My Experience with Apple Vision Pro after Trying it Out

This is my personal experience with the Apple Vision Pro which exceeded all expectations, leaving me astounded by the remarkable experience it delivered. The preview of this cutting-edge technology truly opened my eyes to the immense possibilities it has to offer.

Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset during WWDC 2023, putting an end to years of speculation. Many people have been eagerly anticipating its release and wondering how it would stack up against existing VR options. However, the true impact of this device took everyone by surprise. Just like the way Apple’s TipKit Make iOS App Building Much Easier, my findings will also shock you.

I had the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with the Vision Pro in a specially designed room at Apple Park called the Field House. This space was created specifically to showcase the headset’s capabilities. As someone who has been skeptical about VR in the past, I must admit that I was completely taken aback.

Not only was I rendered speechless during the entire demonstration, but the impact of the experience stayed with me for several hours afterward. The Vision Pro has the potential to redefine the way we perceive and interact with virtual reality, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

This is my experience with the Apple Vision Pro. I’ll share what I loved, what I thought could be better, what I didn’t like, and why I believe Apple has once again proven skeptics wrong by making virtual reality exciting for everyone.

Apple Vision Pro Premium design and displays

Let’s begin with the design of the Apple Vision Pro. Considering the amount of the Apple vision pro will be, (which is more expensive than 11 Meta Quest 2s combined), it has a truly premium appearance, drawing inspiration from various current Apple products.

Apple vision pro Premium design and displays
Apple vision pro Premium design and displays

There’s a clear resemblance to the AirPods Max, and quite similar to the Vision Pro’s silver aluminum alloy front with rounded edges. Positioned on the right edge is a Digital Crown, while a capture button sits on the left when viewed from a wearable angle. The front of the aluminum alloy showcases curved glass housing a screen that displays a digital image of your eyes, setting it apart from other VR options.

Vision Pro’s Enclosure, Camera, Sensor, Microphone

This enclosure, known as the Vision Pro’s Enclosure, reveals its sophisticated composition under certain lighting conditions. It incorporates 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones, enabling video pass-through, depth sensing, and hand control. However, in different lighting, these components remain concealed, seamlessly blending into the device’s design.

Apple Vision Pro front view at the Unveiling
Apple Vision Pro front view at the Unveiling

Attached to the Enclosure is a light grey mesh material section known as the Light Seal. While it offers advantages, one drawback of the Vision Pro is that it requires individual setup, making it less shareable among household members. Setting up the Light Seal is a quick process similar to configuring Face ID on an iPhone. It only takes a few seconds as you move your head around to complete the setup.

Head Strap includes Audio

Moving from the Light Seal, you’ll notice the two Audio Straps that converge with the Head Strap at the back of the Vision Pro headset. It is often referred to as a “spatial computing device.” The Head Strap, also featuring a material finish, exhibits a ribbed effect. This adds a touch of softness to the overall futuristic appearance. Therefore, this design element gives it a resemblance to sophisticated ski goggles, further enhancing the high-tech aesthetic.

Weight of Apple Vision Pro

Now, let’s discuss the comfort and fit of the Apple Vision Pro. To achieve a secure fit, there is a Fit Dial located on the right edge. Simply turn it clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen the strap. This mechanism provides a satisfying experience, with small increments that make it effortless to quickly achieve a secure fit.

Weighing approximately 450g, the Vision Pro is remarkably lightweight. Immediately I Put it on, it feels light on the head. Personally, I found it exceptionally comfortable, especially when using the optional strap that rests atop my head, effectively reducing additional weight.

With the combination of the Fit Dial and the overall lightness of the device, wearing the Vision Pro for extended periods was a comfortable experience. The thoughtful design and optional strap contributed to an enjoyable and immersive virtual reality session.

While I had the Apple Vision Pro on for only 30 minutes, I believe that wearing it for a couple of hours might become more noticeable. In terms of watching a 2-hour film, I would be more than satisfied wearing it throughout. However, for a full day’s work without any breaks, I would prefer to take occasional rests. This is similar to how I feel about wearing a pair of sunglasses for an extended period.

Apple Vision Pro Battery

Apple Vision Pro Battery
Apple Vision Pro Battery Design

The Vision Pro includes a separate battery pack, which is not merely a power source. It serves multiple functions, and its design reminds me of the MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone. There’s a DIY iPhone Battery Replacement Guide for Technicians which will be beneficial to you.

However, what surprised me initially was the aluminium construction, resembling the front of the Vision Pro. Instead of finding it bothersome to carry a battery pack, the smooth finish of the aluminium added a reassuring and pleasant touch.

In fact, it provided a sense of grounding when I encountered a gigantic and incredibly lifelike dinosaur just inches away from my face. It served as a reassuring reminder that dinosaurs had not returned from extinction to pose a threat in this futuristic experience.

Apple Vision Pro side view at the unveiling
Apple Vision Pro side view at the unveiling

The battery pack conveniently connects to the left side of the Vision Pro headset and securely locks in place with a twist. A material cable, similar to that of the MacBook Air, extends from the battery pack into the headset.

