MTN Internet Daily and Monthly Bundle USSD codes for One Day Browsing

MTN Nigeria can now offers you a reliable and cost effective, one day all day internet bundle. On this package All you need to is requirement is for to subscriber to pay a flat fee of N200 for a 24 hours access to the internet. The daily internet bundle is bound to appeal to consumers who currently visit cyber cafes for night browsing or bulk internet browsing once or twice a week, especially if they already have a computer at home.

With 200 Naira you can access internet for 24 hours this internet is a good bargain, on this factor in the security, convenience and privacy that the MTN one day all day internet bundle offers subscribers. MTN 24 hour internet package is available to all MTN prepaid subscribers and come with a 100MB limit. This limit is to prevent abuse by users. 100 MB is enough for most internet surfers in Nigeria for one day.

If you have been on internet business and you can schedule all your internet access for a day or in a week, then you can find the MTN one-day internet service very effective. You can now work online for just a day in a week and you can work offline for the rest of the week. This internet is better than no internet access at all.

If you are always busy during workdays and only have time for only weekends for surfing your web, you can also find the MTN one day internet bundle. This plan is cost effective. However, in this article you can find more better options.

MTN GPRS Internet Settings

With MTN internet services you can be able to accessed with an internet connection on your smartphones. You can also browse the internet with your smartphones directly or you can use it to connect to your desktop or laptop to the internet using a data cable or Bluetooth connectivity. To get your MTN 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings, text SETTINGS to 3888 with MTN Nigeria mobile phone.

You can also use your MTN smartphones to follow up and start using the following settings.

Account name: MTN GPRS
IP Address:
Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
Username: web
Password: web
Access point name (APN):

Note: You can also start using your port number if you want to browse normal Webpages with your computer. You can do this by making use of your smartphone, PCMCIA data card, or USB modem. If you want to browse WAP pages for weather updates, traffic reports, flight schedules, and so on using just your WAP enabled phone, then enter 9201 as your port number.

You can also connect to your MTN internet services with a 3.5G PCMCIA data card or a 3.5G USB modem. MTN currently sells USB modems for 8,500 NGN. They are price at the same rite at N25,000 respectively. This cards in addition to supporting 3.5G HSDPA high-speed internet, also supports 3G, EDGE and GPRS internet access. If you require more than one person to share a connection, you buy a broadband router from MTN.

With your MTN Internet devices you can buy any MTN Bundle without doing any MTN internet settings. The internet settings automatically comes with the device, so you do not have to worry about MTN loading settings.

For you to migrate to the MTN 24-hours internet bundle, simply send an SMS 103 to 312. Just make sure that you have at least five hundred naira (N500) in your MTN account before migrating. Take note that immediately migration is successful, the N500 you recharged will be automatically deducted from your MTN account.

New MTN Internet bundle, SMS and USSD codes 2023

Data PlanData LimitDurationPriceSubscription Code
MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile1.5GB30 Days1000 NairaText 106 to 312
MTN 4.5GB Mobile Data Plan4.5GB30 Days2000 NairaText 110 to 312
20GB MTN Browsing Bundle20GB30 Days5000 NairaText 116 to 312
40GB MTN Browsing Bundle40GB30 Days10,000 NairaText 117 to 312
MTN Daily Mobile Browsing100MB1 Day100 NairaText 104 to 312
MTN Weekly Browsing Plan750MB7 Days500 NairaText 103 to 312
MTN Daily browsing Plan200MB1 Day200 NairaText 113 to 312
MTN Internet Daily and Monthly Bundle USSD codes for One Day Browsing
MTN Internet Daily and Monthly Bundle USSD codes for One Day Browsing

30-day all day bundle:

MTN 30-day all day internet bundle offers 24/7 (always on) Internet access to prepaid MTN subscribers for a 30-day period at a price of N10,000. It is limited to 3GB per month. This is a great internet package for businesses and individuals who desire an always-on 24 hours internet access.

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To migrate to the MTN 30-day internet bundle SMS 101 to 131. Make sure you have at least N10,000 on your MTN account before migrating. Once migration is successful N10,000 will automatically be deducted from your MTN account.

Night internet package:

MTN has the cheapest night internet package in Nigeria today. The MTN night internet plan gives you 7 hours access to the internet (10pm – 5am) every night for 30 days at a price of N2,500/month. MTN night internet package is limited to 3GB per month.

To migrate to the MTN Night internet bundle SMS 102 to 131. Make sure you have at least N2,500 on your MTN account before migrating. Once migration is successful N2,500 will automatically be deducted from your MTN account.

Pay per use:

This is the default internet plan on MTN. Once you load MTN 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings on your mobile phone or any compatible device like a data card or USB modem, you can browse with this package. In addition, if you exceed your internet browsing limit in any of the MTN internet packages above, the system will automatically bill you on a pay per use bases. You are charged for the quantity of data used in kilobits (kb). Currently MTN charges 15 kobo per kb for pay as you use, which is among the cheapest in Nigeria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTN Data bundle?

A. MTN Data bundles are affordable data plans that gives an excellent internet experience on the most reliable data network and more value for money.

Who can subscribe to MTN Data bundle?

A. All MTN Customers can subscribe to any MTN Data bundle.

What are the different MTN Data bundle plans available?

A. They are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, and Yearly. See table below for the available data bundles

How do I subscribe to MTN Data bundles?

A. You can subscribe to any MTN data bundles via the following channels:

  • USSD: Dialling *312*1# or *904# and selecting your preferred data plan
  • SMS: Sending the bundle plan keyword to 312. (See table below for keywords).
  • myMTNApp: Text myMTN to 5018 to download the app.
  • myMTN Web
  • MTN TopIt/VTU
  • Zigi
  • Facebook (Mobile Center)
  • Google

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