Cloud Backup Solutions for IT Infrastructure & Small Business

Cloud Backup Solutions for IT Infrastructure & Small Business: As a small and fast growing business owner, there are vital data and information you have stored in your shelves or even on your computer hard drive, flash disk or external memory stick which sometimes carry around. Keep in mind that accidents do happen, such as fire outbreak, flood, human vandals, data breach etc. that could make you lose your company’s vital information.

What can you do as a remedy? You simply got to back it up online. You might think that it doesn’t concern you but to be candid, no matter what type of business you are running, you definitely need to have an offsite cloud backup. Yes, it is for the safety of your data, software applications, and servers. Similarly, you have to Choose a Reliable Cloud Service Provider because your backup should preferably be stored off-site in a SOC2 and SSAE18 certified facility.

What is a Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a duplication of your original files. All things considered, cloud backup ensures that you have another copy of your firm’s important data and information stored in a safe location in case of situations that you lose the original file due to a human error, security compromise or natural disaster.

Recommended Ways to Protect your IT infrastructure:

Backup is the first step but recovery is the most important aspect. Therefore, cloud backups make it easy to restore your software applications, office documentations, media files etc. This guarantees your business operations keep running smoothly in the event of a data breach.

As technology grows, that is how cybercriminals emerge on a daily basis. In the light of this, cloud backup keeps your data safe from ransomware and data loss due to human error and cyber-attack.

Computer gadgets get damaged and sometimes without prior notice. So, if equipment fails, an electricity power outage occurs, or Mother Nature strikes, the company’s data and information is readily accessible with a cloud backup as far as you have an internet connection.

As can be seen above, no matter the type of industry or the size of your company, Cloud storage has your IT infrastructure backups covered. Hybrid Cloud Service offers users a simple cloud backup for their organisation’s servers in state-of-the-art data centers provided by Cloud vendors. This makes sure that you have quick access to your up-to-date data in the case of a power outage or major disaster.

List the Benefits of Cloud Backup:

  1. It gives you complete data protection and server security
  2. Storage online helps safeguard your software applications
  3. It provides agility of business practices
  4. With Cloud storage, you can get Rapid recovery of data
  5. Cloud storage gives you peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is safe
  6. Cloud platforms provide an inexpensive, flexible, and scalable alternative to dedicated hardware for business continuity planning.

Before You Choose Cloud Backup Provider:

You must make sure that their support team is Grade A. Ensure that find a more proactive approach to monitoring backup environments from the provider. Now let me ask you; what benefit is a backup service if you can’t verify that your backups are running as intended? Take for example, can you confirm that you can actually restore your data stored on the cloud providers you chose? Make sure to opt-in to a service that can take care of that aspect for you.

Additionally, you have to be sure that the provider can make it simple for your organization. Be convinced that the provider can give you the peace of mind you need to run your business effectively by taking care of your offsite cloud backup for you at a cost effective price. After that, you get to pay more attention to your business at hand — ensuring your business thrives on the go. 

In a final analysis, a true storage partner that works with you upfront to determine the best solution to meet your business needs with services such as;

  1. Outstanding support staff 24/7/365
  2. 3 Data Centers available for geo-redundancy
  3. SSAE18 and SOC2 audited for compliance concerns
  4. Highly available and massively scalable

Cloud Backup Pricing

You must visit the pricing section of the provider’s website so that you can see their cloud backup pricing options. You must also ensure that their cloud-based backup bundles deliver dependable and affordable options. They should have a built on premium platforms, and managed through a premium support team 24/7. In summary, you should CHOOSE an option to request estimated pricing with added resources or to request a discussion about developing you a custom backup environment that will meet your immediate needs for your company.

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