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WeTransfer Status: All Systems Operational. After signing into your WeTransfer account and seeing a prompt to check your e-mail address, you’ve most likely ended up here.

This functionality was introduced as part of our continuing attempts to tackle platform abuse. It also ensures that no one can send a transfer under your name using your email address. First and foremost, protection!

You will get a verification e-mail after signing up, as seen below:

Verifying an Email address - Help with your WeTransfer email account
Verifying an Email address – Help with your WeTransfer email account

Simply click the “verify account” tab.

This connection is only available for 2 days. (Please notice that the email normally states 60 minutes, but we have recently expanded this to two days.)

Don’t worry if you don’t make it on time; just order a new one. This can be done either from the e-mail or by going to the account settings.

When you update your account’s username e-mail address, you’ll need to re-verify your e-mail address, something you can do in your account settings. You’ll be able to use your account with the new e-mail after you complete the authentication process by clicking the connection in the e-mail you’ll get.

If you have some problems, don’t hesitate to contact Support team; they’ll be glad to assist you! Learn more about all of WeTransfer’s products. that will help you Wetransfer for PC.

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