Key Technologies for Building Modules (MultiChip)

A multi-chip module (MCM) according to Wikipedia is generically an electronic assembly where multiple integrated circuits, semiconductor dies and/or other discrete components are fully integrated. They are usually onto a unifying substrate, so that in use it can be treated as if it were a larger integrated circuits (ICs or chips).

A multi-chip module is the earliest form of a system-in-package, adding two or more integrated circuits to a common base and a single package. Multi-Chip Module packaging is an important facet of modern electronic miniaturization and microelectronic systems.

NVIDIA Research image – Scaling Deep-Learning Inference with Multchip

Technologies for Building Modules (MultiChip)

1. Micro-ring modulators:

The traditional chip modulators take up too much area and are expensive to place in the IC package. The miniature ring modulator developed by Intel reduces the size of the modulator by more than 1,000 times, thereby eliminating the main obstacle to integrating silicon photonics into computing packages.

2. All silicon photo detector:

For decades, the industry has believed that silicon actually has no light detection function. The research results presented by Intel prove that this is not the case. A major benefit of this breakthrough is to make the cost lower.

3. Integrated semiconductor optical amplifier:

Since we are committed to reducing total power consumption, integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers are essential. The device is realized by using the same material as the integrated laser.

4. Integrated multi-wavelength lasers:

Using a technology called wavelength division multiplexing, different wavelengths from the same laser can be used to transmit more data in the same beam. In this way, a single optical cable can be used to transmit additional data, thereby increasing the bandwidth density.

5. Integration:

The use of advanced packaging technology to tightly integrate silicon photonics and CMOS chips can achieve three major advantages:

  1. lower power consumption
  2. higher bandwidth and
  3. fewer pins (pincount).

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