How to Record, Upload and Delete a TikTok Video

TikTok video: Today, in the society, it is normal to see people record and share their life, career and knowledge with others using a TikTok video.

It is one app that has over time become very popular and has risen to prominence, captivating viewers, and starting conversations.

From recording, to posting to editing and also even how to delete a TikTok video. The time, and other effects like sounds and music that can help accesorize and promote your video content. Using this app is very easy and fun but many people do not know this.

In this post, I will take you through TikTok’s captivating world, where I will show you a lot of fun details, uncover the secrets behind its success, and also examine the profound impact it has on our digital and social landscape.

How to Get a 3 Minute Video on TikTok

There are two ways you can record or upload a video that is not longer than 60 seconds on TikTok. The first method, is to create the video without using the app, and then edit it before you can upload the video on your Tiktok profile. 

For easier understanding, you can follow the second method below. 

Step 1: You have to Launch the TikTok app 

Step 2: Go to your camera interface and select “15s,” “60s,” or “3m” from the swipe-across menu that you will see directly above the sizable red record button.

Step 3: After that you have to select the three-minute option from the list of available choices, then the camera will begin to recording up to 3-minute video, right inside the app or online.

How to Upload a 3-Minute Video on TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform, that enables you to make posts online with the aim of entertaining, educating and informing your audience through video contents.

There are no restrictions as to how long a video can last for, depending on the content. There is also a certain amount of videos you can post at a time, but it cannot be more than 15 to 30 seconds.

The app makes use of hashtags, these are like links to other contents in the same category as your video. Usually, some hashtags have links to humor, fun and just about anything you want to watch on your page.

Since the app does not have any restrictions or prohibitions on it video content, a wide range of viewpoints and creative expressions can be on display on this platform.

How to Upload Long Videos From the Gallery?

There is provision for you to upload videos directly from your device’s gallery. These videos may be contents your have edited before or other peoples own that you wish to share.

To upload a long Video on TikTok you have to follow this steps in the list below:

  • Open your app, then press the + sign to begin a new video.
  • You have to upload the file from your camera roll, then you click the upload button in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Select the image or video you want to use tap on the circle that is on the item.
  • Change the duration of your Video click next then click on adjust clip.
  • Add your video description, hashtags and emojis and then click post.

How to Add Music to a TikTok Video

To make your content more exciting and interesting or to add other sound effects, you can choose to add them to the video while editing.

To do this, go to the TikTok music library, click on the search bar to find the music you want to use, click add and adjust the sound to suit your video.

Your video should be as long as the sound. You can also add the sound from another video by click the music icon on the lower part of the screen, then click “use sound” and record or upload your video with the sound.

How to Watch TikTok Videos at 3x Speed?

For you to create or share a video on TikTok, click on the Plus icon of the bottom in the screen upper right corner, select the speed button above the recording button, the speed bar becomes active. Select a different speed for the video by clicking on the 3x option.

Choose 3x from the options that is being displayed above the Record button at the bottom clicking the Plus icon to start a new video and select the Speed icon.

How to Promote your Videos on the App?

According to the support of TikTok, you can promote your videos on TikTok by using the following:

From your Creator tool in the app, tap Profile in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right to go to your settings.

Tap Creator tools, and then tap Promote.

How to Fast Forward a Video on TikTok?

Follow these steps on how to fast forward a video on TikTok

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on the video you wish to view.
  • A progress meter with two timestamps can be found at the bottom.
  • The bar will start to thickens as the video goes on.
  • To fast forward the video, drag the dot forward or backward to rewind.

How to Make a Video Longer than 15 Seconds?

However, the third tower can be put in between two rows to increase the length of a TikTok video.

The addition of one or more towers to the edge of a row is to increase the length of your video. A video’s length will increase and capture more information for better reception of the content.

How to Delete Drafts on your TikTok app.

  • Tap your profile icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Thereafter, make sure that the video feed tab is selected, then tap your drafts folder. 
  • On the Drafts page, tap “Select” at the top right.
  • Tap the video you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple drafts at once, tap each one you will see a red checkmark appear in each selected photo. 
  • After you have made all your selections, tap Delete at the bottom of the screen and confirm you want to do this by tapping Delete in the popup window.

If you want to leave the page without deleting anything, tap Cancel on iPhone. and if you are using Android, tap Select a second time, and then you will be able to tap the Back arrow to go back to your previous page.

The Problem of TikTok App

There are times when the App will have issues, while you are still making use of it. The issue may not be from the app but rather from your phone.

It may be that you have to upgrade your version of the App or your phone’s system is upgrading. But they are most time certainly right inside the servers of the App, as being hosted by TikTok. Did you know that TikTok is Recently Down – This App Problem is Solved

Sometimes, the app may go offline due to a break in network connection and come back online when the server reconnects to the network.


Understanding the art of recording, uploading, and deleting TikTok videos is a dependable skill today. Whether you want to entertain, educate, or connect with a large audience, TikTok offers you an active platform to display your creativity and personality.

In the article above, I have listed out some information that will help you have a smooth sail on the TikTok App. Do well to follow the steps carefully in sharing your moments and stories while having control of your content and its content.

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