10 Most Popular and Cheapest Online Shopping Website in Nigeria

Hey my people, if you’re in search of the most affordable online shopping website in Nigeria, this article is written just for you. We all know that searching for a budget-friendly online shopping option in Nigeria can be a bit of a challenge and a time-consuming task.

But still, you want cheap groceries, furniture, electronics and a whole lot of other things. Hmmm, so what would you do? You have to find that affordable store to suite your pocket.

Therefore, I am writing this article to help you and all other intelligent shoppers to find the most budget-friendly online shopping websites in Nigeria. Because, with so many shopping websites and platforms available online, you may not be able to browse through all of them.

Normally, you can tell that online shopping websites has become one of the quickest and most convenient methods to purchase various items. You can easily order groceries, home appliances, mobile devices, electronic gadgets, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. All of these can be delivered by a logistics company.

You no longer have to make a shopping trip to a physical store to buy everything you need. As a Nigerian, you can conveniently shop for a wide range of products from home. The best part is that you won’t have to wait for weeks to receive your purchases; they can arrive in just a matter of days.

So lets go right into it and discover the right platform for your needs, whether you’re shopping for electronics, fashion, household essentials, or more. Below are ten budget-friendly Nigerian shopping websites to order goods from. Before we continue, you can take a look at my previous post and shopping guides in Nigeria.

10 Cheapest Online Shopping Website in Nigeria

In today’s hustling and bustling digital marketplace, consumers are always on the lookout for online shopping websites that offer both affordability and reliability especially in Nigeria. Without wasting more time, let me begin from number one.

1. Jumia Nigeria – www.jumia.com.ng

Jumia is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s largest online shopping platforms. It has a user base of over two million customers from all corners of the 36 states of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory. On the Jumia website, you’ll find a lot of products, including electronics, home appliances, fashion items for men, women, and kids, computers, automobiles, and more.

The options that sets Jumia apart from others is their commitment to provide customers with the most budget-friendly and affordable deals. They also do more for customers by delivering products early enough. They have some of the fastest delivery services in the industry.

Now, to make a purchase on Jumia, simply visit their official website and browse through the categories or use the search engine to find your desired item.

Once you’ve located your item, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page to complete your order. Shopping on this platform is not only convenient but also efficient. It takes only some minutes to search and locate the product you want o order and complete your purchase.

Additionally, you can choose to download their mobile app for a seamless shopping experience. The full explanation of How to Shop on Jumia website will guide you more.

2. Konga – Website: www.konga.com

Konga is another widely recognized shopping platform in Nigeria. They offer different products similar to Jumia above. On the website, you’ll find items such as mobile devices, computers, fashion, beauty products, home and kitchen utensils, and more.

What makes Konga appealing to shoppers is its competitive pricing, often accompanied by coupon codes that provide additional savings. Furthermore, Konga offers cost-effective shipping rates and flexible payment methods. You can make payments using your debit card. In addition, you can choose to pay goods on delivery.

3. PayPorte Online Shopping Website

PayPorte is another thriving online store that delivers an exceptional shopping experience to Nigerians. The company was established in September 2014 and it is located in Lagos state. The became more popular in Nigeria after sponsoring the “Big Brother Naija” reality TV show in 2021. PayPorte has consistently provided its customers with affordable products. Their customer base reaches a wide statistics, from youth to young urban people.

PayPorte has a notable feature of collaborating with local businesses, providing them with a platform to display their products to a wider audience. This collaboration also offers these businesses access to top-notch customer service and logistical support, among other benefits.

4. Slot – www.slot.ng

Slot is a well-known company that focuses on selling mobile phones, gadgets, computers, and a variety of other items. They originally operated as a physical store but have since expanded to have an online presence. When you visit their official website, you’ll find a wide range of products available at competitive prices.

Furthermore, Slot offers access to monthly and holiday deals, allowing you to benefit from special offers. The platform is also known for its security and reliability, making it a safe choice for your online shopping requirements. Instead of visiting their physical store, you can easily shop for items from the convenience of your home.

5. 3C Hub: www.3chub.com

3C Hub is another well-regarded and major retailer in Nigeria that deals with sales and delivery of affordable gadgets. Similar to Slot, 3C Hub initially operated as an offline store before expanding its presence to include an online website.

On their website, you’ll find a wide range of products, including discounted mobile phones, accessories, and electronics. It provides a convenient option for purchasing these items at budget-friendly prices without the need to visit a physical store.

6. Webmall NG

Established in 2013, WebMall has grown to become a leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria. It provides access to a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices, along with efficient logistics services.

Among the products available on WebMall are hair products, food items, laptops, mobile phones, toys, speakers, sneakers, and more. It serves as a convenient one-stop destination for a wide range of shopping needs.

7. SuperMart – www.supermart.ng

SuperMart is another reputable online shopping platform in Nigeria, offering a comprehensive selection of products. It primarily serves customers by providing the convenience of online grocery shopping from the comfort of your home or office.

SuperMart offers a lot of grocery items that you can conveniently order online. They provide fast delivery services within three hours to different areas in Lagos state and its environs.

You can shop for a variety of products such as fresh food, snacks, dairy items, eggs, fish, meat, beverages, food items, books, frozen food, and more, making it a convenient option for hassle-free grocery shopping and stocking up on essentials.

8. Kara – www.kara.com.ng

Kara is a well-known online shopping website that sell phones and computers. It is considered one of the top online shopping destinations in Nigeria and has a large customer base across the country.

Kara offers a wide range of mobile phones, electrical products, and power supplies at competitive prices. They also provide flexible payment options, including bank transfers, cash-on-delivery, and credit or debit card payments, making it convenient for customers to choose their preferred payment method.

9. Jiji Online Shopping Website – www.jiji.ng

Jiji is a popular online shopping website that offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for used or new items, Jiji provides a convenient platform for your shopping needs. It’s a place where you can find quality items at budget-friendly rates.

Among the products available on Jiji are mobile phones, computers, cameras, houses, automobiles, and more. In addition to purchasing items, you also have the option to sell items on the platform.

Jiji serves as an excellent platform that connects buyers and sellers, making it one of the best places for both parties to engage in transactions.

10. Jamarahome Online Shopping: www.jamarahome.com

Jamarahome is an additional online shopping platform known for its top-quality electronics and gadgets available at competitive prices. From the convenience of your home or office, you can explore a wide range of products, including electronics, gadgets, office supplies, and home appliances.

Jamarahome simplifies the process of shopping for your desired gadgets, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You can trust that you’ll receive the best quality products when you make a purchase through this platform.


The websites listed above comprise of the top 10 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria. All of these sites provide a convenient way to shop for a whole list of items from the comfort of your home or office.

With their competitive pricing, frequent sales, extensive product offerings, and efficient delivery services, these platforms have earned the trust and popularity of Nigerian consumers. They are the go-to choices for individuals in search of cost-effective and enjoyable online shopping experiences.

Feel free to explore these platforms today and make the most of their offerings. I hope this review has been informative and helpful!

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