Cloud Security Problems faced by United States and China

Written in this post are some problems faced by China and the United States in the field of cloud security. From the perspective of data protection and privacy protection, China and the United States face two outstanding issues in the field of cloud security: mutual trust and the security of cross-border data flows.

The conclusion of the “Cyber ​​Security and Sino-US Relations” report a year ago by the Brookings Institution and the China Institute of International Relations: China and the United States lack mutual trust in the field of cyber security.

Such warnings should have allowed both parties to take concrete actions to improve the status quo. In other words, the two governments must find consensus in this regard and build mutual trust instead of blaming each other or taking actions to worsen the situation.

The challenge in the process of cross-border data flow is how to ensure data security, otherwise it will endanger national security, civil rights and commercial interests. Some years ago, the 12 “Government Cyber ​​Security Recommendation Guidelines” jointly issued by the U.S.

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Information Technology Industry Council, Digital Europe, and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industry Association proposed transparency, standardization, risk control, voluntary participation, security, innovation, and technology.

Neutrality and other goals, these undoubtedly have considerable contribution and reference value to the establishment of international rules in the era of network globalization, but these cannot be the basis for comparing and criticizing the advantages and disadvantages of different regional policies.

We should be aware that there are differences in laws, policies, technical levels, and industry self-discipline in data security and personal privacy protection in different countries and regions.

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In the process of cross-border data protection, on the basis of responding to and solving the management policies of different countries, how we should respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant subjects, especially personal privacy, is an urgent issue that needs to be resolved. Goto Page 2 & Continue Reading.

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