Choosing Best App Development Company in Your Region

This is an article we have compiled on How to Shortlist Best App Development Company both online, offshore and in your region. We recommend that you settle down read and you shall understand. Similar; Progressive Web App.

What is Mobile App Development?

From the beginning, Mobile app development is a whole process of first coming up with an idea for a mobile phone application. Next is searching for and hiring an experienced app developer. Then you procced to developing the app (which includes coding, appearance, functions, and so on). The final part. is launching the mobile app, and then maintaining (analyzing and improving) the mobile app after it has been launched to online app stores.

Have it in mind that the development of a mobile app may take up to a few days, few weeks and even up to months to complete. However, this depends solely on the complexity of the mobile app, timeline desired, and your budget.

What is App Development

Here’s the thing:

First of all, you can come up with one or more app ideas in your head. Now what? You need to prepare yourself by simply carrying out a wide research. Except you are a certified professional, certified app developers and designer, you are more likely to expand your knowledge on the app development process, current app market statistics, and a lot more. For a better understanding of what is being explained here and to make it easier for you, here’s a list of some questions to ask yourself before you begin:


  1. Firstly, what exactly do you hope to accomplish with your mobile app? (Hint: These are your short-term and long-term goals for your app)
  2. Secondly, who will your app benefit? (Hint: This is your target audience)
  3. Thirdly, in what ways will your customers find your app useful and convenient?
  4. Finally, what platform(s) will your app be available on? (Examples: iOS, Android, Windows)


  1. Who do you think will be your app’s biggest competitors?
  2. After competitors has been identified, then what apps do they have?
  3. What are the list of features does your competitors offer their app users?


  1. Money is key; how much is your overall budget for your app’s development?
  2. Time is money; therefore, how long are you wanting to spend on mobile app development? (Example: Number of weeks, months, or even years)
  3. Once your mobile app development is complete, when do you hope to launch your app in an online store? (Example: A set date or a certain time of the year)


  • What is your mobile app business plan? (Hint: This will include your marketing budget)
  • In what ways will you market your app pre- and post-launch app marketing strategies? (Example: Online ads)

Wow! I think you have done a wonderful job once you have completely researched and answered all of the above questions! Oh yes!!!, you are now ready to move to the next step, which is: putting together your outsourced mobile app development team! Well, your team may not appear to be commandos, but they should be experts in their individual fields because quality of your app depends on it.

Don’t be in a hurry, do your research and choose professionals to fill the roles of team leader, app designer, IT advisor, marketing specialist, app developer, sales specialist, and so on. Once your app development team is compiled, you need to have a meeting with them and share your thoughts and findings (your answers from the above questions you researched) with them. Discuss your app ideas and develop a plan based on the input of every team member. Tip: Establish an “open door” policy between team members. Collaboration and feedback are key elements to an app’s success! They must provide you with the mobile app documentation they want to work with. You need this, so that you will be in the know of their every steps.

Need to Hire an App Development Company?

Here’s the deal: When you make the decision to build a new app for your business, there are important factors that you have to consider. Going on Google, Bing, Yandex or any search engine of your choice to do a simple search might end up being an expensive mistake. It has been discovered that a lot of people (including newbies) advertise themselves as a top business app development company. Trust me when I say that most of them do not have enough knowledge of the business of app development. But you would be better served sacrificing some of your time to do some necessary research about top mobile application development companies who have prior experience in your niche and have case studies to help you understand their software development process and success. You can request links to already developed and launched apps by their company. You can now download them and do your review before you think of hiring them.

Think of it this way

For instance, when you made a decision to purchase a new car, will you just blindly go to the car dealers and buy the first car you see on the lot? Probably not! Instead, you will more than likely contact your mechanic to advise you, then you look at the specs of each car (such as gas mileage, safety features, warranty options, and so on). The same thing goes when you invest in a mobile app for your business, because it is a lot like purchasing a new car. You need to do the research and know what to look for in a mobile app developer. So, to begin with, here are 6 important guidelines for choosing the top rated mobile application development companies in the US, Australia, India, China (or anywhere in the world of your choice!).

App Development Company

First and foremost, you need to correctly identify the Differences Between Top App Developers, New App Companies, and Freelancers online.

The point above is not to ridicule freelancers in any way, but you should know that while there may be a lot of people that can build mobile apps or wearable apps, there is a difference in quality. Also it is important that the developer will be around in the future to provide real time support once the application has been released and on the open market. Nevertheless, if you run a small-scale business that is specifically working with a very small or limited budget, you may decide to work with freelancers or a new app company for your android development or iOS development needs.

On this note, you have to be sure to ask your selected freelance android developer or apple developer/company about their samples of previous development jobs (preferably with some client references). Additionally, you can also check their qualifications by seeing what certifications they currently have. This is to help you see if they have completed a software engineering program or attained a mobile developer certification. To be sincere, this will give you more confidence when understanding their expertise in the different mobile operating systems. The easy way to verify credentials is via social media platforms like Behance and LinkedIn.


