Android Point of Sale Software Systems & Applications for Retailers

Android Point of Sale Software 2021/2022 online and offline systems. Types of Retail Stores You Will Find Today; Department Stores, Specialty Stores, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Discount Stores, Hypermarkets or Super Stores, Bars and Restaurants.

Download Free Software & Learn more. All of them needs a Android Point of Sale (POS) since we all have a phone. This will help us monitor our businesses on the go. Make your choice from the list of 24 Best POS Software For Android Tablets and phones below; Enjoy.

Android Point of Sale Software Systems & Applications for Retailers

1. GloriaFood

Order management and delivery platform for restaurants. GloriaFood is an online ordering & food delivery platform that helps restaurant owners streamline point-of-sale operations and manage orders, table reservations, promotional activities & more. Users can select multiple delivery locations, define minimum order amounts & set zone-based delivery fees.

2. Countr

Turn Android or iOS tablets into a point of sale (POS). Countr POS software was designed for iOS and Android tablets, helping small to medium-sized organisations manage their business, whether online or offline.

3. GoEasyPOS

End To End Technology Solution For Local Business. We are on a mission to redefine the Local business with technology. We would like every business to Sell More, Earn More & Grow More in every way.

4. CheckPOS Performance

Business intelligence for field force teams. CheckPOS Performance is a cloud-based platform for field forces that helps users to maintain team collaboration, analysis of metrics & real-time organization. It also aims to improve the strategic execution at the point of sale (POS) for various industries such as marketing, pharmaceuticals & more.

5. ePaisa

Mobile point of sale (POS) solution for every business. ePaisa is a SaaS based point of sale (POS) platform & iOS & Android mobile app that enables businesses of all sizes to accept all forms of payments including credit cards, digital wallets, UPI, cash, Bitcoins, & more, alongside features for inventory management, billing, marketing, & analytics.

6. Blend

Digital lending solution for banks and mortgage companies. Blend is a cloud-based digital lending platform that allows banks, credit unions & mortgage companies manage leads and streamline lending services. Customers can upload documents to the system and managers can access submitted applications from the built-in storage portal.

7. Kiwapp Retail

Website & eCommerce. Solution for product catalogues to increase sales and collect data about your customers. It is listed among the Top 25 Android Point of Sale Software Systems & Applications for Retailers.

8.  Cashr Online POS

Online point of sale (POS) for Dutch retailers and caterers. Cashr is an online point of sale (POS) solution for the Dutch catering industry, retailers, salons, nail studios, and more. The system includes customizable screens, inventory tracking, digital receipts, integration with customer loyalty and accounting systems, and eCommerce support.

9. Hiboutik

Point of sale (POS) solution for eCommerce businesses. Hiboutik is a cloud-based POS (point of sale) solution for eCommerce businesses and retail stores. It offers tools for managing sales, inventory, customers, payments, prices, promotions, and more, and can be used on any web-enabled device including PCs, Macs, mobile phones, and tablets…


Point of sale solution for retail stores and businesses. IVEPOS is a POS (point of sale) solution for restaurants, retail stores, bars, pharmacies, salons & other businesses. It offers tools for managing invoices, products, payments, inventory, accounting & more. The centralized dashboard lets users view sales summaries, average sales, bills, and taxes.

11. MarketUP

ERP software for small businesses in Brazil. MarketUP is an ERP software designed for small businesses in Brazil operating across various industry sectors, including salons, retail, apparel, gaming and pharmaceuticals. It enables organizations to streamline operations related to sales, purchasing, inventory, and finance, among other processes.


ePos, stock control & multi-channel listing solution. is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to midsize retailers manage operations related to electronic point-of-sale, stock control and multi-channel listings. The platform enables users to update data across all eCommerce and other digital platforms in real time.

13. Stylie One

Scheduling, payment and marketing for independent salons. Stylie One is a scheduling and Point of Sale (POS) solution intended for independent stylists and small salon operators seeking cloud-based management features.

14. Loyverse

Free point of sale software & inventory system. Loyverse is a cloud POS system for cafes, bars or small shops that provides inventory management, loyalty program, electronic receipts, & customer communication.

15. EZRentOut

Equipment Rental Software. Use our fully-functional POS solution for swift check-in/checkouts every time. Quickly add items to orders by scanning labels with our mobile app or handheld barcode scanners. You can also capture signatures seamlessly with our topaz integration and enable smooth payments via Square or credit cards.

16. MyTime

Appointment scheduling, POS & customer engagement platform. MyTime is a fully integrated appointment scheduling, point-of-sale and customer engagement platform for multi-location chains and franchises. Additional features include email marketing, payroll, CRM, and more.

17. DEAR Inventory

Inventory management software for SMBs. DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based, inventory and order management application for SMBs which offers a complete back end management solution with purhcasing, sales, warehouse management, and light manufacturing features as well as shipping, eCommerce and payment gateway integrations…

18. Clover

Comprehensive point of sale & business management solution. Clover is an all-in-one platform designed to help on and offline retailers, quick service restaurants, and other service businesses manage their point-of-sale operations, with secure payment solutions and reliable business management features.


Credit card processing for small & medium business merchants. Authorize.Net is an online payment gateway enabling online merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably.

20. QuickBooks Payments  

Mobile credit card processor for vendors. QuickBooks Payments is a payment management and mobile payment gateway allowing vendors to process credit card transactions via mobile application. The payment platform uses a credit card reader plugin enabling users to process payments and request customer electronic signatures via a touch screen.

21. Erply

Point of sale (POS) for retail. We at Erply pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete retail operations solution that can be adapted to meet unique business requirements. Our solutions manage billions of transactions annually with more than 300,000 stores worldwide, supporting over 15 different languages.

22. Veeqo

Setting serious retail brands free. A true bricks and clicks solution. Sync all inventory together in one place and easily manage your entire online and offline operation from a single platform.

23. eHopper

Free POS software for retail & restaurants. eHopper is a free, cross-platform, cloud-based POS software designed for use by retail & restaurants using Android, iPad, Windows PC and Poynt mobile terminal.

24. Runit RealTime Cloud  

POS & Inventory Management for Multi-Store CLOTHING & SHOE. Customize your point of sale window design to best match your store’s needs, ensuring that only important functions are positioned at associates’ fingertips. Read more about Runit RealTime Cloud online.

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