Cloud Computing: The Heart of Global Informatization

Cloud computing is a platform that integrates the data center islands of various enterprises to form an integrated management and control platform. It also includes an integrated information platform, and an integrated operation platform, which carries the functions of infrastructure plus applications to realize cloud services. Cloud Computing: It is truly the Heart of Global Informatization around the world.

Mode: IaaS uses infrastructure as a service; PaaS uses platform applications as a service; SaaS uses software or applications as a service. In this architecture, there are public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and community clouds (industry clouds) to form a resource pool.

With the support of computer hardware and software, a collection of information modules-the data center is realized. The data center is used as a module to integrate relevant resources to realize information processing.

With the development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing will accelerate the integration and optimization of resources.

According to different needs, the corresponding resource support will be obtained in the resource pool, so as to save costs, improve the utilization rate of resources, promote the adjustment of social structure, and realize science.

This is a trend for the development of chemistry. This is like the heart of society, providing a steady stream of power for the development of informatization .

With the development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing is bound to be the pioneer of the Internet of Things. If the cloud computing architecture is relatively weak, the development of the Internet of Things will be greatly restricted because the Internet of Things lacks the “heart” of cloud computing.

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Internet of things, and lack of a proper control system and resource sharing platform, the Internet of Things is localized and fragmented.

With the support of this cloud computing concept, we not only need computer hardware and software as the foundation, but also human power and value human power.

If our current cloud computing and the Internet of Things are still in the terminal and terminal topology, small local star topology, then the “heart-like” topology of the entire industry and the entire society will be realized in the future.

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