Big Data Mining and Semantic Analysis with Weibo Development

Big data mining and semantic analysis break the bottleneck of Weibo development. Recently, the new version of Tencent Weibo has been fully launched, featuring four innovative features-micro circle, micro hotspot, micro channel, and micro steward. Grouped around the value information and relationship chain of Weibo, reorganized the content and users with a high degree of relevance, achieved two breakthroughs in product form and operation form, and created an experience for users.

Regarding this revision, Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent’s Weibo business department, said: “Tencent Weibo has always been adhering to a boutique strategy. The key to this revision is to use technical power to make it easier for users to obtain valuable information from the complex Weibo information.

The system improves the efficiency of information acquisition, comprehensively shapes a diverse content ecology, and provides users with a pure Weibo environment without interference, efficient reading and high-quality interaction.” From users’ urgent needs for Weibo information overload and spam interference Look: The product direction around user experience has undoubtedly become the top priority for the development of the microblog industry at this stage.

It can be seen from the new version of the functions that Tencent Weibo has made in-depth innovations in cloud intelligence, product form, operation form and application experience based on big data mining and semantic analysis of 540 million users. The existing development ideas of the blog industry.

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Micro hotspots mainly rely on background data and semantic analysis technology to match the user’s Weibo content with current hot events in real time, and dynamically generated hot event full context development pages. “According to the principle of important minority and trivial majority’, netizens are more concerned about hot events. The new micro hotspot function, in a dynamic presentation of technology, may become a presentation platform for all Internet hot information, and will be more objective and comprehensive than manual. It is a useful supplement to the manual operation of a large number of microblog topics, and it also breaks through the current status of microblogs of manual operation topics.

Compared with the complicated use of information on Weibo hot events, netizens have a strong demand for Weibo “noise”. The Weibo Manager in this new feature addresses this issue and can help users automatically filter low-quality Weibo. The blocked Weibo will be displayed in the form of a shield on the page side, and users can also filter and confirm the filtered information by themselves. According to reports, in the future, Tencent Weibo will further integrate security and anti-harassment functions, filter or warn malicious links and malicious links, and purify users’ Weibo pages.

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Based on users’ diversified and personalized content needs, micro-channels are a platform to provide individuals with personalized microblog content display. All users can set up their own channels here to show and share to the outside world, while allowing more users to discover these personalized information and friends with the same hobbies. “We hope to use this feature to re-aggregate information and encourage the production of longer-tail and better-quality content.

This feature has also achieved more gratifying results: small-scale tests have shown that the number of online self-built channels has reached thousands. “Gao Ziguang also pointed out: “It can be seen that there is a strong demand for diversified content on social media platforms.” It is worth mentioning that personal channels can completely set channel content specifications through user-defined forms, and data help follow the rules. Grabbing, no need for personal daily care.

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In addition to the overall improvement in content and information, the new version also introduced the industry’s best product function in the “user relationship”-microcircle, which can automatically and intelligently group hundreds of users. This function is based on three years of user relationship accumulation on Tencent’s Weibo platform. In the mining and reading of big data, the intelligent classification of user listening relationships is automatically realized, and a very personalized personal social relationship circle is formed.

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