5 Best Anime on Netflix in English for Beginners to Watch Now

Anime on Netflix can be quite interesting to see, especially in this era of high competition in media contents. With contents that combine horror, nature, science and fiction effectively. Although, it is true that we all have different tastes and cravings for media content.

We have a list of the finest anime series available on Netflix, that will cater for diverse preferences of viewers.

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From captivating animations for kids that defy Disney and Pixar norms to epic, action-packed sagas spreading through many intriguing episodes, and even mature and intense series unmatched in Western animation, this selection has something for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

1. Bee and Puppycat

Title: Bee and Puppycat
Release Year: 2022
Director: Larry Leichliter
Runtime: Seasonal While some may argue about its classification, “Bee and Puppycat” embodies the endearing qualities of a classic anime, despite being a Western animated series.

Adapted from the popular web series, it follows Bee (voiced by creator Natasha Allegri) who encounters Puppycat, a cat-dog hybrid. Together, they embark on whimsical adventures across dimensions, where Bee excels at supernatural temp jobs.

2. Romantic Killer Anime

  • Release Year: 2022
  • Director: Kazuya Ichikaw
  • Runtime: Seasonal

Romantic Killer is an enchanting anime series, infused with the genius of Wataru Momose’s manga. It revolves around Anzu Hoshino (Rie Takahashi), an ordinary teenage girl engrossed in gaming and her feline companion.

However, when the mystical wizard-like being Riri (Mikako Komatsu) transports her to a different realm, Anzu must befriend the charismatic Tsukasa Kazuki (Yuichiro Umehara) to reunite with her lovely cat and return home.

3. Title of Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • Release Year: 2012
  • Director: Kenichi Suzuki Toshiyuki Katou
  • Runtime: 1 hr 55 min

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure lives up to its name! Focusing on the extraordinary Joestar family and their extraordinary powers, the series takes us on a captivating journey.

With its distinctive artistic styles, it skillfully blends sci-fi elements like psychic abilities and supernatural occurrences, while cleverly incorporating nods to Western pop culture, music, and fashion.

4.The Anime: My Happy Marriage (Season 1) N

Episodes: TBA
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Netflix Release Date: July 5th, 2023

Based on the novel by Akumi Agitogi, My Happy Marriage is following the release of its popular live-action film, but it is suspected that My Happy Marriage will be considerably popular with anime fans on Netflix.

The series has since changed its release date and will now be available weekly from July this year.

It is a story of an unhappy young woman from an abusive family who is married off to a fearsome and chilly army commander. But the two learn more about each other, watch it to find out because, love may have a chance.

5. Record of Ragnarok: Anime (Season 2 – Part 2) N

Episodes: 22 | Seasons: 2
Studio: Yumeta Company
Netflix Release Date: July 12th, 2023

Fans of the manga were not very happy with the animation in the first season. However, with Yumeta Company taking over the animation of the second season, hopefully, there will be a significant rise in quality.

With the gods deciding that the fate of humanity rests in their complete annihilation, they are given one last chance to prove their worth before the gods.

Engaging in a battle of Ragnarok, 13 humans from history are brought before the gods to engage in duels to the death.

Humanity requires seven wins to survive so to even the odds combatants are given a Valkyrie, each in the form of a powerful weapon capable of allowing humans to fight gods.


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