Power Cables

It’s worth noting that the cable is not removable, meaning you cannot switch out battery packs without disconnecting the wire from the headset. However, you do have the option to plug the battery pack into a power source using the USB-C port, enabling extended usage beyond the capacity of the battery pack alone.

Vision Lenses

Inside the Vision Pro, there are two separate lenses that provide a comfortable fit against your face. For individuals with different vision needs, magnetically attached snap-on lenses will be available, although the additional cost remains unclear at this time.

Behind these lenses, you’ll find Micro OLED displays that deliver an impressive 23 million pixels to each eye. This pixel density surpasses that of a 4K TV, resulting in a truly sensational visual experience. The app icons, appearing just centimeters from my face, were incredibly sharp and crisp, setting the stage for what was to come.

What is Apple’s Vision Pro like?

Apple’s Vision Pro offers an extensive range of use cases, beginning from everyday tasks to specific functions. Throughout my exploration of these various applications, I was consistently impressed by the device’s capabilities.

However, there were a few experiences that truly pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible, leaving me utterly astonished. Additionally, some encounters brought out emotions in me. Truly, most of these experiences caught me off guard as I was not prepared for these outcome.

To begin my demo, I started with the eye tracking calibration; a process that lasted approximately a minute. It involved following a series of dots on the screen with my eyes, repeating the task twice.

Following that, I proceeded with the hand calibration, which simply required me to hold both hands up as if preparing for a high-five, taking only a few seconds to complete. With these calibrations successfully done, I was ready to dive into the experience.

Pressing the Digital Crown located on the top of the Vision Pro, I accessed the home screen, which immediately felt familiar. If you’ve used an iPhone or iPad before, you’ll instantly recognize the interface of the VisionOS.

The remarkable aspect here is how a completely new device in a novel category could induce a sense of safety and naturalness, all thanks to its recognizable interface. It’s important to note that owning another Apple device is not a requirement to use the Vision Pro, so non-Apple users need not be deterred.

Apple Vision Pro top view
Apple Vision Pro top view

Functionalities of Apple Vision Pro

In the initial part of my demo, I had the opportunity to explore various functionalities of the Vision Pro. I effortlessly scrolled through photos in the Photos app, experiencing panoramic images in a whole new way that surpassed my imagination.

Navigating through Safari and accessing Messages was a breeze as well. The ability to move apps around the virtual room, adjusting their position with a light pinch and drag using my fingers, quickly felt natural. In fact, I became so accustomed to this gesture that I now find myself slightly disappointed when performing it in the real world doesn’t yield the same result.

The device’s responsiveness was remarkable, with even the slightest glance causing objects to subtly pop, indicating that the Vision Pro recognized my gaze. The pinch and drag gesture was consistently registered, except for instances when my hands were positioned very close together.

It’s important to note that the Vision Pro sets itself apart from other headsets on the market by not incorporating physical hand controls. While this distinguishes the device, it also poses a challenge for some VR games and fans who are accustomed to such controls. Nonetheless, the Vision Pro does support Cloud Gaming Platforms for Windows, Mac, Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox and PlayStation controllers via Bluetooth, although developers will need to make adjustments to ensure their games are compatible with the device.

Bottom view of Apple Vision Pro
Bottom view of Apple Vision Pro

My Personal Experience and Opinion

What struck me during my demo, which didn’t involve gaming, was that the Vision Pro left a lasting impression on me, even without focusing on gaming. It was an experience that almost had me ready to make a purchase for $3500 right then and there.

One aspect that truly surprised me during the briefing was the spatial photos and videos. I had the opportunity to watch a baby’s birthday party, and the emotional impact far exceeded my expectations. It made me realize the incredible potential of this technology for capturing and reliving moments with loved ones.

Initially, I held a strong opinion about spatial photos and videos, believing that being present in the moment with family and children was more important than experiencing it through a headset. However, witnessing a spatial video changed my perspective entirely.

It was an incredibly moving experience, to the point where I was taken aback by the tear rolling down my cheek while watching someone else’s child blow out their birthday candles. I can only imagine the emotions that would arise when watching a spatial video of a loved one.

Furthermore, learning that capturing spatial photos and videos didn’t require wearing the headset opened up new possibilities for bringing joy to people who wish to watch their distant loved ones from afar.

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My Experience with different Modes

After the emotional spatial video, I entered into the Environments mode, which showcased a breathtaking view of Mount Hood. The level of detail on the display was incredibly realistic, almost unsettling in its accuracy. I also had the opportunity to switch between full immersion and being more present in the room I was in.

Using the Digital Crown, I could make the adjustment smoothly and at my desired pace. When not fully immersed, the room appeared as it would in real life, with a subtle overlay and the interface seamlessly integrated. When immersed, I could turn my head to see the people in the room and even look down to clearly see my hands and read my Apple Watch display, although it took a moment to focus.

