Verizon’s myPlan Lineup Adds New Top Unlimited Ultimate Plan Option

Verizon has expanded its myPlan lineup by introducing a more expensive option called Unlimited Ultimate plan. This new unlimited plan offers users even more hotspot data. However, it comes at a cost, with a monthly fee of $90 before considering any additional perks like discounted Apple Music or Disney Plus. With this plan, Verizon redefines wireless freedom, launches first in U.S and follows up in other countries.

Latest Verizon’s myPlan Unlimited Ultimate Option

Verizon has unveiled a new $90 monthly cellphone plan called Unlimited Ultimate, which was announced as an update to the May blog post introducing the myPlan lineup.

This option provides users with 60GB of mobile hotspot data, which is twice the amount offered by the $80 Unlimited Plus plan. It also includes 10GB of unthrottled international data and grants access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, a combination of the company’s C-band wireless signal and its faster mmWave 5G.

T-Mobile’s New Expensive Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile, on the other hand, has also introduced a new, more expensive “unlimited” data plan within its Go5G lineup. Priced at $100 per month, the Go5G Next plan complements its C-band spectrum offerings. This plan offers slightly less hotspot data at 50GB but includes additional perks such as Netflix Basic and Apple TV Plus access, along with the option to upgrade your phone on an annual schedule.

In summary, Verizon has unbundled streaming services and similar incentives when it introduced myPlan, converting them into $10-a-month add-on “perks.” Earlier this month, Verizon informed subscribers that its legacy “Mix and Match” plans would see a price increase. This could potentially prompt some customers to switch plans, but it might come at the expense of older plan features, such as unlimited 5G hotspot data for certain users.

The New Verizon’s Multi-Line Discounts For This Plan

Per Ashley Colette, Verizon’s communications manager, who confirmed the multi-line discounts for this plan via email to The Verge, here are the reported prices for accounts with five lines and more:

  • 1 line: $90
  • 2 lines: $80
  • 3 lines: $65
  • 4 lines: $55
  • 5 or more lines: $52

Bear in mind that this Verizon Unlimited plan will not include the three-year price guarantee that Verizon originally offered for its “best Unlimited plan.” As Colette clarified in a subsequent email, the listed prices assume that you will set up auto-pay, which typically brings a $10 monthly discount.

What You Need To Know About the Verizon’s myPlan Lineup Plan

If you know that you are yourself working remotely with a laptop tethered to your phone and frequently travel abroad, this for you. Normally, it will be convenient not to have to deal with adding temporary international plans like Verizon’s TravelPass. TravelPass offers 2GB of unrestricted data for an extra $10, but it throttles your speeds to 3G once you exceed that limit. However, if you mostly stay near your home Wi-Fi, such plans may not provide significant benefits.

About Verizon Data Plan

Verizon offered various wireless plans, including unlimited plans with different features and price points. It seems that Verizon has introduced a new plan called “Unlimited Ultimate” since then, which offers more hotspot data. Please note that the details of Verizon’s plans and pricing can change frequently, so it’s essential to check Verizon’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on their plan offerings, pricing, and any available perks or promotions. See List of Data Plan.

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