Welcome Speech And Address For Primary and Secondary School

What a welcome speech should look like is the main content of this post. It is intended for teachers, principals and school administrators who want to read out a welcome address or speech to parents in a PTA meeting or student graduation ceremony.

In a primary or secondary school, young pupils, junior and senior students start their journey of learning and exploring. A welcome speech is really important for them to learn during this time especially if their teachers wants to test their ability to write a welcome address or speech.

Primary and secondary school education helps and shapes children both in their learning and who they want to become.

This article talks about how to make a good welcome speech for primary or secondary school events. It also includes an example of a welcome speech.

We will briefly look at the important things to include to make sure it’s friendly, includes everyone, and gives a good start to students, parents, teachers, and guests.

Things to Include When Writing a Welcome Speech in a School PTA Meeting or Graduation

Personal Touch: Use personal relatable experiences to establish a connection with the audience.

Make mention of experiences, common goals, or community values.

This approach renders the address more relatable and shows your understanding and appreciation of the audience’s perspective.

Warm Greetings: Begin the welcome address by giving a happy and friendly greeting.

Speak to the audience in a kind way with a smile. Use words like “Good morning/afternoon,” “Welcome everyone,” or “I’m happy to see all of you”, “Hi, It’s good to have you here today”.

Positive Tone: Share your genuine happiness about having everyone present and the opportunities that lie ahead. Keep a positive and excited tone during the speech. Choose words that show you’re excited, happy, and feel like we’re all in this together.

Do well to maintain good eye contact and smile a lot while delivering your speech.

Sample of a Welcome Address Speech

Good [morning/afternoon] dear parents, adorable students, amazing teachers, and distinguished guests.

I feel really happy and proud as I talk to you today. I want to warmly welcome all of you to (name of the school).

It is a great honor to have you join our close group, and it feels really special, and I’m excited to start this amazing journey with you.

To all our lovely new students, I want you to know that we at (name of the school) are really happy that you are joining our family.

Therefore, here at (name of the school), we believe in creating a caring place where every child can thrive and do well in school, make friends, and feel good.

Our delectable teachers and staff are here to help you do your best and give you chances to grow.

I believe you are all special in your own ways, and we’re truly excited to see and groom your talents and successes.

As we embark on this new academic year, let us also remember the values that underpin our school’s foundation.

Kindness, respect, honesty, and a thirst for knowledge are the pillars upon which we build our educational community.

With great excitement about the journey that lies ahead, let us embrace this new school year with enthusiasm, optimism, and strong determination to make it one filled with growth and achievement.

To our dear parents, you are our partners in this journey. Your involvement and support will always play a vital role in the children’s success story.

We encourage open communication between home and school, as together, we can create an environment where learning is boundless.

Once again, a warm welcome to each one of you. Let’s make this year a memorable one!

Thank you.


A welcome speech or address for primary school events holds a unique power to set the tone for a journey filled with learning, growth, and friendship.

As you embark on this path together, always remember that the warmth and inclusivity of a welcome can shape the experiences of students, parents, teachers, and guests.

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