For those that has the medium-to-large scale business, you should not even consider the freelance option at all. (I’m sorry freelancers, I mean no harm, this is business). Instead of that choice, simply approach a top app developer or web developer with an address. Seriously, your business Mobile app are a big part of the growth of your business and you must not compromise on quality at all. Apart from the fact that freelancers work alone, they are hardly ever specialists in all the niches. That’s not all, they will also work for you based on their own time schedule. On the other hand, genuine app company will work on the client’s schedule, and they will have specialists (team) that successfully deliver  software products that aligns with your business objectives. In general, you are guaranteed of a better quality and a better insurance of your project’s success.

Identify Your App  Needs

For me to say you should identify your app needs may sound a bit obvious, or even crazy, but know what your business needs for it to grow! Therefore, you must have clarity & understanding about your business and how exactly a software development enterprise will help you drive it forward. In other words, before you worry about the functionality and features that you want in the app, you should take your time to establish what the business needs, and if you indeed do require an app. Knowing this will help you while you are evaluating your options for Android apps or iPhone app development.

Ask questions related to your app idea/mobile platforms

Listen very carefully, do not be scared to ask relevant questions when discussing with your app team what your ultimate business goals are. There are times when you will have a goal that you aren’t sure how to reach. You have to ask the android studio top app developers or iOS app developers / app team you want to work with. There are chances are they will have an idea or two about how to reach that goal through the mobile app.

Here’s an example:

Now think of this, if you have a goal of reaching/acquiring one hundred new customers in 30 days. The development app team can offer suggestions such as in-app purchase discounts (where customers are offered a discount the first time they purchase an item through your new app). Keep in mind: The app company you choose should be supportive of your ideas and willing to work hard to reach your fullest potential.

Identify the Needs of Your End Consumers

So, you have identified the needs of your business. Great! But here’s the kicker: Now you need to identify the needs of your end consumers which includes UI UX design. This is even more important than identifying the needs of the business itself. As there really is no point in developing a mobile app that doesn’t perform the functions your customers want to use. The consumers drive your business, so you must identify what they want from you, possibly by conducting a survey or monitoring user behavior. You need to work with an app company that can deliver these capabilities. Many times, business owners will decide to have an app developed for their business because of user needs.

Here’s an example:

For example, if you have a small-town superstore that serves mostly retirees or elderly people. Then you may have the idea to develop a grocery app for your store. Which allows users to shop for groceries on mobile devices and have the groceries delivered to them. In this situation, the app would need to be simple and easy to use, as well as have features like shopping and delivering. This is just one example of how important it is to know what your customers need and how your app can fulfil those needs.

Gomeeki was asked to work with Aussie Farmers Direct to create ‘AisleOne’, the world’s simplest way to shop online. AisleOne had to be Australia’s easiest, quickest and most intuitive online shopping/ user experience.


One other important step that you must take when choosing a custom software or app company is to do your research. Find out which businesses the company has worked for in the past For ex: If you are a real estate company than you can ask about real estate app development experience. This will provide you with potentially valuable information about the best designers and developers you are hiring. Because you might find a mobile app company that has worked with a client in your niche

It may be easier to just quickly search the internet for reviews on an app developer, but it’s not as beneficial as taking your time to really find out the specifics of their past work. Knowing what kind of experience an app developer has will help tremendously when you are making your final decision for hiring your mobile app developer. How will you know if you have hired the wrong development company? Find out here.

Is creating an app expensive?

This is very important to talk about because App Development Cost is one of the factors that you should consider while selecting a good app company. A word of advice: The cheapest isn’t always the greatest; use wisdom. Trust me, spending a few extra money for a reputable mobile application development company will deliver additional value in the long run. Sometimes that extra $10-15k you invest with a more experienced team will outweigh the risk you might experience.

You will agree with me that every business owner wants to save money. But where does the compromising end for you and your business? With the development of an app for your business, please don’t compromise for the sake of costs or financial limitations. Make sure your hire an app company that will deliver in quality and success of your business.

Consider Your Local App Development Options

Take for instance, your business runs worldwide, but your headquarters is in Canada. You should take a look at an app development agency in Perth or top app companies in Ottawa, Ontario. If you live in Australia search cities like Hobart or top app developers Sydney and consider them in your search for a partner. If you are in the US, search locally because there are app developers almost everywhere. However, you should evaluate them with the other tips we have provided above. And if they check the right boxes, then seek out an initial discussion before payment.

In conclusion, having a local app development studio or app developers has its advantages and good benefits for you and the company. That being said, there is the benefit of proximity to your business (which helps when your schedule is tight, but you need to quickly meet with your development team). For your app team, a benefit for them can be the ease of visitation to your business. Finally, hiring a local app team will enrich your web and mobile app development experience in so many different ways.

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