Edge Computing and New Infrastructure – 5G Core

The concept of “new infrastructure” originated from the Central Economic Work Conference at the end this year. Compared with the previous “steady growth”, increasing infrastructure investment and construction is a completely different expression and concept.

The new infrastructure concept this time has the dual tasks of taking into account stable growth and promoting innovation, while at the same time promoting the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of the economy.

Edge Computing and New Infrastructure
Edge Computing and New Infrastructure

What is New Infrastructure?

The focus of new infrastructure is no longer real estate, but intercity transportation, logistics, municipal infrastructure, and new basic social construction such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet.

It mainly covers 7 major areas: 5G infrastructure, UHV, inter-city high-speed rail and inter-city rail, new energy vehicle charging piles, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, and big data centers.

5G base station construction

5G is the most anticipated regardless of the scale of the industry it will undertake in the future or the technological role it plays in emerging industries. my country’s key emerging industries, such as industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, Internet of Vehicles, and enterprise cloud services, all need 5G as industrial support.


The State Grid recently announced the opening of UHV investment to private capital, which further increases the certainty of UHV’s continued construction by solving funding problems. UHV is the key technology of the global energy Internet. my country has successfully realized the export of the second phase UHV DC power project and core equipment of Brazil’s Mira Mountain. my country’s mid- to long-term demand and greater overseas space will enhance the sustainability of equipment companies’ performance.

Rail Transit

In the process of urbanization, rail transit is a key link. Now even the relatively developed rail transit of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen still has a very large gap, and construction is stepping up, not to mention other cities.

Big data center

The future development of emerging industries will rely heavily on data resources, the big data center and network security that will bring investment opportunities due to the necessary demands generated by the data age. The construction of a big data center brings storage and application convenience to the ever-growing digital information.

Charging pile

Charging pile, “gas station” for new energy vehicles. Since 2015, charging piles have been highly supported by national policies. New energy vehicles actually belong to the industrial manufacturing industry, and in addition to the manufacturing industry, charging piles belong to the construction of urban and rural infrastructure technology facilities. The “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” issued by the State Council clearly stipulates that urban and rural construction must reserve land for charging station construction. At the economic work conference at the end of last year, it was proposed that new infrastructure is the core of the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a system that simulates human thinking and behavior. It can perceive and react to the surrounding environment like humans. Realize the alternative process of human cognition, recognition and decision-making.

Industrial Internet

According to the latest report of research institutions, the global industrial Internet market will reach 91.4 billion US dollars in 2023, with the highest compound annual growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region. The Industrial Internet is ushering in explosive growth, helping to promote the “digital” transformation of traditional manufacturing companies.

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5G is the Core of the New Infrastructure.

With the advent of 5G, mobile communication technology breakthroughs only serve the connection between people and people and information, and become a unified connection architecture and innovation platform for all things. At present, only the investment of operators in 5G infrastructure cannot be underestimated.

Coupled with the application and maintenance of the entire industry chain upstream and downstream, it will directly promote industrial upgrading and high-tech advancement. On the 5G network, it is the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet at the scene application level. After the above applications are perfected on 5G networks, the Internet of Everything will become possible.

On the other hand, the need for edge computing in the 5G era is inevitable. Edge computing has great market applications in telecom operators and industries. Edge computing is an important part of 5G and an important technology to promote the digital transformation of the industry.

Cyberlink is based on edge computing. The application market of edge computing in the industry includes: predictive maintenance and intelligent manufacturing, car networking/autonomous driving, AR/VR, video surveillance and intelligent analysis, smart water affairs, etc.

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