Register to use WeTransfer – Open We Transfer Account

Do I need to register to use WeTransfer? Register to use WeTransfer – Open We Transfer Account. Although you don’t have to sign up for a free or Pro account to submit an email transfer, you must check ownership of your email address if you don’t have one.

You may sign up for a free WeTransfer account or use a connection transfer instead if you’re a big fan of WeTransfer (hi big fan! we love you!) and don’t want to check every transfer.

For sending transfers up to 2GB

You can send transfers up to 2GB to up to 3 email recipients without having to create an account with WeTransfer, as long as you verify each transfer with a code.

You’ll need a WeTransfer Pro account to upload something greater than that, which allows you to send up to 20GB per upload.

You will read more about what a free subscription has to bring here if you wish to send to more than three recipients and have more power of your submitted data, as well as a rundown of the files sent to you.

For downloading transfers of any size

There is no need to build an account! When a transfer has been shared with them, everyone, even their Grandmothers, can download it. Simply press the download page and off you.

Send up to 20GB transactions, set the expiry date, and much more! For that, you’ll need a WeTransfer Pro account. Take a look at what our Pro support has to do. If you’d like to join, please click here to register. Register to use WeTransfer.

WeTransfer Troubleshooting Guide

Trouble sending Files & Folders

Trouble downloading and opening .zip Downloads

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