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New guide for people who wants to Get Started on Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider’s & Partner Network Dashboard. It is for those who wants to Jump-start their managed services business. In this article, you will discover how it works.

You can now Connect with Microsoft indirect providers who can help you market your products and services. To do this, you can Find Microsoft Providers Here

Seize the CSP opportunity

In the first place, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s everyday business.

Deeper Engagement

Those who opt-in to Microsoft Cloud has some benefits. So, when you meet with customers every month end, you are sure to get an insider’s view of their business and open new doors and sales opportunities.

Increased profitability

When you make use of the Microsoft Cloud Solution, you will be opened to new revenue streams. In fact, it is done by offering Microsoft online services and outsourcing billing and support to indirect vendors.

Microsoft Cloud Added value

The company says you can package solutions with their industry-leading products simply because you are partnering with Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud Managed services

If you choose to use Microsoft cloud services, you will be well positioned to meet customer demand for managed services just as the cloud market continues to grow.

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Why CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)

You can visit the Microsoft homepage to see how the Cloud Solution Provider program allows you to own the end-to-end customer relationship.

Sell cloud services to the US government

Did you know that every Microsoft partner working with the United States government are now eligible for the CSP program? Seriously, this is dedicated to government initiatives that provide world-class security. You can even Learn more when you visit subscribe.

You can Get started as an indirect reseller

Do you want to become a Microsoft Cloud provider indirect reseller? If yes, then follow the below steps to connect with indirect providers and start-off your managed services business immediately.

Step 1: Join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

First and foremost, you can join the Microsoft Partner Network and get an identification number that you will use to enroll in Cloud Solution Program. Feel free to join today.

Step 2: Sign up

In a like manner, you can get started by enrolling your business in the Cloud Solution provider Program (CSP).

Step 3: Find an indirect provider

After you have completed your registration, you can then go ahead to connect with an indirect provider who can also assist you with support and billing guideline.

Do you already have services and support?

You can apply to be a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) direct bill partner, that is if you can provide customers with cloud services, products, support, and billing services. After all, you can then proceed to see next steps.

Capitalize on the cloud with CSP

The opportunity to grow your business is can lie with Microsoft cloud since about 73% of CIOs has been estimated to embrace a cloud-first strategy since 2019. However, you can learn the value of the CSP program and how it helps you own customer relationships.

Expand your business with CSP

Generally speaking, if you enroll in Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, you have opened your business to new growth opportunities. If you have any doubts, feel free to check out three ways you can supplement your bottom line as can be seen below.

1. CSP Helps you Access managed services

First, from predicting customer costs and revenue streams to establishing long-term agreements, just know that managed services is a win-win.

2. Establish your edge with Internet Protocol (IP)

Secondly, Own a right to what you have created; Intellectual property is a powerful way to differentiate your business and boost your profitability opportunity.

3. Enhance your business with incentives

Thirdly, as a Cloud Solution Provider, you would find out how to onboard to the incentives platform and earn funds for selling selected Microsoft products.

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Discover what is coming

In summary, you can check in for the latest updates to the CSP program, including agreements, price lists, offers, and guides. See what’s new from the related articles.

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