancement of computer computing power, it can now be analyzed.

Many people go to the supermarket, there is a data relationship between their route and shopping, and adjusting the layout accordingly will promote sales . Some supermarkets in the United States put DVDs and diapers together for sale because they found through “big data” analysis that most young parents who come to buy diapers for their children like to bring DVDs to “console” themselves.

It is even more misunderstanding if you think that there is no problem that cannot be solved with “big data”. People’s ideology and behavior patterns, as well as the existence and development of different countries, are complicated, tortuous, and unique, and computers cannot describe them clearly.

The expectation to use “big data” to explain and guide everything in the world is similar to the previous attempts to explain and regulate human behavior patterns with biological codes such as genes. It seems objectively neutral, but is essentially partial. No matter how big “big data” is, designers, analysts, and users have the final say.

“Big data” cannot completely get rid of people’s misunderstandings, barriers and prejudices. No matter how “big” “big data” is, Due to human factors, it is not neutral, comprehensive and fair enough.

The potential negative effects of “big data” should not be ignored. For example; nearly “big data” is used to predict the personal information of Facebook users (including sexual orientation, race, religious and political views, personality characteristics, etc.). Also, these highly sensitive information may be caused by employers, landlords, and government agencies. Educational institutions, private organizations, etc. discriminate against individuals.

Looking back at the introduction of “new wave” concepts, theories and technologies in recent years , there are indeed many positive effects, but there are also some noteworthy lessons. For example, in the praise and promotion of their passion, they often lack different opinions and kind reminders. As far as “big data” is concerned, there are many international doubts.

Victor, the author of “big data era”, wrote a new book called “Delete”, emphasizing the information choices in the era of big data. He said that “forgetting is a kind of “Virtue” should be remembered, and should be forgotten. It can be seen that if “big data” is mentioned to an inappropriate height or even deified, it will be harmful to the good use of “big data”. Finally, do not Interpret “Big Data & AI” as a “Big Myth” Its the Future

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