Manage Deliveries with FedEx Delivery Manager Free App

Keep track of your packages, arrange to pick them up at a nearby location, get delivery notifications and much more. Manage Deliveries with FedEx Delivery Manager. Redirect a package. ‎FedEx signature requirements. ‎FedEx Mobile app

Get more control of when and where your packages arrive. With warnings, holds, shipping permits and more, monitor your FedEx deliveries. Online or with the FedEx software, redirect shipments. Free enrolment!


Track packages and get alerts with the FedEx® Mobile app or your computer.


Keep deliveries safe by picking up packages from thousands of convenient locations.


Request to redirect your package to a nearby location with later hours and then pick it up on your time.

Here’s what’s included for free with FedEx Delivery Manager

Pick up where it’s convenient

  • Ask FedEx to redirect your deliveries to one of thousands of nearby FedEx Office®, Walgreens, select Dollar General and grocery store locations.
  • They’ll hold your packages safely and securely for up to 7 days.

Temporary hold

Need a package held for an extended amount of time? We can hold on to all deliveries to the given address for up to two weeks for free. Then we’ll resume delivery when you’re ready.

Tracking and alerts

Get tracking notifications and check the status of incoming deliveries and outgoing shipments to see where your packages are throughout the delivery process 

Sign for a package

You can use your phone or computer to sign for an eligible package if you won’t be home to receive it.

Cannot be used on deliveries that require an adult or direct signature.

Tell us where to leave your package

Give specific instructions for incoming deliveries to your driver. Have a package put on the side of the house, tell them not to ring your doorbell or make another needed request. All deliveries to the given address will follow these instructions.

Premium services

  • Schedule delivery time
  • Deliver to another residential location
  • Deliver another day

These services start at $5.55 but vary based on location and will be determined when services are requested.

Request to redirect your packages to secure locations

Ready to get started? It’s easy to enroll and even easier to start using FedEx Delivery Manager today. Website:

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The FedEx Mobile App

You can download the FedEx Mobile App from Google play store and Apple Store. Get the most out of FedEx Delivery Manager by downloading the FedEx Mobile app free of charge. Shipping goods. Tracking codes. Additionally, you can Design & Print documents and images. Locations tracking. Support call center number.

Always remember to Stay safe. Wash your hands with running water. Wear a face mask. Lastly, maintain social distancing. Cheers.

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