Future Learn Data Science on Microsoft Azure Using Python Programming Course

Data Science on Microsoft Azure Using Python Programming Course – CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc. The course contains all the basics of data science on Microsoft Azure using Python programming languages from Future Learn.

Locations of Future Learn Programming Course

  • All Locations: Makati, Philippines
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Earliest Start Date: Open Enrollment
  • Application Deadline: Contact school for details
  • Languages: English
  • Study Type: Online
  • Pace: Part-time
  • Tuition Fees: The course costs USD $39. After your 7-day free trial you can pay $39 per month to keep learning online.

Using Python programming, master the basics of data science on Microsoft Azure.

The aim of good data science is to develop a deep understanding of a problem or concept and then use that understanding to create useful models. It’s important to have the right expertise, resources, and research approaches available in order to do so successfully.

Python has become an invaluable tool for data science and machine learning, having been developed as a versatile and scalable language used in everything from data science to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions. This ExpertTrack blends these in-demand and profitable talents, providing you with practical solutions for both.

This programming course gives you the opportunity to:

  • learn the fundamentals of Python programming
  • read about cloud computing and how it can be used in data science,
  • then extend your knowledge of Microsoft Azure and begin modelling with it.
  • Learn how to use a variety of market-leading tools to develop data visualisations
  • and finally apply core skills in querying and manipulating data.

Unlock employment prospects in two fast-growing industries.

In these tumultuous times, developing in-demand skills is critical for a long-term career. Python programming and data science expertise are also in high demand. Data science positions have risen by 37% in the last three years, and other professions such as statisticians are demanding more data science expertise as well.

By 2022, the demand is projected to hit $274.3 billion. Python is the most-requested expertise in data science work, so it offers an excellent foundation to get you started if you’re interested in a career in this field.

Practice Python programming

Python has a lot of useful features for people who work with algebra, numbers, and analytical functions on a regular basis. It’s increased in popularity in recent years among data scientists because the code takes less time to write than other programming languages, speeding up the production process and growing departmental productivity.

This Python programming course provides you with the opportunity to become more acquainted with the language and take the next steps towards successfully using it in a professional setting.

Discuss Microsoft Azure.

You’ll learn about Microsoft Azure’s support and cloud hosting capabilities, as well as how they apply to data science programmes, in this ExpertTrack.

You’ll be acquainted with data processing and inference, data science research architecture, and experimental data analysis and simulation after completing this course, and ready to use them throughout your career.

Key skills you will learn

  • Data science
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Python programming
  • Data analysis
  • Cloud computing
  • Data modelling
  • Data visualisation
  • Scientific research
Experience required:
This ExpertTrack was built to help you get started or succeed in your data science career. To take advantage of it, you must have the following: any programming skills – preferably using Pythona simple understanding of math a desire to practise at one’s own pace
Getting started:
This academic ExpertTrack is for students and working people who want to get into analytics, data analysis, or machine learning. It’s better for those who want to work as IT experts, computer scientists, programmers, and researchers, statistics instructors and practitioners, and those who want to understand more about data science in general.

Future Learn ExpertTrack course overview

  • Azure Cloud Fundamentals for Data Science with Python
    Learn how to use cloud computing – including Microsoft Azure – to support your data science activities.
  • Data Query with Transact-SQL with Python
    Grow your understanding of Transact-SQ and explore the Transact-SQL language.
  • Microsoft Future Ready: Introduction to Python Programming
    Uncover how to use Python programming within your data science projects
  • Microsoft Future Ready: Data Science Research Methods on Python Programming
    Discover how strong research methodologies will support your data science projects and analysis.
  • Microsoft Future Ready: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
    Develop your understanding of how to design and implement a data science solution on Microsoft Azure.

Prove you’re job ready

With a hard-earned, industry-specific digital certification – plus one for each course on your ExpertTrack – you can showcase new, job-relevant skills and complement existing qualifications.

  1. Learn the latest in your chosen industry or subject.
  2. Complete each course and pass assessments.
  3. Receive certificates validated by the educating organisation.
  4. Create a shareable certificate link for your CV and LinkedIn.
  5. Impress employers with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  6. Make your career dreams a reality.
future learn python and data science certificate sample
future learn python and data science certificate sample

How ExpertTracks work

Join an ExpertTrack to master new skills in your chosen specialist area. Work through a series of topic-focused courses at your own pace, and pass the final assessment to earn a digital certificate award which proves your expertise.

Join a free 7-day trial
With a week of free access to the whole suite of courses and tests, you will decide if the ExpertTrack is right for you.
Keep learning for $39/month
Course Costs $39 annual subscription fee for as long as you like to finish the ExpertTrack. You have complete freedom to train at your own pace and cancel at any moment.
Earn digital certificates
For each course you take, you’ll receive a certification, and if you pass the final test, you’ll receive a digital certificate that you will share with your professional network.
Become an expert
Using your advanced qualifications to succeed in your career or to acquire experience in fields that concern you.

World-class learning with CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.

CloudSwyft has partnered with the top global technology companies to deliver cutting edge digital skills learning across the modern workplace.

This ExpertTrack is accredited by Microsoft

Start learning today – free 7-day trial

After your free trial you can:

  • Pay $39 per month to keep learning online
  • Have complete control over your subscription; you can cancel any time
  • Work at your own pace and set your own deadlines at every stage
  • Only pay while you’re learning; the subscription will cancel automatically when you finish
  • Complete online assessments to test your knowledge and prove your skills
  • Earn digital course certificates and a final award that you can share online, with potential employers, and your professional network
  • Keep access to the content of courses you complete even after your subscription ends

Industry statistics

  • Median base salary: £45,000
  • UK job openings/month: 1,724

Source: Glassdoor’s Best Jobs (2021)

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