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The website focuses on categories like Xian Xia, biography, physical education, public welfare, highway adventure, plot, action, animation, inspirational, Costume, epic and so on. The website also also covers comedy, dating, spoof, emotion, reasoning, culture, travel, reality, show, sports, as well as documentary.


The area they cover in Asia includes; Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan, mainland Germany, Italy, Japan, Europe, France, U.S., U.K etc. They also cover South Korea and HongKong. Live TV Program List, Latest TV Series, Hottest TV Series - Live TV Program List, Latest TV Series, Hottest TV Series – TV Shows

News Feeds and Comprehensive channel

The content of the program is mainly news on politics, economy, science and technology, society, military affairs, diplomacy, culture, sports, agriculture, transportation, etc.

File from Beijing Satellite TV

The format of the program takes the replay of the case and event scene as clues, and for the first time discloses major domestic cases, social legends, emotional stories, etc.; its connotation is deep for the people of Asia.

Yue baby

“Yue Baby” focuses on the subject of mother and baby, presents the experience and experience from the perspective of parenting, and conveys the trendy and healthy lifestyle of mother and baby.

CCTV4 Chinese International Channel

Deliver the latest, fastest and most authoritative news to Chinese people all over the world. The hosts includes; Dream Tong/ Song Yiping/ Wang Zhou/ Zhou Yingfeng/ Liu Yang/ Hu Yuexin.

News broadcast room CCTV13

The host connects with reporters from all over the country and even around the world in the live broadcast room, reports on recent and ongoing events, and fully invites audience participation. The host: Genza/ Liang Yan/ Miao Kai.

CCTV13 News broadcast weather forecast

“Weather·Information” is an information program launched by CCTV News Channel on May 1, 2003, which mainly focuses on weather forecast and includes other kinds of life information. The content host: Zhang Yu/ Wang Ning/ Sha Chen/ Hou Feng/ Lao Chunyan.

Morning news CCTV1

The program mainly focuses on major domestic and international news reports, supplemented by cultural and sports news, weather travel information, and life service information. Host: Zheng Li/ Zhang Zhonglu/ Yan Yuxin/ butterfly/ He Yanke/ Zheng Tianliang/ Bao Xiaofeng

Today’s statement CCTV1

Adhering to the concept of “recording the progress of the rule of law in China”, with the purpose of “focusing on popularizing the law, supervising law enforcement, promoting legislation, and serving the government laws.

Animal world TV Show

Through expert narration, beautiful pictures, and touching stories to tell and impress the audience, the audience realizes that we cannot live without animals. TV host: Zhao Zhongxiang.

Human and Nature

“Man and Nature” started broadcasting on May 11, 1994. Its purpose is “acura life, care about the environment”. It mainly introduces animals, plants, natural knowledge and explores the interaction about man and nature. TV host: Zhao Zhongxiang.

Wisdom Tree CCTV 14

The Children’s Channel “Wisdom Tree” program is an educational program for preschool children aged 3 to 6. In a lively and lively form, it integrates scientific educational concepts into vivid games and school learning. TV Host: Chen Su / green bubble.

Strait Shinkansen by Southeast TV

By linking the cross-strait media, linking experts and scholars, and many other innovative ways of handling, the Taiwan news is fully reported, and the important cross-strait exchange activities and Further investigations. Host: Aikezhu/ Yang Yang/ Chen Henan/ Ye Qinglin.

My stock Feng Deng by Hubei Satellite TV

The hottest topic, the most detailed analysis of the market, focusing on grasping the short-term market trend, the strongest operational guidance, a must-read investment reference for investors everywhere. Host: Dong Dawei

Hundred forums Science Channel

“Hundreds of Lectures” is a lecture-style column launched by CCTV Science and Education Channel (CCTV-10) on July 9, 2001. The purpose of the column is to construct common sense of the times among people. Host: Yi Zhongtian/ Wang Liqun.

Yue Food by Anhui Satellite TV

“Yue · Food” is committed to interpreting food from a fashion perspective, presenting the delicious relationship between seasonal ingredients and gourmets from multiple perspectives, and digging deep into the cooking methods.

Global Chinese Information by CCTV4

It specializes in reporting the latest developments of global Chinese, sorting out news related to global Chinese. Host: Wang Zhou.

Deep International CCTV4

In-depth coverage of international news and in-depth analysis of international news facts. It is for Chinese International Channel presented by TV host: Li Zhongmin.

Chinese world

Promote the Chinese, serve the Chinese, unite the Chinese, and inspire the Chinese. Host: Li Qiyue/ Wang Zhou.

National Treasure Archives

Through on-the-spot tracking and shooting of the whereabouts and inheritance of national treasure-level cultural relics, the audience will be given first-hand information with a strong sense of documentary. Chinese International Channel host: Ren Zhihong.

Investigative news Channel

“News Investigation” focuses on researching new issues and exploring new expressions. In the form of reporter investigation and interview, it explores the truth, pursues rationality, balance and dept of latest news. Host: Dong Qian/ Yangtze/ Jing Yidan/ Wang Zhi.

