How to Reply to a Letter of Misconduct in the Workplace

People are quite funny at the workplace, thus the room for letter of misconduct in the workplace. They can do and undo at anytime due to pressure, stress or even provocation.

However, in some occasions these eventually leads to an uproar and possible altercation among workers.

When this happens, the best an safest thing to do is make amends by sending an apology letter to your employer. We’ll give you a sample and a good example of a letter of misconduct in the workplace:

The Manager,

YOMZ Fashion House

432 Crescent, Dates Boulevard

Homp Street.

Dear Ma,

RE: A letter of Apology for my Misconduct

I am writing this letter in a bid to humbly and sincerely apologize for my bad behavior. this letter is to apologize for my gross misconduct in the workshop some days ago.

However, my behavior although unprofessional was greatly caused by provocation. Meanwhile, I was on stress relief medication which made me feel dizzy thus the outburst.

It was at this point that my colleague began to taunt me of being a “pregnant sloth”. I made it clear to him that I was not enjoying the “joke” as it felt more like he was body-shaming me.

It also was at this time that another colleague in the next office playfully shut him up saying he is too nosy as to why I am in low spirits that day.

I appreciate my job here and always put in my best to see to it that our company excels in any project we do. I have made up my mind to apologize to those affected by my misconduct and do hope you forgive me. This I promise will not happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Sabrina Terry.


In as much as people do their best to keep the peace in the workspace, sometimes things really get messy. Therefore the need for apologies. The sample above will guide you on how to retrace your steps and get back into the team so that the office will be run smoothly.

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