Classroom Cloud, Extracurricular Cloud, Security Cloud Triple Play

Classroom Cloud: On May 10th, the “Educational Equipment Exhibition” grandly opened in Wuhan International Expo Center. As the largest and most influential industry exhibition in basic education field, this exhibition has attracted many powerful manufacturers in the field of multimedia education equipment in my country to participate.

Fortune Digital, located in the A2 area of ​​the booth , is focusing on the attention of the industry and the education sector with its newest education solution -Fortune Smart Education Cloud Platform!

Fortune Smart Education Cloud Platform includes hierarchical management of the five roles of the Education Committee, the principal, teachers, students, and parents. The core functions of the platform, such as safety management, school affairs management, classroom interaction.

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There is also information communication, set up a bridge for real-time, fast and effective communication between schools, parents, and students. The effective management of the five platform roles provides a complete solution for education informatization .

Parents easily solve the safety and learning situation concerned! Parents can easily and quickly check their children’s safety status and school conditions anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone client, understand student performance, communicate with teachers, and realize a close connection between family education and school education.

Fortune Smart Education Cloud Platform allows teachers to reduce the burden of teaching, and the diversified cloud information equipment platform and rich resource sharing help teachers improve the level of education technology.

The cloud platform provides students with a cloud interactive communication platform inside and outside the classroom, and helps students build a digital autonomous learning system with interesting teaching methods and high-quality online classrooms .

Fortune Digital has always been committed to designing and providing better services for the education industry, taking the lead in the industry, and providing a one-stop shop for all needs for more convenient and smarter teaching equipment in the development of informatization education. Service, help the development of education informatization in our country with classroom cloud!

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