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New changes in the linkage of big data cloud computing in the next 10 years. Reports has it that Bill Gates met a beggar begging for money back then. Bill Gates handed over a $10 bill. The beggar was very grateful and gave Bill Gates a card with the beggar’s network printed on it.

This surprised Bill Gates, so once back to the company, he set out to formulate a new Internet strategy, which has continued to this day. However, the Internet today has new changes.

Facing the new changes, Xu Shaochun, Chairman of Kingdee International’s board of directors, said that at the moment, emerging technologies are surging, and the wave of cloud technology is sweeping the world.

In Beijing Kingdee Software Park, which has just settled in Shunyi New City, a new domestic cloud management experience center that integrates new technologies and practices in the cloud era has been built.

This experience center integrates emerging technologies such as social networking, mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data. In this experience center, you may be able to appreciate the convenience of future life in advance and feel the difference of living in the “cloud”.

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Hao Dengsheng, vice president of Kingdee China, told reporters that now we have reached an era of subverting traditions. This is because new ideas brought about by new technologies, bringing people new feelings and new consumption habits.

Mary Mick, the former co-leader of Morgan Stanley’s Global Technology Research Group, known as the “Queen of the Internet”, recently left a position that has been the envy of countless people and began an independent business in the era of cloud technology. Seeing new opportunities in this new era.

Over the past few decades, computers and the Internet have brought tremendous changes to the entire world. The advent of computers allows us to continuously superimpose and accumulate the total amount of information, while the Internet promotes the rate of information exchange to increase exponentially.

In the next ten years, the interaction of big data, cloud computing, and social networks will bring about new changes.

Regarding this kind of cloud life in the future, Mary Mick said that people’s lives will become better. This is because they will be able to obtain all information at a very low cost, entertainment services will become cheaper and people will be able to obtain more easily. Finally, Helping cloud computing, may easily avoid bad luck.

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