Experience with 3D Mode and Cinema Mode

The Vision Pro truly impressed me when it came to entertainment. I watched a brief 3D clip of Avatar 2, and the experience was nothing short of incredible.

The cinema mode provided an immersive viewing experience with no distractions, and I also watched clips where I was positioned behind the hoop in a basketball game and behind the goal line in a football game. The level of immersion surpassed what a standard TV can offer, creating an unparalleled experience that was almost indescribable.

However, the standout feature for me was the Apple Immersive Video. This 180-degree video experience transported me to places I would likely never have the opportunity to visit in real life.

From being thousands of feet in the air on a tightrope to swimming with sharks underwater and encountering a majestic bear in a lake, the Apple Immersive Video offered awe-inspiring moments. There was a scene with baby rhinos so close that I almost reached out to touch them before remembering that I was in a room at Apple Park, not in their actual presence.

My Final Experience

The final experience I had with the Vision Pro left a lasting impression and required some decompression afterward. It was an interactive spatial experience where I extended my finger and a butterfly landed on it.

I also encountered a dinosaur up close, although it seemed less than pleased with my presence. The technology behind this experience was outstanding, with the intricate details of the dinosaur’s skin leaving a vivid image in my mind that will likely stay with me for months to come.

What I didn’t like about Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro provided me with an incredible and intuitive experience overall, there was one aspect that I didn’t particularly enjoy, and that was FaceTime calling.

FaceTime Calls with Vision Pro on iPhone and iPad

During my FaceTime call on the Vision Pro, I interacted with a digital persona of someone located in the Apple Park offices nearby. While the digital persona appeared realistic and the call had minimal lag, it felt impersonal compared to using FaceTime on an iPhone or iPad.

There was still a noticeable lag, and the interaction felt more like conversing with a robot rather than a real person. The chosen outfit of the digital persona appeared blurry, and their expressions and laughter didn’t come across as natural.

Given these limitations, FaceTime calling is not something I would currently choose to do on the Vision Pro. While watching a real person on the other side would likely be a fantastic experience, the representation of myself through the digital persona would not accurately convey my facial expressions or emotions. Despite the advancements in digital persona technology, it falls short in providing a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Limitations of Vision Pro

One limitation of the Vision Pro is its focus on individual usage. While there is a guest mode available for quick demonstrations, VisionOS, like the operating systems on iPad and iPhone, is not designed for multi-user functionality.

This means that the device is primarily intended for personal use, and it lacks the capability to provide a shared experience such as watching a movie with family or friends. This is unfortunate because the immersive experience offered by the Vision Pro is truly remarkable and should ideally be enjoyed together.

Furthermore, the cost of the Vision Pro becomes a significant factor when considering multiple users. Justifying the expense on a per household basis may be feasible, but it becomes much more challenging on an individual basis.

For a family of four, the cost of outfitting everyone with Vision Pro headsets would amount to well over $10,000. This high price point further restricts the accessibility and potential for shared experiences on the device.

First impressions

I was genuinely amazed by the Apple Vision Pro. To be sincere, this is not a sentiment I anticipate expressing. As someone who isn’t particularly enthusiastic about virtual reality, I expected to be unimpressed by the hype surrounding the device and skeptical about investing a significant sum of money in a gadget that disconnects you from real-life experiences.

However, my encounter with the Vision Pro defied my expectations. From the moment I placed it on my head until hours after leaving the demonstration room, I was completely captivated by the immersive encounters it offered. I found myself yearning to relive those experiences repeatedly.

The Vision Pro truly excels in numerous aspects, provoking emotions that took me by surprise due to its astonishingly realistic and immersive technology. Undoubtedly, its price tag is substantial, rendering it an unattainable luxury for many individuals. Nevertheless, I strongly urge anyone to seize the opportunity to try it firsthand when it becomes available at Apple Stores. The Vision Pro is an unequivocally remarkable device that will leave you awe-inspired, and it’s an experience you won’t regret.


I’m glad to that my experience with the Apple Vision Pro exceeded my expectations and left me feeling truly impressed. It’s remarkable when a technology can evoke such strong emotions and provide immersive experiences that captivate people.

Even though the price tag of the Vision Pro may be a barrier for many people, it’s clear that the device offers the best. Sincerely, the level of realism and immersion of the Apple Vision pro is difficult to find elsewhere. The value of the experience and the awe it inspires is something that each individual will have to weigh against their own personal considerations. “My thoughts though”.

Finally, my recommendation to everyone is to visit an Apple Store and try out the Vision Pro firsthand. That is my own personal suggestion. Experiencing it for yourself is the best way to truly understand its capabilities and potential. It allows you to make an informed decision based on your own preferences and needs. These Top 10 Technology Industry Trends will also surprise you.

Thank you for taking time to browse through my experience after I also took time to sharing my review of the Vision Pro. It’s always exciting to hear about groundbreaking technologies that push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. You can subscribe your email for more updates. Do well to share this article for other to see. Cheers!!!

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