New Website to Download Games, Apps, Music for Android and More

Wapday is a valuable resource for free download of mobile apps and games in the early days of mobile exploration. Personally, I started using it with a Samsung e250 mobile phone and later switched to a Nokia 6630 java phone. This was back in the day of Java and Symbian phones. Throughout those time, I consistently downloaded games and apps for free from

What Else Can You Download on Besides Games and Apps?

From the story earlier, I mainly discussed using Java phones and downloading games and apps, but there is more to it.

You can download more from the website. Some of the files you can get from include MP3 music, videos, wallpapers, animations, themes, and more. If you are into games, you can also find game cheats on the site.

Mobile and Android Games Download on Wapday

For those who love games and are looking for fantastic titles like Highway Racers vs. Police Cars, Gunship Battle, Helicopter 3D, Pes, RealFootball, Street Fighter, and many more for your Android, iOS, Java, or Symbian mobile devices, has you covered. I recently downloaded Highway Racers vs. Police Cars on my Android tablet from the site easily. Even though I’m not a big gamer anymore, I have to admit the game is quite interesting.

Wapday offers different interfaces depending on the device you are using. If you have a Java or Symbian mobile device, the interface will be different from what you see on an Android browser or PC.

Wapday: Free Android App Market

Do not be confused. It is an Android market specifically designed for Android devices, offering games, apps, wallpapers, and more. It is not the Google Play store, but when you click the Download buttons, it takes you to the Google Play store app on your Android phone.

You can access this free Android market by visiting This site is intended for Android phones and tablets, not other devices or operating systems.

How to Access the Wapday Mobile Download Site

If you are using a device other than an Android, simply go to and explore a wide range of applications and games. There is another Wapday domain owned by a Nigerian for free downloads. The URL is

In future posts, I will be discussing other websites related to where you can download games, apps, music, videos, themes, and more for free.

Conclusion serves as a versatile platform for downloading a variety of content, including games, apps, music, and more, primarily designed for Android devices. Whether you are looking entertainment or useful applications, offers a convenient hub for accessing a wealth of digital resources.

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