Hit TV series

  1. My Fireworks Update to 34 episodes
  2. Dust Update to 30 episodes
  3. The Days of Chasing the Light Update to 30 episodes
  4. Zeng Juvenile: Grown Up Update to 31 episodes
  5. Happy face Update to episode 15
  6. Jade bone remote is finished
  7. An Le Biography Update to episode 19
  8. Prospecting method of love is finished

Helpful Guides

Popular channel of

  • CCTV-1 (Comprehensive)
  • CCTV-3 (variety show)
  • CCTV-6 (film)
  • CCTV-8 (TV series)
  • CCTV-13 (News)
  • Phoenix Television
  • Anhui Satellite TV
  • Zhejiang Satellite TV
  • Jiangsu Satellite TV
  • Hunan Satellite TV
  • Southeast TV
  • BTV Beijing Satellite TV
  • BTV Sports
  • Guangdong Satellite TV
  • Guangdong Sports
  • Dragon TV
  • Five Star Sports Channel
  • Shenzhen Satellite TV
  • Shenzhen TV Sports Channel
  • Jiangsu Sports
  • Shandong TV Sports Channel
  • Xiamen Satellite TV Live TV Program List, Latest TV Series, Hottest TV Series

This is how the download page looks like. TV drama Movie variety show cartoon documentary TV drama Movie variety show cartoon documentary

CCTV-1 (Comprehensive) Program List

The CCTV-1 (comprehensive) TV program preview data may be updated before it is released. Please log in to the CCTV-1 (comprehensive) official website. The final program schedule is subject to the CCTV-1 (comprehensive) program preview. CCTV-1 (comprehensive) program list call: Demonstration case

  • 00:48 Today’s statement
  • 01:18 evening News
  • 01:50 Chia Tai Variety Show
  • 02:42 China in art
  • 02:54 Seeking ancient China promotional video
  • 02:59 The Eighth Season of Chinese Poetry Conference
  • 04:29 Today’s statement
  • 05:00 News Feeds
  • 05:30 Human and Nature
  • 05:59 National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China
  • 06:00 Morning News (Part 1)
  • 07:00 National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China
  • 07:01 Morning News (Part 2)
  • 08:36 circle of life
  • 09:28 War of the Roses 39 Episode 39 Plotlist of actors
  • 10:15 War of the Roses 40 Episode 40 Plotlist of actors
  • 11:05 Changfengdu 1 Episode 1 Plotlist of actors
  • 11:51 Eye of Mystery
  • 11:55 Seeking ancient China promotional video
  • 12:00 News 30 minutes
  • 12:35 Today’s statement
  • 13:11 world 19 Episode 14 Plotlist of actors
  • 13:58 world 20 Episode 14 Plotlist of actors
  • 14:48 world 21 Episode 14 Plotlist of actors
  • 15:35 world 22 Episode 14 Plotlist of actors
  • 16:22 world 23 Episode 14 Plotlist of actors
  • 17:12 No.1 Animation Paradise: Monkey King
  • 17:50 No.1 Animation Paradise: Journey to the West
  • 18:51 Eye of Mystery
  • 19:00 News Feeds
  • 19:31 weather forecast
  • 19:38 focus interview
  • 20:07 Fuchun Mountain Residence 4 Episode 3 Plotlist of actors
  • 20:52 advertise
  • 21:03 Fuchun Mountain Residence 5 Episode 3 Plotlist of actors
  • 21:49 advertise
  • 22:00 evening News
  • 22:35 Searching for Ancient China – Ancient Dian 1
  • 23:10 The Eighth Season of Chinese Poetry Conference

Game Category

  • role play
  • action fighting
  • Leisure Puzzle
  • Shootout
  • war strategy
  • card battle
  • music dance
  • simulated business
  • Sports competition
  • adventure puzzle Channel Recommendation:

  1. Shandong Sports Channel
  2. Fans: 99450
  3. Visit: 3856394
  4. CCTV-5 Sports
  5. Fans: 107789
  6. Visit: 3339944
  7. Beijing Sports Channel
  8. Fans: 89030
  9. Visit: 3854830
  10. Guangdong Sports Channel
  11. Fans: 42137
  12. Visit: 3850709
  13. Five Star Sports Channel
  14. Fans: 76589
  15. Visit: 3249678
  16. Deep Vision Sports Health Channel
  17. Fans: 89810
  18. Visit: 3773227 EPG data service Guide

1. TV Program List

SouTV can provide a total of more than 2,400 channels including CCTV, satellite TV, digital TV, provincial TV stations, prefecture-level TV stations, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan TV stations in Chinese, covering all CCTV, satellite TV, digital TV, and provincial-level TV channels; covering about 75% of prefecture-level channels.

channel rangecoveragePrediction accuracyPost-school accuracy
Satellite TV100%90%99%
Provincial Channel100%85%90%
Other channels and city channels75%80%80%

2. has its own real-time EPG calibration service

The program table will be checked in real time during the program broadcasting process, and the broadcast program will be checked in order to maximize the accuracy of the EPG. Real-time EPG calibration refers to manually judging, predicting, and proofreading the broadcast video when the program is broadcast. After calibration, the real-time EPG accuracy rate will remain above 98%.

3. In-depth information related to film and television dramas

At the same time, SoTV can provide hundreds of thousands of episodes of TV dramas and brief introductions and data materials (casters and staff information, still photos and posters, etc.) of nearly 100,000 columns and film and television dramas.

4. Provide TV channel lists of cable TV operators in various places

As of February 2015, SoTV has established nearly 30 monitoring points in 21 cities, which can monitor the relevant data of nearly 100 cable TV operators. This data will be revised once a month. In 2016, our monitoring points will gradually increase to 100, and we will use exclusive technology to process the monitoring point data in real time.

5. Products related to film and television programs

6. In-depth correlation of sports program data

7. EPG data service contact information



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