What Does BBC, BC, HP Mean on TikTok?

What does BBC mean on TikTok? BBC, as an abbreviation, has numerous meanings and explanations. The most popular, without a doubt, the British Broadcast Center.

The term is globally accepted to mean the telecom organization that works out of the United Kingdom.

What Does BBC Mean?

Apparently, as it concerns the areas of information, sports, amusement, and significantly more.

However, the term BBC is mostly used by the more youthful age inside the messaging local area. It means something other than what we some older people know and expect.

The term commonly signifies, ‘B**ch Be Cool’ in street parlance. BBC means “British Broadcasting Corporation” or “Big Black Cock.” Don’t get it twisted anyways!

British Broadcasting Corporation

The abbreviation BBC is widely recognized as the initials of the British Broadcasting Corporation, a public service broadcast service.

The BBC is an outfit who’s funds come by an annual television license fee, paid by all British households, companies, and organizations that make use of any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts.

The BBC World Service broadcasts around the world in over 28 languages.

Big Black Cock

Online dating sites and adult chat platforms, use the abbreviation differently. The coinage on these sites mean “Big Black Cock.”

Examples of BBC in Sentences

Below are good examples of the coinage or abbreviation as it applies in conversation:

‣ TV Reporter 1: Have you heard that Dion Dublin, the ex-Premier League soccer player, nigga was famous for his BBC?

‣ TV Reporter 2: I had. But, I never thought that I would hear about that during a live broadcast on the BBC!

(in the above examples, BBC means both “Big Black Cock” and “British Broadcasting Corporation”, respectively)

An Academic Look at BBC

Whether or not we use the abbreviation,” BBC is an initialism abbreviation.

This means it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., Bee Bee Cee). Initialisms are different from acronyms, which are often times read as words.

What Else Does BBC or BC Mean?

  • BC is a common definition for broadcast on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many social media platforms.
  • Before Christ
  • Birth Control
  • Because is another common definition of BC.
  • Since the emergence the deadly COVID-19, the abbreviation has become a common definition for before COVID.
  • On TikTok and othe social media platforms it means “broadcast”

What Does HP Mean?

HP as an abbreviation means “Health Points or Hit Points,” “Harry Potter,” “HP Inc.”, “Hire Purchase”, and in play terms “Brown Sauce.” Here is more information about HP, and common examples of using it.

1. Health Points or Hit Points

In online gaming, “Health Points or Hit Points” is a measure of a character’s health.

HP drops when the character sustains an injury, but through rest or by consuming certain game items, you can regain it.

2. Harry Potter

In some circles (especially amongst fans of ‘The Chosen One’), HP also means “Harry Potter.” A character in the movie.

3. HP Inc

The abbreviation HP is the trademark and symbol of HP Inc., an IT company formerly known as Hewlett Packard.

4. Hire Purchase

HP is also means or connote “Hire Purchase” a type of buying that involves paying in bits.

In this context, HP is a credit agreement that requires customers to make an initial deposit and then make payments regularly over a specific time in order to pay for an item.

With an hire purchase, (HP) agreement, the customer does not become the legal owner of the goods until all payments is complete.

5. Brown Sauce

HP is recognized in the United Kingdom as the original and most popular brand of “Brown Sauce.”

It is a tomato-based condiment with a flavor similar to a slightly sweet and tangy steak sauce in the United States.

It is very popular with fried meats and, in particular, with a type of traditional fried breakfast.

“Health Points or Hit Points” is the most commonly used definition for HP in gaming communications on apps like Discord, TeamSpeak, and Telegram, as well as on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.


However way you decide to make use of the coinage “BBC”, just make sure you send the right message with it. We do not want you saying “Bad B***h” when actually you mean to say “Baby Boy”.

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